Apple Vs. Samsung Trial: Verdict In Apple’s Favor, Samsung Ordered to Pay More Than $1 Billion In Damages

Apple vs Samsung

That was surprisingly quick! The jury in the landmark case between Apple and Samsung have reached a verdict in just the third day of deliberations.

Apple and Samsung’s lawyers made their concluding arguments to the jury few days back, summing up the testimonies and evidences presented by both parties.

The Verge is in the court room and are live blogging the proceedings.

We’ll update the post as soon as more details are available. Who do you think will win the case?

Judge Koh has entered the court. She will be taking a looking at the verdict form to check for inconsistencies.

Samsung has requested 30 minutes to go through the jury results, before the judge dismisses the jury. The Judge and Apple have both agreed.

The jury is coming in. This is nerve-racking.

“Has the jury reached a verdict?” “Yes.”

Samsung guilty of infringing the “bounce back” ‘381 patent on all counts.

Samsung guilty of infringing the “pinch and zoom” ‘915 patent on a number of devices, but not all.

Samsung guilty of infringing the “double-tap to zoom” ‘163 patent on a number of devices, but not all.

The jury also found Samsung guilty of infringing ‘677 patent, covering Apple’s trade dress registration of the look of the front of the iPhone on a number of devices, but not all.

The jury found Samsung guilty of infringing D’087 patent, covering Apple’s trade dress registration of the look of the back of the iPhone, on some devices, but not all.

The jury also found Samsung guilty of infringing ‘305 patent, covering the trade dress registration of the iPhone’s home screen, across most devices.

Finally some reprieve for Samsung. The jury did not find Samsung guilty of infringing D’889 patent, covering the trade dress registration of the iPad’s appearance.

The jury also found in favor of Apple on the question whether Samsung Korea knew or should have known that their US subsidiary was infringing on patents e D’677, D’087, D’305 and/or D’889 patents, across many phones but not on the ‘889 patent regarding the iPad.

The jury also found Apple’s patents are valid.

The jury has just ruled that Apple should be awarded $1,051,855,000 in damages for willfully violating Apple’s patents and trade dress.

Samsung’s claims:

The jury did not find Apple infringing on any of Samsung’s patents.

Apple did not prove that Samsung violated antitrust obligations regarding its FRAND patents.

Apple did prove that Samsung is barred from enforcing its ‘516 and ‘941 patents.

Apple was seeking $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung for infringing its patents, while Samsung claimed damages of $500 million for its wireless communication technology related patents.

Apple did not win everything, but the verdict was heavily in their favor. Samsung is very likely to appeal the verdict.

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  • Alan

    My money is on Apple. Go Apple!

  • jimjamurface

    So far, this is not what I expected.

    • CA

      Agreed, i would have thought it would have been both parties at wrong. South Korea ruled that both infringed each other’s patents but in the States, only Samsung is at wrong. If it wasn’t Samsung, all these technology wouldn’t have existed anyways..

  • Jim C

    It’s amazing how many people are routing for Apple to win. The real losers are the hackers because Apple stole from them and they get nothing.

    • AT&T Rapes Me

      Apple recruited them

    • geekinit

      hackers should have created patents…

    • Red Symphony

      Well effn said

  • Ben Lloyd

    Because the Jury doesn’t care about the technical loopholes and bogus explanations of copying. If you read though the evidence it’s pretty simple.

  • grim reefa

    How can any consumer with half a brain be on Apple side on this? If you are your either stupid, ignorant, both or just plane retarded and have no concept how how ridiculous these patents are or how they harm our choice as a consumer.

    I have absolutely no doubt this will be appealed successfully, this is not over by a mile.

    • Christian Mercado

      Agreed that some of the patents are standard, but some might not be, like pinch to zoom, would have Samsung thought of it on their own ? who knows, And it does hurt innovation by locking things like that down but at the end of the day, down to the packaging and i think even the store layout Samsung did copy a lot of sh*t and that’s not fair because believe it or not their are stupid people out their that can’t tell the difference between the two or because one price tag is lower they will go with that thinking that its just as good or the same for a cheaper price like come on its a Korean company they are known for copying i think its fair overall samsung had to answer for its wrong doings, nit picking at whats right or wrong doesn’t matter they deserve this hopefully they learn their lesson

    • SamsungSwoll

      Doesn’t matter about the choices as we are going to get iPhone anyways so really, your mad that you don’t have choices… Hence your on an Apple favored website doing nothin more than simply “hatin’

    • defmad

      You have no right to call people ignorant, stupid or retarded, especially when you can’t tell the difference between plain/plane and you’re/your.

  • iPhoneHacks

    A stunning verdict. We expected it to be in Apple’s favor, but didn’t expect it to be so heavily in Apple’s favor.

    • Gayfriend

      Wtf is wrong with you? This is a sad day. It’s monopoly over competition. It’s Apple behaving like tyrannical assholes.

  • Pedro

    F*ck samsung

  • jakemagpie

    F##k apple!!!

    • Samsuck!

      Yeah you would like that, fruit f*cker!

  • Derek

    now what will they do if they ever get any of that money

  • MuscleMass

    Too big of an award for rotten apples! One word … (APP)EAL!!!

  • Que Swanson

    Didn’t know you could double tap to zoom :-)

  • defmad

    I’m glad the verdict was in favour of Apple. I’ve followed and owned Apple products since 2000 and have seen so many things from Apple being adopted/adapted by other companies and the internet. While I don’t always agree with everything Apple does, it’s good to see Apple finally take a stand and win.


    Why are there mental cases claiming this to be a monopoly … Is Nokia lumia a copy cat ?? NO!! This is better for everyone .. The diversity this will create is very promising .. Samsung copied apple .. If
    You car see that you are either an idiot or just plain biased

  • sad

    This is very sad,
    yes there are patents, but I would like to know who gets paid for the display, they have been out for years, who gets paid for the 3.5″,4″ ….10″ WHO!!!!

    This is just BULL, and if you think not, WAKE UP!!

    I use apple computers (nothing compares), and have had an iPhone 4, and 4s now a siii, WHY Siii, cause apple has not come out with anything WOW in a LONNNGGG time, no customization unless you jailbreak and even then, themes bring the all mighty iPone to its knees, freezes, random reboots, etc…

    This is going to make every electronic device EXPENSIVE in the long run, if you cant read between the lines, then you are just a drone and no more.

    Every patent will require LOTS of money (everyone else is going to say, if apple can then so can I), So if this is what you want, then start sending me money to help pay these fees!

    I believe in patents, but for apple to charge $30+ for the use is downright ROBERY, WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE ARE THE ONES THAT WILL PAY FOR THIS ON ANY DEVICE IOS, ANDROID, MICROSOFT, ECT…..

    I can tell you this, NO MORE IOS DEVICES FOR ME!!!!! and you all should follow whether you like IOS or not, WE ARE ALL GOING TO PAY !!!!!!