Watch Apple’s First iPhone 5 TV Ads: “Thumb”, “Cheese”, “Physics”, “Ears”

iPhone 5

Apple has started running four television commercials for the new iPhone 5, featuring the voice of Jeff Daniels, who is currently starring as Will McAvoy, the fictional news anchor in the HBO show “Newsroom.

The ads titled “Thumb”, “Cheese”, “Physics” and “Ears” focus on features of Apple’s new iPhone.

The first ad titled “Thumb” explains why it was common sense to make a taller 4-inch display and seems to poke fun at Android based smartphones with larger screens.

In the second ad titled “Cheese”, Apple shows off the new Panorama mode in the Camera app.

In “Physics”, Apple highlights how they’ve managed to make the new iPhone bigger, and smaller.

And in the last ad titled “Ears”, Apple focuses on the new EarPod headphones, that are included with the iPhone 5.

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