Apple Sought $30 Per Smartphone, $40 Per Tablet For Its Patents Portfolio From Samsung

AllThingsD reports that Apple tried to settle the patent infringement lawsuit with Samsung by offering to license its patents portfolio to Samsung for $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet.

Apple executives testified that even though they were shocked by the extent Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab copied their products, they were willing to strike a deal as they considered Samsung – a strategic supplier.

Samsung’s internal documents have also revealed that the company executives wanted Galaxy S to be more like Apple’s iPhone.

AllThingsD reports:

“Samsung chose to embrace and imitate Apple’s iPhone archetype,” Apple said in an Oct. 5, 2010 presentation to Samsung. “Apple would have preferred that Samsung request a license to do this in advance. Because Samsung is a strategic supplier to Apple, we are prepared to offer a royalty-bearing license for this category of device.”

Apple also offered Samsung a 20% discount if the company cross-licensed its patent portfolio back to Apple. Apple apparently also sought royalties on Samsung’s non-Android smartphones, including those running the Symbian and Bada operating systems.

Apple warned Samsung of copying the iPhone and infringing on their products two months before making the offer.

“Apple has identified dozens of examples where Android is using or encouraging others to use Apple patented technology,” Apple said in the August 2010 presentation, which contained the headline “Samsung copying iPhone.”

“Many more Apple patents are relevant to the Android platform,” Apple said, outlining dozens of patents it believed were being infringed. “Apple has not authorized the use of any of these patents.”

It is not clear if Samsung gave a counter offer, but the fact that the two companies are now trying to settle the dispute in court, indicates that Samsung rejected Apple’s offer.

Apple is suing Samsung for billions of dollars for copying their products and Samsung is countersuing Apple for infringing on patents it has for core wireless technologies.

You can check out Apple’s 67-page presentation embedded below that was presented to Samsung executives to highlight Samsung’s use of Apple patents in their smartphones (courtesy CNET):


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  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    what YOU have on the left there is either 3Gs or 3G still, we can see similarities bween samsung & apple. redesigned UI for windows phone in addition, confirms there are ways to come up with different (non patented) projects for mobile phones os. i can’t remember much of these trlals & battles bween mobile phone manufacturers happening in the non-touch segment of the industry those days &, i can’t remember nokia or sony-ericsson after patent infringement arguments Nor NEC & others. it appears to me this SAMSUNG vs. APPLE ‘THING” is all about media coverage to establish the two companies to become the “official” suppliers for mobile phones solutions to the markets. (i wonder what microsoft’s thoughts are about this ). anyway, markets are demanding & very sensitive then when perception raises of two companies trying to win with a subtle strategy the entire space on the market & become official suppliers for most cell operators, no wonder why then AT&T started to push android phones & maybe windows8 mobile too. (not necessarily samsung’s android) take care , marc

  • Andy

    Thats funny suggestion at the end. Who would waste their time reading a 67-pages presentation.

    • Shalashaska

      Lol I
      Would :P

  • Hmmmm?

    Why does it say iPhone 4 when it’s 3G/s? And it looks like they photoshopped the S1 to look closer to 3.5′

  • Anthony Richard Spina

    Not sure if I’m going insane or anything, but it seems like the iPhone on the left is an iPhone 3G or 3GS, unless I’m seeing things.

  • Bran Deditems

    iPhone is nothing special anymore. They’re upgrading the camera to 8mp, which android phones have had for a long time, while the android phones are in the process of upgrading to 12mp. Apple did create this market, but they are no longer the leader or innovator in it. Without the iconic Steve Jobs around anymore, Apple will have a hard time keeping customers in the long run.

  • bl0wme

    Iphonehacks = bias = apple fan boy
    Apple is afraid of Samsung. I mean really? Suing because the phone looks similar? I guess cars company should be suing each other as well because they all look the same 4 wheels 1 engine