UnrestrictPremium: Jailbreak Tweak Brings AirPlay And HDMI Support To Apps


Earlier in the month, Amazon released  a new iPad app that allows users to watch over 120,000 movies and TV shows available on its Instant Video store.

But users were disappointed that it did not include AirPlay support. If you were one of them then we’ve some good news. 

iOS developer – John Coates has released a new jailbreak tweak called UnrestrictPremium, which adds AirPlay support to apps such as Amazon Instant Video app for iPad.

The jailbreak tweak also allows you to watch video via HDMI output, which is restricted by some media apps. It is quite surprising that it has taken so long for someone to release a jailbreak tweak that removes this restriction.

UnrestrictPremium is currently compatible with with Amazon Instant Video for iPad, DirecTV for iPad, HBO GO, and MAX GO.

The jailbreak tweak also installs xCon – a free jailbreak tweak that allows you to bypass jailbreak detection by apps.

You can check out the video of the jailbreak tweak in action below:

UnrestrictPremium is available on Cydia for $2.99. If you use the apps mentioned above frequently then this is a must-have jailbreak tweak.

Let us know how it goes in the comments.