How To Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue After Upgrading To iOS 6

iOS 6

We’ve received few complaints from our readers that they’re facing  Wi-Fi connectivity issues after upgrading to iOS 6. This thread on Apple support forum also indicates that it is affecting some users.

This is not the first time iOS device users are facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues after upgrading to the latest iOS software update. This issue has plagued users since the first iOS (iPhone OS) update.

If you’re facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your iOS device after upgrading to iOS 6 and you are able to connect other devices to that Wi-Fi network then you can follow these tips to fix the issue:

Hard Reset:

Try the hard reset your iOS device by following these steps:

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
  • Release the buttons
  • When the device restarts, try to locate and join the Wi-Fi network again.

Basic Troubleshooting:

  • Launch Settings app and navigate to Wi-Fi
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi On/Off toggle to turn it off and then turn it on again

Renew IP Address:

If this doesn’t work then try to renew IP address, which may be required if you are using a larger wireless network.

  • Launch Settings app and navigate to Wi-Fi
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi network that you connect to from the list
  • Scroll down and tap on the Renew Lease button

Forget This Network:

If renewing IP address doesn’t resolve the issue, try establishing a fresh connection with the Wi-Fi network by using the Forget This Network option. Please note that this will clear your current Wi-Fi network settings, including saved Wi-Fi passwords.

  • Launch Settings app and navigate to Wi-Fi
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi network that you connect to from the list
  • Tap on the Forget This Network button
  • You will be prompted with a message that your iOS device will stop automatically joining this network. Tap on the Forget button.
  • Go back to the list of Wi-Fi networks, try to locate and join the Wi-Fi network again.

Reset Network Settings:

If restarting your iOS device doesn’t resolve the problem then reset all network settings. Please note that this will clear your current cellular and Wi-Fi network settings, including saved networks, Wi-Fi passwords, and VPN settings.

  • Launch Settings app
  • Tap General
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on Reset
  • Tap Reset Network Settings
  • When the iOS device restarts, try to locate and join the Wi-Fi network again.

Update 1:

Added the hard reset option as it seems to resolve the issue for many users. Thanks Eugene for the tip!

Update 2:

Here are some more solutions if it doesn’t work. However, these are more router related so we’re researching on it:

  • Sometimes changing the security option on the router helps. Try changing the router to WPA or WPA2.
  • Change the broadcast Channel (e.g. from 3 to 12) on the Router Wireless configuration to see if it helps.
  • Increase the the number of DHCP users.

Update 3:

Please refer to the comments as some readers have figured out a way to resolve the issue, which may work for you. Thanks everyone!

Update 4:

It looks like most users were affected due to availability issues with Apple’s web page authenticating Wi-Fi network (to check if there isn’t a login wall on your W-Fi network).  Once the availability issue was fixed, it seems to have automatically resolved the issue. Thanks to Arnold Kim of MacRumors for providing the details.

Let us know if any of the tips mentioned above resolved the Wi-Fi connectivity issue.

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  • Charnita Fance

    None of these helped me on my iPad 2 :(

    • trinz

      Try the “reset network settings” again.. It worked on my ipad 2..:)

  • Greg

    none of these have worked and I did each one…I turned off the router as well… what else

    • iPhoneHacks

      Sometimes changing the security option on the router helps. Try changing the router to WPA or WPA2.

      In some cases, changing the broadcast Channel (e.g. from 3 to 12) on the Router Wireless configuration can also help resolve the issue.

      • Adi NH

        I found the solutions guys

        • UnHappy

          this did not work for us. NOTHING has worked for us.

  • NSBooklady

    I actually lost wifi connectivity with iOS 5. I tried all your tips (the ones I could try) and still can’t connect. Available networks don’t even show up any more.

  • Tim

    “Forget this network” resolved the issue for me. Thanks for the tip!

    • FibonacciQueen

      Forget this network worked for me also!

  • Paul

    None of the above worked for me, any ideas. After connection it looks like it is killed within a few seconds and a safari screen like page show an error of the page it is trying to load. I don’t get it. It’s an apple page by the way??

    Any more people having issues?

    • christian

      I’m having the exact same issue. I’ll connect for maybe ten seconds then get booted off and what looks like a safari screen pops up that won’t load. I’m searching for a solution, no luck yet though.

      • Devo

        same for me man. no fix

        • Henrik Nilsson

          Try to reset network settings… after a reboot i got the safari screen but now it says success in tiny letters and it works.

    • koliya

      im having the same issue very frustrated

    • Benjamin Edgerly

      yes ive got the same thing

    • Charlotte

      Exactly the same. Annoyed now.

    • Mandy

      i have the same issue…. i wonder if it has to do with the fact that i updated when i was at school using the wifi network there

    • rbminor67

      I did the hard reset and forget network, and no joy. Connected via usb to my MBP and synched with iTunes, and suddenly was working. Don’t know if it had anything to do with synching, but that was the last thing I did before it started working.

    • Amelia

      Do you use a WiFi extender?

  • Cataphract

    Wow, well, this is an amazing screwup. It was working just fine earlier, since I had Spotify syncing music across the network, but now it’s suddenly stopped. Whenever I try to join either of my routers (totally different hardware) it brings up the hotspot ‘Log In’ page and then the missing page notification from Apple.

    Unfortunately, none of these solutions seems to have made a difference.

  • Eugene Sytnik

    This is how to properly restart your iDevice:

    – Hold both buttons (top and bottom) at the same time for around 10 seconds until the screen goes off.
    – Immediately release both.
    – Press top button until Apple logo shows up.
    – Wait forever until device comes alive. (This REALLY does take long time, but do not worry)
    – Bingo, your network problems should go away.

    Worked for me

    • norman

      Thank you, this work for me too.

      • MohBro9

        THANK YOU!!!!

    • Daniel Weiss

      Fixed for me, thanks!

    • Christian Gutierrez

      Thank you so much! I did what you said and what they said in this page and fix my problem =D

    • Mandy

      looks like doing this worked for me too!

    • Andrée-Anne Parisien

      This worked for me. iPhone 4.

    • UnHappy

      Did not work for me.

    • Connie Tan

      Thanks!!!, it work for me as well!

    • Peed Off


  • Helius

    None of these helped me either (iPod touch 4)

  • Benjamin Edgerly

    didnt help. had it one minute, then it stopped working. it connects then brings me to a Log In window on it says the page i was looking for can’t be found. the wifi we have doesnt need a log in to begin with. I am restoring my ios device now.

  • Logan

    iPhone 4s 16gb White – Turn Wifi off/on didn’t work; Forget this network – didn’t work; connect to new wifi network that was never before connected to – didn’t work; reset network settings and reboot – didn’t work!

  • cwizz85

    when i sign into the wifi network it sends me to a apple page and i cant go any futher

    • pandaschap

      I’m having the same issue…the page states “Hmm, the page you’re looking for can’t be found”

      • cwizz85

        It’s working now

  • Daniel Borysewicz

    None of these worked for me either – I have a 4s – GRRR

  • Borse

    Not working for me either had no problems ever before my iOS 6 upgrade. Looks like apple need to release a fix ASAP.

  • Ronnie Miller

    Same issue here. None of these solutions worked for me either

  • Ismael

    Mine connects to my network then kicks me off. I get redirected to to log in but page doesn’t exist.

  • Patricio_ny

    Nothing works

  • Ronnie Miller

    Got some sort of hotspot error message once. This is from my home network. Never seen this type of issue before.

  • Neo

    Same problem..when i connect to the home wifi, it opens up some page with an error message.

  • Kwopau

    For some reason I am able to connect to my home network without any issues, but when I’m at school (free wi-fi at school), it comes up with a log in page. Please fix.

  • Charlotte

    Nope. Really annoyed now. Wifi won’t stay connected and my keyboard shortcuts don’t work. Keep getting a log in page which says the page cannot be found. Please help. I have iPhone 4S.

  • josan

    nothing solved my problem!! arghh

  • Josh

    None of these solutions work.

  • Lisa

    Great my wifi won’t work and yes I have tried everything mentioned on this page! It goes on to log in and some apple page saying sorry. Yeah sorry I updated my phone with this sh*t update!!!! Sort it out apple !

  • koliya

    really aggravating nothing works. please fix

  • Alvin

    I use Verizon’s FIOS network, when i updated to IOS 6 it loads up a Apple Error Page

  • Polo

    Same here

  • Eric

    None of these worked for me either. Iphone 4

    • Eric

      Nor any of the suggestions below.

  • Rafe Needleman

    I doubt these fixes will work. iOS needs to read a page on that appears to be broken. Have a drink and wait. Or drop to cellular.

    • JP

      The device is trying to access to the apple store, it cannot access due to the bottleneck, try in some minutes

      • Queens Goes Green

        I had the same problem. But ok now. Now I have to find out why my restrictions setting is on and asking for a code???

  • Akos

    same here…

  • Paulo

    Reset Network Settings WORKED for my iPad 2!!

  • josh

    THAnks you so much i was worried as heck

  • Gary

    I reset the network settings, added my wifi password back in and then got taken to a webpage saying ‘success’ – now the wifi is working again

  • Brad

    go to the bottom and proxy from “off” to “auto” and it should resolve the issue. at least for me it did.

  • Kwopau

    It works

  • peter

    Reset Network Settings did it, thanks!
    This is on, and the cellular settings had reverted to O2.

  • Heather

    I had to resort to clearing the network settings but that worked. now i can login normally

  • anon


  • Mike

    Finally Worked for me I reset network settings first let it reboot then let it tried to connect to my home network. After I got the Safari page i the chose the forget this network and connected again and it worked

  • meng

    they can’t just make it flawlessly for one time fckn apple

  • lef

    all have the same problem…must solve this fast

  • Mathias

    I was having the problem where I could connect to my wireless network, but then I would immediately get a browser page (but not quite safari, more like a canned accept/reject install page from iTunes or something) with a Page Not Found error, and when I left that page, wifi would be disconnected. I used Eugene Sytnik’s fix from the comments here (hold both buttons until the screen goes blank) and that resolved the problem for me.

  • AJ

    Hey all, found this hint as the last post in that linked apple discussion forum. Turn off the ‘Location Services’ and then try to reconnect to your wifi. It worked for me.. I have no idea how/why they’re tied together, but it worked. After you’re connected, you should be able to turn Location Services back on and stay connected. Good luck!

  • Helius

    I did absolutely NOTHING … it just started working again

  • Andy Steele

    The fix is to set a static ip. For me if its on dhcp, it pops up a Saadi window that says log in, and goes to and says page doesn’t exist. As soon as you plug in a static ip it works correctly

  • Steve-o

    I forgot the network, rebooted the phone and logged into my network again and it worked.

  • Akos

    well, after restarting, it worked. good luck guys

  • Bret Walker

    It’s nothing on the iPad.

    Apple accidentally deleted a page that’s used to check internet connectivity:
    (I verified it was 404ing, and now it’s working fine)

    More info on that page here:

    Just bad timing!

  • jl500

    It seems to work now. I follow every step and when I reached “forget this network” the problem got solved. iPhone 4S

  • Rammstein

    Eugene Sytniks solution worked for me on my Ipad 2

  • Levi Wiwe Rauff

    I tried to change the security of the wifi to WPA2-PSK and it worked!! Although i thought i had tried it, but macigally it worked! Hope you succeed

  • Kim

    The “forget this network” solution worked for me (so far.) Thanks for the help!

  • jay

    i think i found a fix. As silly as this sounds, go to your email icon, and when the available networks pop back up, click on your network, and then mine seemed to work, on bot my 4S and my wifes 4.

  • David

    The advice is completely wrong because the problem is that the iPhone pings to try out a test page before deciding the connection was successful and the proper success.html file that it’s looking for was accidentally deleted. So, for a while, there was NO way to achieve a successful WiFi connection.

    However, it seems to now be fixed. Everyone, try connecting again and you should be good to go.

  • Tony

    resetting network settings did the trick for me. I tried all else above that (forget network, on/off wifi etc) but not luck. Finally resetting network setiings did it-so far!!!!

  • Steve

    Resetting Network setting worked for me. Thanks

  • Rich M

    The two-button reset worked for me on my iPhone 4. The Reset Network Settings worked on my iPad 3. Thanks!!!

  • Anup

    iPhone 4 16gb Black –
    – Turn Wifi off/on – didn’t work
    – Forget this network – didn’t work
    – Connect to new wifi network that was never before connected to – didn’t work
    – Reset network settings – Did the trick

  • Myron Benally

    After upgrading to IOS 6, my 4S was giving a Log In “Page not found” screen when I tried to hook onto my home network. After browsing a few forums (maybe 5-10 mins) I went to turn off the Wifi tab and turned it back on and I managed to connect to my home wifi. So maybe you just have to wait awhile for it to hook on. Now it’s connected and online.

  • Tom

    I had this problem with iOS6 on my 3GS. I have an Apple Time Capsule as my router that has been set up with a WPA2 password. I changed it to have no password, and the phone connected just fine. I changed it back to WPA2 protected, and now the phone connects. We’ll see if it lasts.

  • Paulo Alvarez

    Go under settings-safari and clear history and also clear cookies and data and then try wifi again.

  • Neo

    I had no problems connecting my iphone to my home wifi but was having trouble with my ipad. I unconnected my iphone and strangely,my ipad connected to wifi. Now my iphone is not connecting. Not sure what is happening but very unlike Apple..

  • womack2000

    I fixed mine by putting my primary apple id in icloud. I made up one with the to keep my family stuff separate. I guess io6 doesn’t like that. Hope this helps someone else as my attempts before this did not work.

  • Doug

    I tried all of these and none of them worked. What did work? I opened my Airport Router Utility software on my Mac and went into the router and restarted the router. That did it. Note, just unplugging the router and it restarting did not work. So do it via the software utility.

  • Ronnie Miller

    Try resetting a couple of times. Finally got the iPad on, but still seeing very strange issues overall with wireless. iPhone was on, but now can’t reconnect, seems to be causing issues with the router and other devices attached as well.

  • Scott

    Go into Settings.. Wifi.. Click the blue arrow to the right of the connection.. Go to bottom and set http proxy to auto.. Works like a charm.

  • Michael Linhart

    **** HERE IS THE FIX!!! ****

    After I upgraded my iPhone4S to IOS 6 I noticed when I wanted to use my home Wifi it kept going to an apple log-in screen every time.

    Turns out that the Safari cookie for the Apple website may be corrupted after the IOS 6 update. It uses this Apple website test to see if you are able to successfully reach the internet and if not, then it assumes you are on some public Wifi EULA approval page – Unfortunately this feature broke on some devices after IOS 6.

    Here’s how to fix it. Go to:


    Scroll down until you find or and swipe left until the red “Delete” button shows up.

    Press Delete and then you can exit out of that and your Wifi should now work. Report back after you have fixed your device!

    Michael L.

    • MATT


  • Gabriel

    i just turned on 3g and then connected to wifi & it worked.

  • Scott

    *****FIX****Go into wireless and click button to right of connection and set https proxy to auto. Will fix.

    • Kelly

      This seems to be working for me. Thanks!

      • Kelly

        Didn’t stay working. :(

  • Warura

    Seems there is not a true fix, apple fixed some sort of link to a page the device contacts when WIFI is connected. This is kind of strange, seems apple is sending some kind of info from our devices to their servers when we use WIFI. Not cool Apple.

  • Waterbuffalo

    Thanks. Hard resets worked for me on 4s/

  • Warura

    Really? apple is sending whoknows what INFO FROM OUR DEVICES and you only care if wifi works or not?

  • trinz

    I did the “reset network settings” and it worked on my IPAD2!! Thanks

  • JP

    Looks like everyone is downloading the new iOS… The problem solved after a few minutes, i think that when you setup for the first time it cannot connect to apple, bottleneck…. Try in some minutes, then you will get the apple Id password screen

  • Ronnie Miller

    Turned off all iCloud settings, and now both iPhone and iPad are connecting and actually working.


    Here we go again..! YEAHHHHH APPLE… Worlds most advanced operation system…! APPLE YOU SUCK!!!!

  • Queens Goes Green

    having issue with “restrictions” code which is set to on. I never set a code and don’t know how to turn the restrictions to off.

  • Benjamin Edgerly

    connecting to a different wireless network worked for me. i went from wireless N to wireless G.

  • snoxer

    i had same problem. i reset network settings and restated.. didn’t help. forgot network a couple times with a restart or 2 and no go. hard reset still just got safari like error page. went to have supper then came back like an hour later and it let me connect and has been working fine since.

  • Raphael Cosme Stéphane Emmanou

    How does one update to public release from io6 beta? they is no update for me :(

    • Eugene Sytnik

      check build version – if it is 10A403 – you have the latest, in other words if you have iOS6 GM then you have the release. If not – download it directly and update by pressing “Option” key while clicking on “Update” button on the screen

  • Dereck

    I have tried Hard Reset, Reset device, forget this network… nothing had worked.. only found out by accident that if you connect your iDevice to a power source, problem solved!!!!

  • Joe Heinrichs

    fixed it by logging into my apple account in safari and then connected to my wifi and it worked fine after that

  • jay

    AFTER TRYING EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN…… “RENEW LEASE” in network settings IT fixed ALL my probs couldnt download apps couldnt use safari it DID say i was connected the whole time but safari and other applications dependent on the internet said otherwise…. its all good now i was REALLY gettting heated

  • Hadeel Farouk

    I had this problem when i upgrade to IOS 5.1 and now i upgraded to IOS 6 hoping to fix the problem and i tried every thing u suggest and nothing happend i have a gray on/off wifi button plz HELP!!!

  • goodcoffy

    great solution, it worked for me. Now my wi-fi is much faster!

  • larry

    had same problem.Connect your phone to I tunes and do a Back up to computer. Than do a complete restore. I tunes will download and reinstall IOS 6. Reinstall everything from back up and sync. worked on my 4s. You need to update thru I tunes. Downloading IOS 6 over WI FI seems to be the problem.

  • Winniepooh

    Doing a network reset turning off the cellular data and entering the IP address again worked for me. Thank you this was the first website that had suggested that and it worked.

  • John Boca

    My wifi signal drops, and i get onto 3g connection! When i go into Settings and click on my wifi network, it connects again. Never had this problem with the 4s. Now i have iPhone 5.

  • Duks

    Changing the Wireless channel on router helped me. You need to click “Forget this network” after you change channel on router and then connect again. Before that I tried everything possible, from resetting to restoring and nothing worked.

  • Ken Strote

    Hey, I figured out my particular problem. To sum up, I had the same issue where wireless connectivity was sporadic, slow, and mostly unavailable once I updated to IOS6 on my ipad2. On a hunch i decided to see if I was having the same problems when connecting via my Sprint Hotspot, but the ipad connected and worked like a champ. Then I tried connecting to my home network via the guest access I had set up and never used before and it also worked just fine.

    So then I knew it had something specifically to do with the ipad connecting to my main home connection. I searched around looking for answers and it seems that if you update to IOS6 over a wireless network, the network you used may begin to interact poorly with the ipad.

    The solution was to update the firmware of my router and as soon as that was done, magically the ipad works perfectly again.

    I have to say I am very frustrated that Apple introduced such a terrible experience with this update. If I had been able to revert back to a previous version easily I would absolutely have done that.

    Anyway, I hope this helps someone.

  • jojo6x

    I noticed that i can connect to WEP encrypted networks, but not WPA

    • Magnus Goulart

      It worked for me. I changed my network to WEP and now it runs fine! The problem seems to be with WPA encryption.

  • Pastorf

    had this issue with my iphone 4 when I upgraded to iOS6. The Hard Reset option worked for me

  • Damian

    I solved a problem !

    None of the above worked for me either.

    I connected to my router and changed security to WEP. When you do that try to connect the ipad.

    When is connected you solved your problem and now you can turn your security back to your default ( example : wap ) and it will work just fine.

    Post me if it works !

  • Chelsea

    I am on the iPad 3 and wifi hasn’t worked since updating to iOS 6. Hard reset worked, thanks so much!!

  • MiroVB

    wow, thanks for the advices! I was so annoyed about this WiFi issue after the iOS 6 update. Now,after a network and hard update, my iPad 3 is just as responsive on internet as it used to be.

    • iPhoneHacks

      That’s great, glad the tips were helpful.

  • Amelia

    I found that Resetting the WiFi Settings worked with one exception. I use a WiFi extender. I had to unplug my WiFi extender and join my original WiFi Router connected to the computer first. Then I plugged in my WiFi extender and joined that WiFi network. The is the ONLY way I could get my AirPlay and AirPrint to work after updating to iOS6 on my iPad (2).

  • Aki

    Hard reset did work for me, thx!

  • pat

    Thanks very much. I have been trying everything for 2 days. Simple solution!!!

  • vicky

    Thanx a ton,,, hard reboot worked for me,,,, the ipad now connects to the wifi network jus fine

  • Thad Vaughn

    If you remember back to when the ipad was fresh and new, there were problems with the ios devices wanting to hang on to their ip addresses indefinitely. I fought this problem with my ipad 2 as soon as I updated to IOS 5. I then had the problem with a 3gen ipad. After a little troubleshooting, I fond my iphones were sporadicaly dropping wifi too.

    I went into my wireless routers dhcp settings and assigned static reservations to every ios device i had. I havent dropped wifi on any devices in months.

  • reggcpa

    Just upgraded from a 3GS to a 5 and lost wifi connectivity. I tried your hard reset and it worked! Thank-you

  • ekhb71

    Hard reset seems to have worked for me – thanks everyone!!

  • Gary Johnson

    None of the suggestions worked for me. I have an iPhone 4, 4s, iPad 1 and iPad 3 on the network. My iPhone 4s was the only one having a problem. Finally I powered my network down and restarted. Solved the problem at least for a while. My network consists of a N Airport extreme and two airport expresses.

  • Andy

    I reset ipad2 iOS 6 1.0 a 100 times no help. I pulled the plug on my router, after saving settings to a flash drive. Left it unplugged at least 15 min, then pluged in opened set up on a PC for my router (Cisco) added apple iPad 2 to wireless devices turned on my iPad, opened settings look for wifi and found my router went to reset once again and now all seems okay. I am using time Warner roadrunner which has been making changes to cable recently which could have explained why old settings were out of date. Worth a try anyway.

  • Deepinder

    I am having problem with Connecting using the Static IP’s. Every time i enter the IP’s (with HTTP proxy on OFF) and then enter the password, it shows ” Unable to connect to “network”. Can anyone please help !!!!

  • Paul Leach

    1.On my router I changed from auto to channel 6 ext. 2
    2. Wireless mode 802.11b&802.11g&802.11n
    3. Bandwidth 20/40MHZ
    4. Protection mode is off (Only on if heavy 802.11 traffic
    5. QoS Set to enabled. If using heavy multimedia traffic. Layer 3/4 of the OSI stack set Traffic high-priority.
    Okay here comes the good stuff!
    Security type-WPA-PSK(no server)
    Encryption technique>AES
    Pre-Shared Key>************
    This was my router fixed. So far it’s working

    • IvyRose

      OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! I tried every solution and this was the only thing that worked!!! I even contacted my internet provider and had to changed my GUI settings but still no luck, but your settings were the solution!!! Thanks for sharing :) I didnt change my channels but I did change Security type, Authentication, and encryption and it fixed it.YEY!!!!

    • brenda

      and what would you do when you are at work? How are you suppose to reset the router at work or ask IT to reset it or fix it, so that you’re “Personal ipad connects to it.”….

    • Akilla21

      While I didn’t make all the changes on my router. I did make a channel change. and So far all is well. I didn’t make sense, to me though cause I have 2 AP’s and the my iphone3gs was dropping in/out on both. I only made the changes to 1 AP and after a 1 day. No more drop connections.

  • John Knoop

    This article should be titled “How to temporarily re-connect to wifi and still have the problem”. These are fine suggestions to reset a connection but they do not fix the inherent wifi connectivity the iphone 5 has with WPA2 encrypted networks.

  • Tuckermen-II

    iPad2 was dropping wireless connection, however all of the other devices were fine. None of the reset options worked, but either changing the Routers security code and then resetting the security back worked. Later in the day iPad2 dropped the connection again, this time I changed the “Channel” which was set as “Automatic” to channel 6 and iPad2 reconnected. We’ll see if this continues to work.

  • UPSET Iphone USER

    THESE PEOPLE NEED TO STOP FIXING WHAT’S NOT BROKEN and FIX WHAT IS BROKEN!!!! I’ve had so many problems with the iPhone 5! Every update they do is to SLOW/WEAKEN your WIFI so you are forced to use data! THAT’S CRAP! They are definitely losing their hype and reputation for good phones. I don’t know why I ever thought that the iPhone would give me less problems…

  • Salah Malakani

    nothing worked with my iPad 2 ….. can anyone help me plz :(

  • wdc

    My daughter (12 yrs) asked me to update her phone to ios5. However, when I installed the itunes in her computer the system asked if I would update the phone to ios6. I clicked yes and the prcedure was followed by backup and restore for the new system. However during the process the system stopped and i received a “malfunction message”. Since she is the administrator of the laptop and I couldn’t see anything wrong with her connection or iphone wire I restared the laptop as requested. The results were the same after several attemps. Finally the restore process started again (although to find out that the system didn’t back up the phone and she lost all her contact information and all the pictures). I decided to continue and everything was fine until we hit download of all the itunes that have been purchased so far movies, videos and songs. During the middle of the process the computer screen turns gray and the main home wireless connection stops and my work laptop that was on at the time completely changes wireless connection to a network I didnt recognized and stops. I was unable to find the wireless device in my computer and troubleshooting couldnt fix the issue. Once I restarted my computer everything is fine. However I can’t turn on my daughters computer. The screen is stil gray. Does the new ios download viruses automatically? What do I need to do in order to fix her computer? Please advice. Thank you!

  • wdc

    I just restarted her computer and now it shows the fbi and pay the fine. Could you please let me know what kind of virus we are dealing with?

  • brenda

    I tried all nothing worked!

    • Ant Hills

      me 2 I have a ipod touch4g

  • Alfietank

    fixed it finally -___-My iphone would not load facebook
    up on wifi(all other apps worked fine but facebook stopped loading in
    safari wed browser And my moms lap top modzilla but other sites worked
    but worked on my 3g connection. AFTER HOURS of searching and almost
    destroying my router (literally) i found a solution: i changed the
    server used by my router manually by adding the DNS from google and
    everything started working :)…for now :/ credit to this guy for the
    suggestion >
    i got the google dns from him too. try it might work for you as well.
    maybe we all are having trouble because of the servers on the routers.

  • will

    excellent … “forget network” button worked

  • Gary Povey

    My previous iPhone 4 has always been fine with WiFi and so has my new iPhone 4s which I bought from a good friend. But all of a sudden it started not to connect to WiFi automatically and now there is no WiFi address and the WiFi option under setting cannot be turned on. I have tried all the resets including the hardware one above and nothing. One day fine the next no WiFi WTF!!!!!!

    If any of you clever Tech people can help I would really appreciate it, it is my birthday today and this problem as stopped me FaceTiming or Skyping my family back in the UK.

  • Picoashby

    I was having the same issues, by I could connec to my wifi. I just wouldn’t get a notification for texting or something, so I started to get mad. I figured out all I had to so was reset my router. This may help you and it may not, so don’t say I’m dumb for posting this.

  • Danny Boy

    None for the above worked for me, I don’t even have the ability to turn my Wifi on! When I go to turn my wifi on, the ability is off and physically not able to move the bar from off to on!

  • rondbaker

    Excellent suggestion! No.1 worked for an iPad2

  • David

    Hi, I can’t connect my iPhone to any wifi network, it always says incorrect password even if the password is correct. I tried to hard reset, reset network settings but it doesn’t want to connect still. My iPad is working fine with the same password. Hope someone can help

  • Carole Anne Hedley

    Bouquets to you, Fixed! After upgrading my ipad to iOS 6. I then had major trouble renewing my Wi-Fi connection! I was lucky, it only took 3-4 hours to work it all out, then I only had to change to another network.. which for interest sake, yours, does not usually work on this ipad?

  • NBALakers

    thanks it work!

    “hard reset work” for my iphone 4s..

  • Jayvee Singson

    FIX…. Go to “Setting” then tap “Wifi”.. (Be sure that the “ask to join network” is in off mode).. Tap the name of your router and type the password… After you already connected to your router you will “turn on” “ask to join network”,, this will solve the problem even you turn off your wifi it will automatically connect to your router everytime you turn on your iphone wifi………

    • Angie

      Well, after working on this for a week, you Jayvee Singson, had the solution for me. Thanks you!

  • Fad

    hi i tried all the reset didnt work, still cant find any wifi network when i turn it on,they told me could be hardware if its hardawre whats the solution any ideas???

  • Se Yang

    thanks so much!!!! this help me a lots

  • Loh

    i have tried every thing suggested and it work sometimes. I took the iphon to apple flag ship store at Hong Kong and they said the wifi chip is unstable and the phone need to be replaced at where I bought it which Bangkok. Back in Bangkok, they refused to change as it is working on their next work ? stuck
    and no way out ??

    • iPhoneHacks

      Try calling Apple support and tell them what the Apple Geniuses told you in HongKong. They may be able to override the Geniuses in Bangkok. Sound frustrated :)

  • DTF

    I upgraded my wife’s IPAD 2 to OS 6.1.3 (latest) and now she is constantly losing the WIFI, where her Iphone, my IPHONE and IPAD do not do this. Yes, Forget network does work, turning WIFI off and on can work but it is a pain and she is very frustrated and upset I upgraded it. Wondering if this happens all the time to others on 6.1.3. I think I am going to hold off upgrading myself.

  • iphoneloser69

    hey guys, this hapened to me, I have a solution, not a long term one but if you want wifi for an hour or so then put your iphone in the freezer in a sealed bag for 15-20 mins and your wifi should be working again :) sounds weird but worked for me and other people so give it a shot!

  • Rine

    its useful help

  • Drizeem

    The problem I’m having after the update, is that it drops out from my wifi/router. I’ve had to go in and manually change the settings back, to pick up my devices again and restart wifi. This has only started to happen after I upgraded to ios 6.
    I have done all the steps mentioned above, but to no avail. Ty

  • mette

    I actually did all of the things you said, but the only thing that did work was a little bit of stubbornes.. just keep typing the password even if it says not correct with all your passion and finally it gave up.. :)):)
    some magic tricks Ivy and Co made up..