Here’s What’s New In iOS 6 Beta 4 [Updatedx8]

iOS 6

Apple seeded developers of iOS Developer Program with iOS 6 beta 4 earlier today, which according to the release notes includes some bug fixes and improvements.

Here’s the list of new features and changes in iOS 6 beta 4 that have been discovered so far.

MacRumors reports that Apple has removed the native YouTube app, which came preinstalled with the iPhone since it’s launch in 2007.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to us as the YouTube app was hardly updated since 2007 and we preferred to use the YouTube web app in mobile Safari, which is much better.

Apple has issued the following statement to The Verge about the removal of the YouTube app:

Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store.

That worked out quite well from users point of view.

Update 1:

  • Privacy Settings now includes a section for Bluetooth sharing, which will show all the apps that have requested the ability to share data via Bluetooth (via 9to5Mac).

  •  The Passbook app has been updated. It now includes a button that take you to the App Store. It looks like there will be a separate section in the App Store that support the Passbook app (via 9to5Mac).
  • You now have a Shared Calendar Alerts under Mail, Contacts, Calendar in the Settings app.
  • 9to5Mac reports that Maps experience has been improved:
We’re also hearing from many users of iOS 6 beta 4 that the Apple Maps experience has been improved. People are seeing improved mapping data (especially in the satellite view), improved performance. Others are reporting improved font rendering as well. Another new tidbit in the updated Maps app is a the noting of one-way streets. Notice the blue arrows.

Update 2:

If you’re getting “unable to check for update” error when you tap on Software Update in the Settings app for the OTA update then there seems to be a workaround. Turn off Wi-Fi and then check for the update. The OTA update should show up this time, however to download it, now enable Wi-Fi and you should be able to install the OTA update. Thanks Alan for the tip! Update: Try disabling location services if you’re getting “unable to check for update” error. Thanks Irshad for the tip!

Update 3:

There is a new settings under Cellular (Settings -> General -> Cellular/Mobile Data) called Wi-Fi Plus Cellular.  According to the note, this will allow apps having trouble with Wi-Fi to use 3G. Thanks Acidburnsn0w and Fozi for the tip!

Update 4:

The Privacy settings also includes new section for Twitter and Facebook as you can see in the screenshot below. Thanks Eric for the tip!

Update 5:

After updating to iOS 6 beta 4, you’re prompted to enter your Apple ID password for iCloud. It’s not clear if this was prompted due to the change in terms and conditions. Thanks Alan for the tip!

Update 6:

Apple has updated the help section (when you tap on the “i” icon) for Siri with the new features that are included in iOS 6 such as ask Siri about sports scores and stats, where to eat, what movies to see, to post on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks Cameron for the tip!

Update 7:

Siri local search (which is supposed to be available worldwide) seems to be working in Netherlands, Korea, Australia in iOS 6 beta 4. Thanks Henry for the tip!

Update 8:

iOS 6 automatically scales to taller 1136×640 iPhone display, which strongly indicates that the next generation iPhone will come with the taller 4-inch display with 1136×640 resolution. This is probably not something new in iOS 6 beta 4, but definitely quite an important discovery so we’ve mentioned it here.

You can check out this post for the comprehensive list of iOS 6 features.

If you find anything new in iOS 6 beta 4 please let us know here and we’ll update the post.

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  • Vishnu

    Oh my god!!! Why did they remove the native youtube app… I actually like! This what happens when the founder dies :(

    • iPhoneHacks

      Check out the YouTube web app, it is a lot better. Point Safari to

      Also looks like Google will be releasing a revamped YouTube app in the App Store.

    • Rounak Jain

      The new YouTube app can go in 2 ways,
      the one gmail for iOS went, which is crap
      the one google+ for iOS went, which is not just fully native but even well designed.
      The sad thing though would be that ads would make it to YT videos.

    • Petar Marinov

      I agree, the mobile Safari version is horrible compared to the native YouTube app!

  • Eric Mar (Macdaddy93)

    thats all the new stuff u guys have found out? aha

    • iPhoneHacks

      We’re updating the post as we find more changes. Reload the page for few more changes.

  • David Lewis

    I stopped using the youtube app long ago….the mobile app is way better.

    • Tony

      Mobile app?

      • jnmiah


    • pieRr0Ur

      You mean web app.

    • snipey36

      Still defaults when you click on a link…so ProTube for the win

  • Eric Mar (Macdaddy93)

    Seriously why cant apple add something so simple like timestamps on every freaking text message!!!

    • John

      Pretty sure they intentionally omitted it to have a simpler design. Do you really need to know the time stamp of every text? Why?

      • Eric Mar (Macdaddy93)

        yes, lets say you send a message that did not include a timestamp. hours later u want to know when that was sent and you can cause it wouldnt say

      • Cameron Tu

        It’s not “necessary” but sometimes it’s helpful (I always run late, so it helps to know when I told someone “I’ll be there in 1 hour”).. JB has timestamps and the messaging UI still feels clean and you can turn it off..

    • Apogee

      If u jailbreak it there is a tweak u can add that allows this, it’s very handy

      • Eric Mar (Macdaddy93)

        yeah i know but like apple should add it its a simple code to do it not that hard it will take them no longer than 15 min to do it

    • David

      Ugh I agree!!!!!

  • Christopher Murphy

    anyone else getting a “unable to check for update” message on ipad 3?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yeah, you’re not alone, a number of readers have complained they’re getting that error when they try the OTA update. Guess Apple servers are loaded, it may be prudent to try after sometime.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Check update 2, there is a workaround for the “unable to check for update” error.

      • Christopher Murphy

        Tips got it now it came up on its own no tricks needed. Maybe a apple end issue

    • Martin Unda

      Yes and in the 4s too

  • Fozi Sami Amsiss

    Wifi plus cellular – settings > general > cellular

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks for the tip, updated the post!

  • gerard143

    this is gay. f’in google/apple drama the mobile page blows.

    • Petar Marinov

      I agree.

  • gerard143

    your ota workaround doesn’t work.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Strange, it seems to have worked for some (it was strange that it worked in the first place).

    • Drew

      It worked fine for me after I couldn’t get it on Wifi

    • iPhoneHacks

      Try disabling Location Services. It seems to have worked for Irshad.

    • Irshad Farook

      Airplane mode->wifi on-> disable location services-> try it now and it will work hopefully!

    • Paul

      I had success closing all open apps and rebooting. Then it was fine.

  • Jeff

    I swear the lock sound is different now. It seems longer.

  • Henry Parisius

    Siri locations works in the Netherlands. In beta 3 it would say that it cannot search for places in the Netherlands. Now it does.

    • Jack Vliegendhart

      This also works in beta 3 now, guess this is a server side update

  • Lee

    same problem as gerard my ota doesnt work even after the cellular trick

    • iPhoneHacks

      Try disabling Location Services. It seems to be working for some.

  • Alphons

    The prompt for Apple ID is related to FaceTime. I use two different accounts for iCloud storage (for backups and whatnot) and for everything else (Messages, FaceTime, apps, iTunes Match, etc.). I noticed that after I signed in, FaceTime was set to use the address that it had me sign into rather than the address that I normally use. I also noticed that Use Cellular Data under FaceTime was turned off and I’m now getting the prompt that everyone else was getting when I try to enable it (I’m AT&T). I’m guessing that the sign in was to fix some issue that was allowing people to slip in and use cell data for FaceTime (God forbid…) without having to verify that with AT&T.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Hmm that’s possible. It looks like AT&T is planning to charge for FaceTime.

      • Bryan Guerra

        I have Verizon n I have the ios 6 beta 3 and it let’s me FaceTime over 3G with no problems. Verizon rocks! AT&T sucks!

        • Petar Marinov

          This one thing isn’t that great of a difference… Verizon’s network still sucks compared to AT&T!

  • jeff

    passbook cannot connect to the itunes store. . . yet

  • tom lawton

    OTA update still not working after all those tricks

    • Aleksander Azizi

      same here, weird….

      • Aleksander Azizi

        found a fix ;)

    • Paul

      I found closing all apps and rebooting solved it for me

  • Mikey

    There Is Also New Ting Maybe Just me when pressing the power button the screen lights up slowly maybe just me but looked on beta 3 and dose not do this

    • Eric Mar (Macdaddy93)

      yes huh? hahahhaha i noticed it too

  • meee

    upgraded my wifi ipad 3 and iphone 4s and now my phone number is showing up as an option under imessages on my ipad.

    • Bigjon

      What’s more it actually receives iMessage on my mobile number on the iPad!

    • Martin

      Yes that’s great

  • vinceverduzco

    Has anyone else noticed how the backlight sort of has this fade effect when the phone is locked and then the screen is turned on? Or is that just me…

    • Hamish

      Yes, I found that too, I emailed iPhone hacks but they never contacted me back or updated the page

  • Opyz

    In ios 5.1.1 some restaurants search works in Puerto Rico, even pharmacy, back some months this won’t work, but now it work

  • Aleksander Azizi

    For those of you who can’t update with OTA, even after trying the fix(es), Change your DNS to “,″ (without the quotes) (Wifi->The blue arrow->DNS), hope it works !
    PS: i had to reboot and try it a few more times before it worked after changing the DNS, but it worked for me :)

    • Rytr23

      This worked on both ipad3 and my iphone 4 that were having issues with the OTA

  • Vlad

    You have to play around with the settings to get the OTA. Here’s what I did. 1. Turn on location services (if already on, go to step 2). 2. Check for software update and wait for it to fail. 3. Turn on Airplane mode. 4. Turn on WiFi but leave Airplane mode on. 5. Turn off location services . 6. Check for software update and you should now see it.

    • Aleksander Azizi

      Also you should try changing your DNS to “,″ (without the quotes) (Wifi->The blue arrow->DNS) ;)

      • iHack3r

        Just disable location services, turn off wifi then search for the OTA update the turn wifi on, go back Into software update and download it, simpler and easier

        • Larry Lowell

          This worked for me THANKS

    • Jonas Horn

      None of these works for me, getting error for the second time, iOS 5.1 was the same.

  • chullun

    voicemail is working again (AT&T), also you can reset your apple ID password from the phone (usually links to site)

  • Vlad

    I have been using for about 2 or 3 years now, it has been better than the native app, it has the option to see the video on HD. The only problem that it has is that it won’t play some videos that the uploaded has not make it available on mobile.

  • Christopher Murphy

    OTA update just worked no tricks needed try again

  • Børge Konstmann

    I am not able to see my audiobooks after updating to the beta 4… I don’t know if this is a bug, or it has been moved – If it’s moved, I don’t know where they are now…

  • Jackson1442

    Wish there was more they did for the iPad 2

  • Hype94015

    Your software is up to date
    IOS 5.1.1 ,,, how can i update to IOS 6?

    • bondy2901

      You have to update IOS 6 Beta Through iTunes It Won’t Work On Software Update

    • Ry

      You have to be an apple developer to download it

  • Ryanj18362

    Also when your iPhone is locked there is no longer a lock in the top middle of the status bar.

    • Hamish

      It has been like that since beta 1

  • Rectz

    Siri is now operational in Cantonese !!! And will reply and dictate in Cantonese (traditional)

  • Joe

    I wasnt gonna bother updating to ios 6 beta 4 i was running beta 3 but it prompted me this morning and i said yes, theres a neat little animation of the apple gettling larger on reboot,

    • Petar Marinov

      This isn’t on reboot, it’s only the first boot. Once you’ve completed the setup, it won’t do it again. It’s been that way since iOS 5.0.

  • bondy2901

    I Don’t Have The New And Improved Siri Help Information On My iPhone 4S And I’m On IOS 6 Beta 4

  • bondy2901

    Please Apple Can You Make The iPhone’s ETC More Modern Like The Samsung Galaxy S III Animated Background Or Something In (IOS 6 Full Version) Because No Wonder People Are Buying Samsungs ETC Because They Have A Nicer Display And I Hate Android But Apple Needs To Modern Up No Wonder The Stocks Are Going Down Compared To Android EG Samsung Come On Apple Make A Big Update For IOS 6 Full Version

  • Matthew Jackson

    Hey, I still can’t change my alas on to a “@iCloud” alias! WHY!

  • Fernando

    Now you can save gif images and resend then

  • Mark Monserrat

    Reminders (list view) also changed, you may notice there is a mini calendar at the bottom.

  • Mark Monserrat

    The face of the clock (World Clock) is now color white :)

    • Eat junk

      The app photo? Or the clocks because the clocks change their colors in the day is white and in the night is black

  • Mark Monserrat

    if I’m not mistaken ‘Helvetica’ font was added on the selection of fonts on Notes app

  • reeceybaber

    Where do I find the Download File too?! I have an iPhone 4s

  • Shaka

    Hi I’ve got iOS 6 beta 4 and for some random reason, maps has thrown a wobbly on me and will not display any maps or markers correctly. Any ideas gents???

  • Jake

    Hold on a sec, did Apple finally get innate map support? This is both new AND exciting.

    I like the new feature where you can respond to a call with a text. I HATE when people do that, so glad Apple made it easier to do now.