iPhone 5 Event Banner Created by Stretching App Icons; Hints at Taller Screen


Apple’s known to hide clues to upcoming announcements in event invitations, but it looks like the company’s also including similar, hard-to-find hints in the banners put up at Yerba Buena Center, the venue for the iPhone press event.

The seemingly colorful background with an Apple logo plastered on it actually comprises icons of various Apple iOS apps.

The clue was spotted by a MacRumors forum user:

However, one eagle eyed MacRumors forum visitor believes the facade show stretched iOS icons. Zaym points out that you can see stretched versions of iOS icons including Game Center, iTunes, Music and App Store in the image and provides an example image.


(Image via MacRumors forum user Lullabye)

MacRumors edited the image to compensate for Apple’s stretching, and arrived at this picture, which definitely shows some resemblance to iOS app icons, at least in the color scheme:


But the hidden clues become even more ovious when compared side-by-side with the actual icons:


We further did a bit more editing on the image, which, without a doubt, shows the Music app icon in its entirety.


The stretched icons hint at a taller iPhone, which is of course in sync with the rumors and leaks that we’ve seen till now.

We’re blown away by Apple’s attention to detail.

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