Apple Might Face Supply Constraints With New iPhone at Launch

A report originating from occasionally accurate Tawianese news site, DigiTimes, claims that Apple might face supply contraints with the new iPhone at launch, which might limit shipment numbers for the third quarter of 2012.

The site adds that projected new iPhone shipment numbers have fallen down from initial estimates of 20 million units to 15 million units.

In-cell displays, along with the redesigned dock connector are to be blamed for the shortage according to the site, with suppliers having a hard time delivering required yield rates. Reports from earlier today noted that LG has already started mass production of in-cell displays.

Apple’s rumored to switch to in-cell displays is to make the new iPhone thinner, by integrating several layers of the touch screen into one. Apple’s motivation behind redesigning the dock connector also appears to be similar – saving up space and making room for other device internals.

From the DigiTimes report:

A reduction in the first batch of shipments of new iPhones may result in a short supply, which in turn may trigger a buying spree for the new models in the fourth quarter as well as in the first half of 2013, commented market watchers.

For a little context, Apple sold four million iPhone 4S units within just three days of the launch.

With past quarter numbers showing a slowdown in the demand for the iPhone 4S, there’s surely going to be a huge pent up demand for the new iPhone once it releases. The rumored new form factor means that a lot of folks who were “disappointed” with the iPhone 4S might queue up for purchasing the new iPhone.

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