How To Check iPhone 5 Upgrade Eligibility

Are you planning to buy the iPhone 5, which will be unveiled later today?

If you’ve signed up for a two-year contract, then one of the things you may want to check is your iPhone 5 upgrade eligibility with your carrier before pre-ordering the new iPhone.

This year it will be more expensive if you’re planning to upgrade to the new iPhone before you complete your two-year contract as Verizon has started charging $30 upgrade fee and AT&T has doubled the upgrade fee from $18 to $36.

How to check iPhone 5 upgrade eligibility:

It is quite simple to check your iPhone 5 upgrade eligibility.


On your AT&T iPhone, dial *639#


On your Verizon iPhone, dial #874

This won’t make a call, it would send a request to AT&T/Verizon and you should get the following message on your iPhone.

Thank you, your request is being processed. A message will be sent to your phone.

If you’ve upgraded to iPhone 4S last year, then AT&T should then get a message within a few minutes just like this one:

A full discount on a standard device or iPhone upgrade is not available at this time but you may qualify on 15/11/2013. We can offer you a discounted iPhone upgrade at 2-yr commitment price + $250 along with a new 2-year commitment and an $36 upgrade fee. Please visit a participating iPhone sales location for pricing on this offer.

If you’re a Verizon customer then you should also get a similar text message regarding your iPhone 5 upgrade eligibility (and will have to pay $30 upgrade fee instead of $36 charged by AT&T).

AT&T and Verizon customers can also check for the upgrade eligibility on the respective carrier’s website.


You will need to login to Sprint’s website here to find out if you’re eligible for the iPhone 5 upgrade.


Apple also offers iPhone upgrade eligibility check, but you’ll need to enter the last four of the primary account holder’s SSN.

Are you eligible for an upgrade? Let us know in the comments.

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  • CheeseMonkey42

    This better change after the announcement. Would piss me off if I have to pay an extra $250 to get an upgrade… plus $36

  • Jason

    Remember that for those with family plans, you can use any line in the plan to qualify. So if line 1 is eligible, you can use line 1’s eligibility to upgrade line 2, leaving line 1 now ineligible. We have 5 phones on our plan and wind up using a different line’s eligibility almost every time.

    • iPhoneHacks

      That’s a good point Jason!

  • Jonathan Ulrich

    So if I bought a 4s on release day, would it be cheaper to break contract or pay the $250 upgrade fee?

  • Janae

    OMG thank youu~~~~~~~~~~ I thought it was 200 bucks but it’s only 36!!!!!!
    YAY i love you guys. you how have a special place in my black cold stone heart

  • CEWhite

    I upgraded my phone and my daughters phone to iPhone 5 on AT7T’s website. Used a separate credit card for each phone… AT&T billed us both twich for each of our phones then when I called tried to say it’s the Banks issue!

  • Jim

    Verizon no longer allows customers to check their upgradability status via txt inquiry.

    • dean

      thats wrong.. I just did it #874