Apple Rolls Out New iPad TV Ad: “All On iPad”

New iPad

Apple has aired the third TV commercial for the new iPad, which again features Retina Display.

The first ad for the new iPad was aired back in March just after it was launched and the second one was aired back in June.

In the new ad dubbed “All on iPad”, Apple highlights some of the things that users can do more beautifully with the Retina Display on the new iPad.

“From reading a magazine to helping your business run smoothly, you can do just about anything on iPad. And with Retina display, it’s all more beautiful than ever”

Apple showcases a iBooks, Safari, Twitter integration, FaceTime, Keynote, a recipe app, Real Racing 2 etc. in the ad.

The voice-over in the commercial tells us:

Read it. Tweet it.
Be surprised. Be productive.
Make a sale. Make some lunch.
Make it movie night.
Play a game. Or an old favorite
Do it all more beautifully, with the Retina display, on iPad.

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