Apple Releases iOS 6 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

iOS 6

Apple has just released iOS 6 – its eagerly awaited next generation mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Apple had given us sneak peak of iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 Keynote, which includes over 200 new features such as an all-new Maps app, improvements to Siri, new Passbook app, improved notification system, Facebook integration, Panorama camera mode etc.

iOS 6 is available as a free upgrade for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3 (the new iPad), iPad 2 and 4th generation iPod touch. It seems to be available as over the over-the air update currently.

It is always a good idea to take a backup of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch before updating it with the latest iOS software update. You can back up your iOS device using iTunes or iCloud.

Take a backup of the SHSH blobs of all your iOS devices, so that you have an option to downgrade to iOS 5.1.1. It’s very simple to save SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella.

If you have jailbroken and/or unlocked your iPhone and cannot live without your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks then you should avoid upgrading your iOS device to iOS 6.

If you are on iOS 5 or later, then you will be able to download and install iOS 6 wirelessly. Check out our step-by-step installation guide on how to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch over the air (OTA).

You can also update your iOS device to iOS 6 using iTunes by plugging it to your computer. We’ll be publishing direct download links as soon as they’re available.

Please don’t forget to tell us how it goes.

Update 1:

It may not be available to everyone, so please be patient. Let us know if you’re able to download it and your location as it would help fellow readers.

Update 2:

It also seems to be available for update via iTunes for some users.

Update 3:

Apple has provided the following long list of new features of features and improvements in the release notes:

  • Maps
    • Apple designed vector based maps
    • Turn-by-turn navigation with spoken directions on  iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (2nd and 3rd generation)
    • Real-time traffic information
    • Flyover for photo-realistic, interactive 3D views of major metro areas on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad (3rd generation), and iPod touch (5th generation)
    • Local search results with Yelp photos, ratings, reviews, and available deals
    • Siri integration for requesting directions and finding places along a route
  • Siri improvements
    • Sports: scores, player stats, game schedules, team rosters, and league standings for baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey
    • Movies: trailers, showtimes, reviews and facts
    • Restaurants: reservations, reviews, photos and information
    • Send a Tweet
    • Post on Facebook
    • App launch
    • Eyes Free in supported automobiles
    • Local search available in Siri supported countries (availability may be limited during initial rollout)
    • Additional country and language support for Canada (English and Canadian French), China (Mandarin), Hong Kong (Cantonese), Italy (Italian), Korea (Korean), Mexico (Spanish), Spain (Spanish), Switzerland (Italian, French, German), Taiwan (Mandarin), US (Spanish)
    • Supported on iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad (3rd generation) and iPod touch (5th generation)
  • Facebook integration
    • Single sign-on from Settings
    • Post from Photos, Safari, Maps, App Store, iTunes, Game Center, Notification Center and Siri
    • Add location and choose audience for any post
    • View up-to-date Facebook profile photos and contact information in Contacts
    • View Facebook events and birthdays in Calendar
    • Like content and see your friends’ Likes in App Store and iTunes Store
  • Shared Photo Streams
    • Share selected photos with the people you choose
    • Friends can view shared photos in Photos app, iPhoto and Apple TV
    • Friends can like and make comments on individual photos
  • Passbook
    • One place for boarding passes, store cards, movie tickets and other passes
    • Barcode display for boarding flights, buying coffee, getting into movies and other actions
    • Passes displayed on Lock Screen based on time or location
    • Passes can be automatically updated
    • Supported on iPhone and iPod touch
  • FaceTime improvements
    • FaceTime over cellular support for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (3rd generation)
    • Receive FaceTime calls, sent to your iPhone number, on your iPad and iPod touch
  • Phone improvements
    • Do Not Disturb to suppress incoming calls and notifications
    • ‘Reply with message’ option when declining a call
    • ‘Remind me later’ option based on time or location when declining a call
  • Mail improvements
    • VIP mailbox to quickly access mail from important people
    • Flagged email mailbox
    • Insert photos and videos when composing email
    • Open password protected Office docs
    • Pull down to refresh mailboxes
    • Per account signatures
  • Safari improvements
    • iCloud tabs to see open pages on all your devices
    • Offline Reading List
    • Photo upload support
    • Full screen landscape view on iPhone and iPod touch
    • Smart app banners
    • JavaScript performance improvements
  • App Store and iTunes Store improvements
    • Updated store design
    • iTunes Preview history
    • Complete my season
    • Complete my album
  • Game Center improvements
    • Challenge friends to beat high scores and achievements
    • Post high-scores and achievements to Facebook and Twitter
    • Friend recommendations based on your Facebook friends
  • Accessibility improvements
    • Guided Access to limit device to one app or restrict touch input on certain areas of the screen
    • VoiceOver integration with Maps, AssistiveTouch and Zoom
    • Support for Made for iPhone Hearing Aids for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S
  • Improved privacy controls for Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Photos and data shared over Bluetooth
  • Reminders can be reordered in the Reminders app
  • Custom vibrations for alerts on iPhone
  • Clock app for iPad
  • Clock alarm with song
  • Search all fields in Contacts
  • Automatic movie mode for improved video sound quality
  • Definitions of a selected word for Chinese, French, German and Spanish
  • New keyboard layouts for French, German, Turkish, Catalan, Arabic and Icelandic
  • Keyboard shortcuts shared across devices via iCloud
  • Bluetooth MAP support
  • Global network proxy for HTTP
  • Features for China
    • Baidu web search
    • Sina Weibo integration
    • Share videos to Tudou
    • Share videos to Youku
    • Improved text input for handwriting and Pinyin
  • Bug fixes

Update 4:

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev team has just confirmed that it will be possible to re-restore to iOS 5.1.1 with the new version of Redsn0w, so please don’t forget to save SHSH blobs. Update: But he has advised staying on iOS 5.1.1 and save the SHSH blobs.

Update 5:

You can also download iOS 6 using the direct download links available in our iOS download pages:

Update 6:

iPhone Dev team has provided details about downgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 5.x.

Update 7:

Check out our comprehensive list of iOS 6 features.

Update 8:

If you’re facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues after upgrading to iOS 6 then check out this post.

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  • Cooper

    No yet here in Southern California.

  • Thomas

    At 5:50pm London time IOs 6 still not showing on Itunes here in the UK does anyone in the USA have confirmation of download yet ?

    • cuto503

      Yes, 10am in USA downloading right now. iPad3

  • officialgadgets

    Patiently waiting ;)

  • Hendog

    In New Orleans… Not available just yet… :( Was hoping to start the download before I have to head back to work…..

  • officialgadgets

    Also here in philippines. No OTA as of now.

  • Kao Saephan

    Just finished the update in the East Bay. Smooth and straight forward process. I updated OTA.

  • Mr.Yeti

    Not yet in ‘Nepal’ as well :p

  • stage2

    downloading through itunes…7 min to go.
    Charleston, SC

  • Thomas

    its just become available on one of my computers itunes seems to be only agreeing to certain number of requests keep clicking check for update people :)

  • GadgetM4N

    Just been released in the UK OTA

  • corey

    not here yet in Atlanta

  • mindiq

    New York has it!

  • rob

    got it in the

    • rob

      got it in the uk

  • Hendog

    New Orleans… Just showed up on iTunes on my iMac… But not on the OTA yet…

  • dave

    Got it downloading in the UK , vanished couple of times. still not showing on ota updatte tho

  • Mr.Yeti

    What will be the file size? Stupid question may be :D

  • Jamjord

    Nothing in Jamaica yet

  • Dom

    No OTA in germany

  • Yiannis

    nothing in Greece yet….

  • corey

    Its now live in Atlanta at 106 pm

  • Yiannis

    wow… it has just become available…..

  • Kitty

    19.04 available in Poland

  • Karim wael

    Nothing in Egypt :( :(

  • Rounak Jain

    started ota in india

    • Rounak Jain

      mine was 600MB

  • Opyz

    Got it in Puerto Rico OTA 626mb need 2.5gb free to install

  • Alanjb

    Available in Georgia.

  • dave

    Much faster in UK on OTA so try that people ( UK only)

  • maxxie.

    got in – MALAYSIA. downloading. 1.05am malaysia time.

  • Nelson

    upgrading now

  • junkie

    downloading over-air. ABQ, New Mexico.

  • Nelson

    was available for me at 12:56

  • stumpy

    not seeing it in iTunes yet? flushing your dns cache might help (did for me). I think the way they roll it out is update DNS with servers that have the new software. dns changes take time to propegate. flushing dns forces your machine to update dns. On windows, from command prompt,


    on mac… google it!

  • corey

    its 913 mb

  •  Massimo Gomez 

    im in Honduras, Central America and still not available :(

  • junkie

    need 2.7GB available space.

  • Mr.Yeti

    Available here in ‘Nepal’ as well…10:55 local time :D

  • Karim wael

    nothing in egypt

  • Cooper

    Southern California. Downloading now.

  • Mr.Yeti

    887.6 MB….Damn!

  • Chilero

    download began in Guatemala

  • Ttobbe

    Sverige nofing

    • Sahand Bet

      säker? jag hade det kl 7

      • Ttobbe

        Mm har beta av iOS 6 så ska försöka fixa 5.1 och se om det går

  • Nelson

    man this upgrade takes a long time… Been saying “preparing to update…” for 15 minutes now.

  • Mads

    Its released in Denmark now;0)

  • Nelson

    Finally got the promtp to install update now after 25 minutes of “preparing to update…”

    • Nelson

      iphone 4 just rebooted, now in DFU upgrading.

  • Mystic

    Available in Nairobi both OTA and through iTunes. Pretty chunky 912.8 MB

  • brice

    i got it! I’m in Florida in the US! and the update is 580 MB!

  • Nelson

    i find it weird that the upgrade size is different from country to country… unless theses are mixes of phone types.

  • Srinivas from Tripoli

    Hi, I’m in Libya, I have just started over the air iOS6 upgrade on my iPad3. So far so good.

  • Karim wael

    Now in egypt

  • Nelson

    ok, so upgrade completed, took 55 minutes from start of download to up and running

  • Hank

    How do you update from iOS 6.0 beta 3?

  • Slick

    Quick download here in Taiwan Almost done installing

  • Rick

    Still waiting in Atlanta

  • Zack

    New Jersey got it 2:11pm

  • Nelson

    Damn ! no panorama on iphone 4?

  • saruman

    Problem upgrading… after wait to download the IOS6, my iPhone 4S restart and an error shows up on iTunes (the iphone could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (6)). Damn! I tried too with WIFI and nothing.

    • Thomas

      try recovery of dfu restore if you dont know how to do either just use google

      • saruman

        OK, i restore the iphone and itunes installed the ios6, so, everything works great now.

        • schneebly

          Got the same error (6). Clicked restore, but after extracting it just says it’s on recovery mode.

          • saruman

            Ok, hold the power button and the home button about 10 seconds, then, release the power button and keep pushing the home button, wait and that it.

    • schneebly

      Got the same error (6). Clicked restore but after extracting it just says it’s still on recovery mode.

  • TommyD2

    Passbook isn’t working. I hit the app store button and it switches over just fine, but a couple windows pop up saying it can’t connect

  • saruman

    No MAPS app for iPhone 4S???

    • iPhoneHacks

      It should be there.

      • saruman

        Nop… If you want, i send you an screenshot… its not there… in fact, in the settings app there is a setting for maps, but, its not there

        • saruman

          OMG… what a noob! was on a folder called “internet”… my bad!

  • Smdurazi

    Got it in Bahrain 10 pm (+3 GMT) still downloading

  • Kwopau

    I’m waiting for mine to complete the install. I did mine OTA.

  • LastBorn7198

    just my two cents – if your phone is IMEI unlocked, you will stay unlocked.

  • Solferico

    OTA available for my ipad3 in Spain

  • GPG88

    Romania, go go go!:) (3gs and 4s)

  • Nick

    How do u get it if your on beta 4?

  • Chingon530

    After downloading iOS 6 my original YouTube app is gone, is that normal?

    • City023

      Yes, iOS 6 has no YouTube. Download free YouTube app from app store.

  • forcedsilence

    Lost my music again… probably need to delete ‘’ again except I can’t because I’m not jailbroken anymore :(

  • Apel P

    Why is there three links for the 4, there is 4 GSM, 4 CDMA, and just 4. i found this on all websites iv been to, what is the just 4 one, I always used GSM, what should i use now?

  • City023

    Miami good to go! Don’t hate.

  • GSB

    I really don’t like the new map. I switch google to tomtom, but new graphic so sucks…

  • Wittewel

    Is APN settings edit function available again in IOS 6?

    • Rounak Jain

      nope, but you could use iphone configuration utility for that

  • mm

    is this exactly the same as the GM ?

  • Cooper

    Well that was a pain in the ass. The whole update took like two hours. All that and I get a new phone in less than two days.

  • Mr.Yeti

    Guys, you should highlight the specific difficulties faced while upgrading for those who have JB their devices. I ruined my entire day figuring out the problems for not being able to complete the update in the last second and as found it was due to issues with host files. Damn!

  • Buffy

    So my IPAD first generation is smoked. Nice of apple to drop those of us who jumped and bought it when it first came out. I love my IPAD but cannot afford to upgrade to the “latest” ….(sigh) Oh well … lesson learned…

  • ian

    Personally i can’t see a single thing on this list that would make me update from my 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbroken device. Not one! But good luck to everyone that does update, and no doubt there will be an Untethered JB out for IOS 6 soon enough for those in need of tweaking their device again :)

  • Noah

    1:51 AM got it ipad 2 Barrow, AK

  • jobz

    Stop!! to all iphone 4/4s users, Dont upgrade to ios 6,, IT SUCKS!!! i hav mine..iphones 4s updated to IOS 6, IT sucks…!!!! u cant use ur WIFI hotspot.. u wanna prove me wrong? TRY IT but dont REGRET ,, I warned you….

  • Behiccem

    i cant update via itunes or wireless.. is there an alternative way?

  • Abubakar Abdulhamid

    I have been trying to download iOS 6.0 .1 for two days for my iPad but still I couldn’t get it. My new iPad 2 is not recognizing any SIM/network it s only recognizing wireless. What do I do please?

  • Aa

    Very bad

  • hussain

    how to update in 3g ios 6

  • Dorothy Aarseth

    need help trying locte some software that can update IOS to 6-7 have Ipad 2nd generation

  • Abs_sohel

    Download complete. Now what to do. how to install??
    Please help me, if anyone know how to.. :)

  • Nate

    I can’t do it……