BattSaver: Jailbreak Tweak Aims To Double Your iPhone’s Battery Life

If you’re not happy with your iPhone’s battery life then you should check out BattSaver – a new jailbreak tweak released by developer and hacker – xvolks.

BattSaver promises to double your iPhone’s battery life by cleverly managing the components that affect iPhone’s battery life such as 3G radio etc. 

BattSaver offers the following features:

  • Clever: automatically switches off battery-draining components when unused
  • Efficient: up to 2 times battery life and more!
  • Wise: extends battery life time by reducing number of charge cycles
  • Clear: includes monitoring views to check battery state in real-time!
  • Intuitive: with pull to refresh feature
You also have the option to change the saving strategies from the following options: Normal, Agressive, Ultimate and Custom.
  • Normal :
    • All radios are disabled when you turn off the device and back on when you turn it back on, Each 15 minutes it allows BattSaver to wake up radios to get latest email and notifications
  • Aggressive :
    • Same as Normal, plus:
      • Each 45 minutes it allows BattSaver to wake up radios to get latest email and notifications.
      • It disable Edge if WiFi is connected.
      • It disable WiFi if no hotspot is detected.
      • It switches to Ultimate mode if battery is less than 15%.
  • Ultimate :
    • It disables all radios when phone is turned off.
    • It does not enable radios when turn on (it up to you to enable the radio you need manually via SBSettings for example).
    • It disable Edge if WiFi is connected.
    • It disable WiFi if no hotspot is detected.
If you’re not happy with these options, then you can select the Custom option, which allows you to manage your iPhone’s radios based on your usage to improve the battery life.
The jailbreak tweak also offers some interesting details about your iPhone’s battery such as the current capacity of your battery, the number of charge cycle counts etc.
Click on the image above to see all the screenshots from the app
BattSaver is available on Cydia for $2.99.
We’ll monitor how well it works over the next few days and report back. Please don’t forget to tell us how it goes if you install the jailbreak tweak.
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  • Mikhail

    When the phone is off will iMessage still come through?

  • Paul


  • Jt

    Seems very buggy. Imessages dont come through until about 15 minutes late and radio does not turn on right away when taken out of sleep mode. I deleted right away

  • shane blyth

    so it looks like in normal mode the phone itself is turned off. Is this right so you get no phone calls at all?

  • shane blyth

    No it doesn’t work even if you go to custom and set it up manually I tell it not to turn radios off and after the phone sleeps to comes back up with no service so you want even get a phone call. It should work only on 3G and Wifi elements to make this practical

  • solferico

    It’s a shame that even if you have options in config to decide which radios are subject to auto management by the app, in fact all radios are turned on and off simultaneously. For me this is a no go since I need BT to keep working (car handsfree, stereo headset for music) even if the phone is on standby.

    Answering some comments around:
    – You will be able to receive calls and SMS, but not push notifications or iMessages (or whatsapps) if the phone is on standby.
    – You can configure the delay between phone goes on/off and radios do the same. I feel the default 10 secs too much, but you can lower it to 1 sec if you prefer.

    Since the developer says in his web that this is a known issue that will be solved in next version, I’ll keep it installed to be aware of the new release…

  • Francisco Leon

    I would strongly appreciate future reports of the the effectiveness of this tweak before I shell out the 3 bucks

  • Brent

    “Shell out the 3 bucks”
    What can you purchase with 3 bucks that have limited utility? I can think of a few:1. cup of coffee2. a parking spot fee3. a soft drink at a restaraunt (sit down)4. breakfast at hardees5. ice cream at an ice cream shop.6. less than a gallon of gas
    I when I do the above things, I dont ever think “Man, I am going to have to shell out 3 bucks for this” and then complain that I cant eat the ice cream or my breakfast again (I could do that but that would be pretty nasty). People complain about purchasing apps but fail to realize that the apps provide way more utility than other things that they purchase in life, most of the time apps provide continual utility than the one shot things like a burger.
    — an App Developer who once complained about app prices but now purchases apps and is happy to spend $5 on a good app I use at least once a week.

  • Kimk69


  • genXhippie

    Fair enough, that’s your perspective, but perhaps there are those of us that don’t agree.