Here’s What’s New in Notifications in iOS 6

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Apple revamped Notifications in iOS 5 with features such as the Notification Center, banner notifications etc, which addressed most of the problems. So we didn’t really see the need or expect too many changes in the Notification System in iOS 6.

Not surprisingly, Apple has only made some minor tweaks to the Notifications in iOS 6.

So let’s take a look at the enhancements/tweaks that are coming to iOS Notification system in iOS 6:

Notifications Synced With iCloud:

In iOS 6, if you check or clear a notification on your iOS device, the notification disappears from the Notification center and alerts disappear from the Lock screen across all your other iOS 6 devices. In iOS 5.x.x, you had to dismiss the same notification on all your iOS devices, even though you have already dealt with it, which was quite a pain.

Customize Notifications For Each Mail Account:

In iOS 5.x.x, you could customize notifications only for the Mail app across all your email accounts, which was not too convenient if you have multiple email accounts and some not so important. In iOS 6, you can customize notifications for each email account, thus giving you more granular control over notifications.

You can also set custom notifications for VIP’s here, which will override all other Mail notification settings.

Do Not Disturb:

This is a new toggle in the Settings app (just above Notifications), which allows you to suppress all incoming calls (diverted to voicemail) and notifications.

You can also customize how the “Do not Disturb” feature works via the Settings app (Settings -> Notifications -> Do Not Disturb.) You can also schedule the time when you do not want to be disturbed.

We have covered the “Do not Disturb” feature in more details here, as some of the settings are relevant to the Phone app that has received some useful call management features in iOS 6.

Some other minor improvements:

  • You can now compose a tweet or post on Facebook directly from iOS Notification Center. As you can see in the screenshot below, Apple has added “Tap to Tweet” and “Tap to Post” shortcuts in iOS Notification Center, which means you can quickly send a tweet or post on Facebook from any app. Update: It’s enabled by defaulted. You can disable the Share widget from Notification Center via the Settings App (Settings -> Notifications -> Share Widget – Tap on the Notification Center toggle to disable it). Note: This probably doesn’t falls under Notification system, but since it’s a change in Notification Center, we’ve mentioned it here.
  • Reminder app finally displays badges for outstanding tasks in iOS 6.
  • New apps downloaded and installed from the App Store get a “New” label as seen below in iOS 6 until they’re used for the first time.
  • Notification Center now includes the end time of calendar events. In iOS 5.x.x, you could only see the start time and would have to open Calendars to see the end time.
  • Notification Center displays the day of the week and date along with the duration of the upcoming Calendar event.
  • Notification Center displays the entire location of an event, even if it takes up multiple lines. Previously, events with long locations were just cut off with an ellipsis. Hat tip to Chadwick Will for the last three changes.

Features in our wish list that didn’t make it to iOS 6:

  • Ability to access the Notification Center from the Lock screen.
  • Ability to dismiss notifications in the Notification center with gestures rather than the current cumbersome method of hitting the small cross icon and clear button.
  • Ability to dismiss all notification in one go.
  • Dynamic Notification badges as seen in this concept video.

Let us know what you think about improvements made to the Notification system in iOS 6. Are you happy with them or you expected a lot more?

If you find something new in iOS 6, please let us know as we would love to share it here.

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  • Mystic

    Ability to dismiss notifications with simple gesture would be much appreciated, say like swiping to the left.

  • Dave

    Is it possible to hide the “Tap to Tweet” and “Tap to Post” boxes? Seems like a waste of valuable real estate for people who don’t want them.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yes, you can disable the Share widget from Notification Center via the Settings App (Settings -> Notifications -> Share Widget – Tap on the Notification Center toggle to disable it).

      We’ve also updated the post. Thanks for asking about it.

  • Grimd

    I don’t see Government Alerts; do you have to enable them elsewhere??

    • NoOneCares

      US only, perhaps?

      • Bosque Bill

        I don’t see them either on my iPhone 4 in the US. Maybe only iPhone 5?

  • egruber

    I don’t see the Government Alerts in either my iPhone or iPad running iOS6. Was this deleted from the final build?

  • Edna Vega

    It seems like my “Tap to tweet” and “tap to post” has disappeared from my notification center, how do I put it back?

    • Senor Kent

      you can enable/disable the Share widget from Notification Center via the
      Settings App (Settings -> Notifications -> Share Widget – Tap on
      the Notification Center toggle to disable it).

  • Kat

    Ever since I received my iOS6 update, I no longer receive repeated Notifications (or even the FIRST notification sometimes) for text messages. I was wondering why I was not hearing my phone notify me whenever a new text message would arrive, so I set the phone to notify me 10 times and I closed out every application and had someone text me. I heard the first notification, and I never checked the phone to see if it would notify me again, but it never notified me again. And, as I said previously, sometimes I get no notification at all! I only noticed this was going on after someone called me asking if I was okay because I never responded to their messages. HELP! DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS??

    • Kat5

      Okay – just spent over an hour on the phone with the Apple people – went through every scenario we could think of – Nothing helped. So we left the conversation agreeing that I would just back up everything on iTunes and then restore my phone and see if that worked. Hung up and decided to do that later because had other, more pressing things to do. Several minutes go by and Poof! All of a sudden, notifications are working again. I set it to notify me 10 times and then asked someone to text me. They did and I let it sit without checking messages. Bam! It notified me over and over every 2 minutes like it is supposed to! Not sure what happened, but it’s fixed! Did this happen to anyone else after their iOS6 update?? Weird!!

      • ZenAtWork

        Yeah, I think I gr you here: you prolly are like me: you either a) have multiple iOS devices (in which case they’re fighting over who gets to fire to notification (thanks cloud), or b) you have your conversations laid out as threads (in which case anything past the initial, parent thread just makes the noise, no actual summary blurb in NC). Amirite?
        Hit me up at for a fix. This was pissing me the *#^%^#**#^ off when it first started (I have a shared plan and shared could account for a ipad2 and iphone5, and they were Constantly hijacking each other).

  • SigLig

    There’s a VIP feature in Mail and it has a display when locked feature.

  • Dave

    Ability to receive push notification of a FB message, WITHOUT displaying the content of the message?

  • James

    Talk about underwhelming. No shortcuts? Turn on/off Wifi? Bluetooth? Brightness control?

    Maybe Apple is marketing to proud idiots who may easily “acidentally” turn off these functions, but there should be an option to enable them for power users, since they’re constantly in use.

    The tweeting thing and Facebook thing I get.

  • Piyali Roy

    The changes are most welcome. The pilferage of the ad system as push or pop will be discarded. Everybody has to follow the standards of the leading brands like appnext or admob