AT&T To Allow FaceTime Over Cellular Only On New Mobile Share Data Plans

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AT&T has just announced that it won’t be charging for FaceTime over cellular feature in iOS 6, but will require customers to be on one of its new Mobile Share data plans to be able to use the feature.

Back in June, when Apple announced that FaceTime – the video calling feature will be work even over cellular networks with iOS 6, we noted that carriers were quiet about offering the feature on their networks.

We got even more suspicious when AT&T customers got an error message in iOS 6 beta, while trying to activating FaceTime over cellular networks.

The error message indicated that AT&T was planning to charge users for using FaceTime over cellular network as it was similar to the one given to AT&T customers who wish to enable the data tethering feature. AT&T did not deny it. AT&T’s CEO said that “it’s too early to talk about pricing.”

MacRumors reports that AT&T has now issued the following statement clarifying their stance on the issue:

AT&T will offer FaceTime over Cellular as an added benefit of our new Mobile Share data plans, which were created to meet customers’ growing data needs at a great value. With Mobile Share, the more data you use, the more you save. FaceTime will continue to be available over Wi-Fi for all our customers.

It means that FaceTime over cellular won’t be available to AT&T customers on the grandfathered unlimited data plans or the DataPlus and DataPro tiered data plans.

The new Mobile Share Data plans, which were announced in July, will launch on August 24th.

Meanwhile, Sprint has said that it has no plans to charge their iPhone customers additional fees for using FaceTime over their network as it considers it part of customer’s existing data package. Verizon has declined to comment on the matter, but we won’t be surprised if it follows AT&T’s footsteps.

Will you switch to the Mobile Share data plans to use FaceTime over cellular in iOS 6? Tell us in the comments below.

[via MacRumors]

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  • Alan

    Thank you AT&T for loving your unlimited data plan users so much. In case you forgot, we are not using your service for free and giving you our hard earned money every month just like other customers.

    Note to self: If iPhone 5 supports LTE, switch to Verizon, you won’t have to get frustrated with AT&T nor have to comment on AT&T related posts.

  • Boomtek

    What a load AT&T. I pay for my unlimited plan but you limit what I can do with it. First throttle and now this. Sprint option is looking better and better for unlimited data amount or uses

  • fred smith

    att stinks

  • Todd Folse

    I’m getting sick and tired of being squeezed for every dollar to use the features on my phone, rediculous greedy b*stards.

  • Banjo

    I am with everyone else posting in here. What perfect timing for them to come out with this ‘miraculous’ plan. For the lay man who blindly switches, for the under-appreciated unlimited customers and for everyone who will be switching to Verizon soon, to avoid AT&T’s clever ‘data’ plans.

  • Pissedoff customer

    AT&T can lick my unlimited ass I’ve been with them since the cellular phone came out but I’m about to tell them where they can stick it, there do full of themselves and I’m sick of it…….

  • Screwatt

    I agree with everyone I’ve had AT&T since the first iPhone and paying unlimited jacked up prices Verizon and sprint both are looking good right about now

  • Screw AT&T

    Haha. Thank god for the jail break community. F*ck all of the carriers. They all have problems but yes AT&T is a piece of sh*t

  • Edwin Alcaraz

    ATT being greedy as usual.. looks like My3G is back in business. f*ck you ATT.. just waiting for you to say that unlimited data users will not be granted 4G access on the new iPhone unless they switch to one of your greedy plans, then it’s bye bye for good.

  • dima

    this is shame for america…
    we pay 25$ 3gb+unlimited calls+unlimited sms&mms+unlimited calls to US/Canada and europe… and this is in f888ing meadle east…
    paying tethering(paying twice) paying facetime(paying twice) . paying for what been paid already…
    really can’t understand why no one sue them…

  • Adam516

    I guess it’s time to switch to move away from my unlimited data plan…WAIT NO IT’S NOT…it’s time to thank the jailbreak community for letting me FaceTime without wifi! Screw you AT&T, you got nothing on us!

  • Que

    the only workaround (with verizon) is to buy the phone retail. im struggling to keep my unlimited data, but i think it’s worth it because i use alot of data (7-10gbs a month)

  • AT&T blows goats

    I’m glad to see so many others feel the same frustration as I do with these AT&T scumbags. I’m jumping ship to V and never looking back. You f*ckers can have your “precious little unlimited (NOT) plan” back. SUCK IT!!

  • Titanss

    One Word, Scype!

  • Freedom

    F*ck this bull sh*t AT&T I will move to Straight Talk for unlimited everythink 45$ only

  • Hanys

    WHY T-MOBILE the deutsche telecom only in this stupid country doesn’t have iPhones yet? UK has, Germany has, IrL has, dont get it why!!! The plans are cheaper there, and there is no hidden fees, like att has!!! ATT is the worst carrier on the world, quality of conversation is sucks too…