iPhone 5 is World’s Fastest Smartphone Right Now


The folks at AnandTech conducted their preliminary round of performance tests on the iPhone 5, results of which were in line with Apple’s claims of a 2x increase in performance as compared to the iPhone 4S.

Apart from raw numbers, the tests also reveal some interesting details about the hardware internals in the iPhone 5.

While we knew that the iPhone 5 was powered by Apple’s custom designed dual core A6 chip, the tests show that the CPU runs at a variable frequency, ranging from 800MH to 1.2GHz. The actual frequency, of course depends upon the load on the device at a certain point of time.

AnandTech also notes that, shutting down cellular connectivity on the iPhone 5 increases its performance score by nearly 10 percent.

The tests conducted show that the iPhone 5 absolutely blows away any other smartphone in the market.

Here’s a comparison of the iPhone 5’s BrowserMark score versus other devices:


BrowserMark compares the overall performance of a browser on a certain platform, and the iPhone 5, as you can see, leads various versions of the Galaxy S3, HTC’s One X by huge margins. The performance increase factor from the iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 is nearly twice, as Apple claims.

The iPhone 5 does great on the SunSpider test as well, topping the performance chart. The SunSpider benchmark tests the Javascript performance of a brewer, which depends both on the Javascript engine as well as the hardware:


Here’s a comparison of the iPhone 4S’ Geekbench score with the iPhone 5, again validating Apple’s performance claims:


The three core GPU included in the A6 chip was also tested using the GLBenchmark 2.5 suite. The suite tests GPU performance by rendering a standard set of scenes using OpenGL ES 2.0 on or off the screen. Here are the results:


The results are simply amazing keeping in mind that the iPhone 5 has actually gone down in thickness and net volume from the iPhone 4S. Apple’s efforts on the A6 chip clearly shows in all these tests, making the iPhone 5 the fastest smartphone in the world available right now.

For further details head over to AnandTech.

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