Apple’s Rival Rush To Announce Products Before ‘iPhone 5’ Event

We expected September to be a big month for Apple with the launch of the next generation iPhone and possibly the iPad mini, next generation iPod touch and iPod nano.

But as it happens every year, Apple’s rivals are in a rush to announce new products before the ‘iPhone 5’ event. Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, Google’s Motorola and Amazon have announced plans to launch new products just few days before Apple’s rumored media event on September 12.

So here’s what Apple’s competitors are likely to announce to try steal some spotlight from Apple’s event.


Samsung has scheduled an event on August 29, where it is widely expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which may come with a slightly larger display (5.5-inch from 5.3-inch).

Nokia and Microsoft:

Nokia and Microsoft have announced a media event on September 5 in New York. It is speculated that Nokia will unveil the next generation Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.

Google’s Motorola:

Google-owned Motorola has announced a media event on September 5 in New York. Motorola is widely expected to launch Driod Razr HD, which is rumored to come with a bigger battery, 8-megapixel camera,  and NFC functionality.


Yesterday, Amazon also announced that it will hold a press conference on September 6. It looks like Amazon is gearing up to launch the next generation Kindle Fire and possibly even the rumored Kindle smartphone.


It’s not official, but Apple is widely expected to unveil the hotly awaited next generation iPhone on September 12, followed by the release on September 21. There’s also a slim chance that Apple will launch iPad mini, the next generation iPod touch and iPod Nano at the event. But as John Gruber of Daring Fireball has pointed out yesterday, Apple might have a separate music event in October to launch the other products.

Do you think Amazon, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola will be able to steal the hype from the ‘iPhone 5’ launch?

[via The Next Web]