Next Generation iPhone Prototypes/Fakes Surface In Bangkok?

Several rumors, photos and hands-on video of the leaked next generation iPhone parts have indicated that it will come with a taller 4-inch display, smaller dock connector that will make room for the headphone jack, redesigned grills etc.

Now Neowin has posted photos, which it claims are of the “prototype finalized design casing” of the next generation iPhone, which was found by their source in Bangkok, Thailand.

Neowin reports:

The pictures seem to confirm what we saw in the video, and after reaching out to the source (who is an ex staff member from a long time ago) he confirmed that the iPhone is not a working device, but a “non functional replica prototype” and in his own words, “pretty accurate too.

There is no way to confirm the authenticity of these photos, but it seems to tick all the boxes, like the elongated screen, smaller dock connector, headphone jacks at the bottom, the redesigned grill and the front facing camera has moved above the earpiece (it is currently to left of the earpiece in iPhone 4S and iPhone 4).

Click on the image above to see all the photos

Apple is widely speculated to unveil the next generation iPhone at a media event on September 12th, followed by the release nine days later on September 21st.
What do you think of these photos? Real, fake or really fake?
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