Apple Drops Samsung From List Of Memory Chip Suppliers For iPhone 5

Apple vs Samsung

Reuters reports that Apple has reduced memory chip –  both dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips and NAND memory chips orders to Samsung for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The report claims that Apple has dropped Samsung from its list of memory suppliers for the first batch of iPhone 5, which is widely expected to be unveiled at the September 12 media event, announced earlier in the week.

Apple has picked Samsung’s rivals – Japan’s Toshiba Corp, Elpida Memory and Korea’s SK Hynix to supply DRAM and NAND chips.

Reuters reports:

Apple has been cutting back its orders from Samsung as it seeks to diversify its memory chip supply lines, although the South Korean firm remains on the list of initial suppliers for the new iPhone, the source told Reuters. The person declined to be named because the negotiations are confidential.

The report insists that its a strategic move by Apple to diversify its supply chain rather than a fall out of the patent war with the Korean company.

Apple reportedly tried to invest over $1 billion in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) – the world’s largest custom maker of chips to get exclusive access to its chips supplies. But the offer was rejected by TSMC. Apple was trying to strike a deal with TSMC as it would give it an alternative supplier and reduce its dependence on Samsung, which is currently the sole supplier of the main chips for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

[via Reuters]

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  • BOOM!

    The Note 2 will kick this phones ass! :)

    • Hawking

      Of course it will… just like every other Samsung phone!


    • Shrivatsa Somany

      yeah! can’t wait to stick a 5.5″ behemoth to my ear.


  • gone

    Samsung: suck it apple

  • Edwin Alcaraz

    Samsung trolls… did I just get Samsunged?

  • Student

    Lol, it’s more of like Apple still expect Samsung to sell their chips at lower price. Which is funny considering they just bomb Samsung with a billion dollar lawsuit. Funny thing is that, Apple didn’t have a choice but to go somewhere cheaper to be able to sell their new iphone at a lower price. I just wish apple lose their suppliers or can’t keep up with the order and consumers will opt out for different kind of phones, i.e. android or windows base.

    – I’m a apple product fan with iphones and ipods at home as well as considering mac. But I just really don’t like Apple right now for being a d!ck and their device is so strict about media and file sharing. I can’t even transfer my own music and files to other comp without going through too much hassle :(.

  • roshanijaz

    You can do every u can transfer media from your pc to iPhone and iphone to pc by software called itools ok u can share ur files by bluetooth by software called air blue sharing from cydia a jailbroke phone I love apple…….