Apple To Release 8 New Products By The End Of This Year: Analyst

KGI Securities Analyst Ming Chi Kuo, in a new research report, lays down the specifics of Apple’s product launch timeline for the remaining portion of 2012, with an expected 8 new products expected to see the light of the day by the end of this year.

Kuo characterises Apple’s estimated launch timeline as unusually crowded, with a number of products expected to be released in September and October. These include the next gen iPhone, the iPad mini, an updated iPod touch and refreshes to the Mac line of products.

Kuo expects Apple to expand the Retina display to the 13 inch MacBook Pro, and also update the long-ignored 21.5 inch iMac by the end of September. An updated 27 inch iMac would follow in October, according to his report.

The new iPhone announcement, according to Kuo, would be accompanied with the launch of an updated iPod touch with similar features, the most notable of which would of course be the larger 4 inch screen. The two devices are expected to be announced at an Apple event on the 12th of this month.

The iPad mini, he says, would be unveiled in October along with a tweaked third generation iPad and a new iPod nano with Wi-Fi capabilities.

The report further elaborates on supply side issues that could have lead to delays, resulting in an extremely crowded new or updated product lineup for the holiday season, which isn’t all that bad for Apple.

Contrary to earlier reports, Kuo says that Apple isn’t having major issues with the in-cell displays rumored to be a part of the new iPhone. Instead the bottleneck could be assembly of the device. There could however be constrained supply of the iPod touch, with the device being given lower priority than the iPhone for shared components, specifically, the in-cell display.

On the iPad mini front, from MacRumors report on Kuo’s research note:

Apple’s work on the iPad mini has reportedly been slowed by the adoption of a thinner and lighter “GF Ditto” touch structure. Apple is said to be the first company in the world to commercialize and mass produce the technology, but equipment transitions and yield issues have reportdly forced Apple into its October launch for the device.

Kuo also included the following chart, visually representing the expected launch timeline of Apple products:


Do you think 8 products in a span of a couple of months is too much for the average consumer to handle? For comparison, Samsung unveiled 7 products in just one day at its IFA 2012 keynote.

[via MacRumors, AppleInsider]

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  • bdone

    No, the more you put out there, the more chances you would have of exposure and someone to buy your product. They are however, moving so fast that pretty soon, their old products will be super cheap. When you can get an older, but really not that bad ipad 3 for $100, it’s going to be a crazy world to live in. When you can get a macbook air 2012 for $400…

    • defmad

      The great thing about most Apple products is that they have excellent resell value, just have a look on eBay. That’s how I sold my iPad 2 for $70 less than I paid for it.

      • Que Swanson

        Lol. They have great resell value because the products are very similar. Consumers are willing to pay the lower price for an iPad 2 when there isn’t much different in features to justify paying a higher price for an iPad 3.

        • defmad

          I would’ve thought a retina display to be more than enough justification. When I compared the iPad 2 and New iPad the difference was very noticeable. I was just happy that the money I got for the iPad 2 significantly helped pay for the New iPad. Still, I agree with you, but there’s more to it than that. There are also those that want to buy Apple products but don’t want to pay the premium for it and so prefer to buy a second hand Apple product in good condition.

  • Que Swanson

    Iphone 5, Iphone 5G, Iphone 5S, Ipad Mini, Ipad Largo, Ipod Touch Sensitive, Ipod Cupid Shuffle and Ipod Mini Me

  • Macified

    What about the long neglected Mac Pro?

  • Akbar

    I totally disagree, apple wont take that risk whereas just recently they launched the new macbook line-up whereas they wont be doing again atleast this year.

    Secondly, the only products which are going to lunch this year is the IPhone 5, IPod Touch, IPod Nano & maybe the IPAD mini as per my personal prediction.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    this is probably what apple wants to do in the next few months however, who is going to support a company showing anti-capitalist attitude for almost a year long? far too many catholic-christians eating from the same cup => far too many communists. we, the market of E.U (clients and leading our own clients) , are not going to support catholics sharing the heritage of steve jobs life’s effort. we are not supporting lazy, hopeless communists who are just about sales attendants with no know-how & no in depth knowledge of who their customers are. take care, marc