iPhone 5 is World’s Fastest Smartphone Right Now

The folks at AnandTech conducted their preliminary round of performance tests on the iPhone 5, results of which were in line with Apple’s claims of a 2x increase in performance as compared to the iPhone 4S.

Apart from raw numbers, the tests also reveal some interesting details about the hardware internals in the iPhone 5.

While we knew that the iPhone 5 was powered by Apple’s custom designed dual core A6 chip, the tests show that the CPU runs at a variable frequency, ranging from 800MH to 1.2GHz. The actual frequency, of course depends upon the load on the device at a certain point of time.

AnandTech also notes that, shutting down cellular connectivity on the iPhone 5 increases its performance score by nearly 10 percent.

The tests conducted show that the iPhone 5 absolutely blows away any other smartphone in the market.

Here’s a comparison of the iPhone 5’s BrowserMark score versus other devices:


BrowserMark compares the overall performance of a browser on a certain platform, and the iPhone 5, as you can see, leads various versions of the Galaxy S3, HTC’s One X by huge margins. The performance increase factor from the iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 is nearly twice, as Apple claims.

The iPhone 5 does great on the SunSpider test as well, topping the performance chart. The SunSpider benchmark tests the Javascript performance of a brewer, which depends both on the Javascript engine as well as the hardware:


Here’s a comparison of the iPhone 4S’ Geekbench score with the iPhone 5, again validating Apple’s performance claims:


The three core GPU included in the A6 chip was also tested using the GLBenchmark 2.5 suite. The suite tests GPU performance by rendering a standard set of scenes using OpenGL ES 2.0 on or off the screen. Here are the results:


The results are simply amazing keeping in mind that the iPhone 5 has actually gone down in thickness and net volume from the iPhone 4S. Apple’s efforts on the A6 chip clearly shows in all these tests, making the iPhone 5 the fastest smartphone in the world available right now.

For further details head over to AnandTech.

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  • M4TTR4

    Yea go iPhone 5 beat the galixy S 3!!!!!!!!

    • Guest


    • http://www.facebook.com/alex.merelli Alex Merelli

      Yeah and the international version of the S III has a quad-core Exynos 4412 1.4GHz Cortex A9 chip, yet the dual core iPhone still beat it.

      • fuzzy

        The apple a6 is a dual core a15 cortex with native floating point support snapdragon have the s4 in the pipeline which is a quad core a15 cortex

    • laurnzo

      I don’t blame you for hating on the Galaxy, Geez you can’t even spell it..lol

  • Lesio

    in fact you can see that the worst ever :)

  • Solferico

    They will come anyway … The andtrolls

  • nightedge

    1.2 GHz Custom (dual-core) A6 core, which the iPhone 5 has.

    1.4-1.6 GHz Quad-core
    Exynos 4 Quad core, which the Galaxy III has.

    I guess that’s your troll there. You rather have this be your source to beating phones other than the iPhone rather than ACTUALLY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE? Wow you guys are a lot more stupid than I thought. Software is one thing, but the hardware you are buying for the iPhone 5 is a joke at a HIGH PRICE.

    You guys are just trolling yourselves.

    • Mixotic

      You are truly a moron.

      The slower, dual-core chip outperforms the faster quad-core chip, which means they get better performance with lower power consumption.

      Just because the number is bigger in the specs doesn’t mean it’s a better chip.

      • nightedge

        Wow just. Just wow.

        The “Hertz” part of the word is a measure of frequency in cycles per second. So one hertz = 1 cycle (complete action) per second.

        So your saying by your logic that having less Hertz will speed up my multitasking? Wow I must be under a cave.

        • http://www.facebook.com/christian.mercado.56211 Christian Mercado

          No WhT he is saying is the dual core on the iPhone is better/faster than the quad of the s3 point blank period read the charts dumb ass and stop justifying your cheap phone

          • nightedge

            Ok first off. Please explain to me why it is better. And, show me proof. Actually documentation. I mean for someone that is very familiar with hardware in areas of building computers. I have a complete OBVIOUS understanding what each component does.

            What is your argument? Christian Mercado? Enlighten me please.

          • Jeremy

            Androids main focus seems to be hardware while obviously lacking on the software side. Apple has perfected the OS and only updates the hardware to accommodate the software as needed. Specs aren’t everything as you can see in the tests above in the article.

          • http://www.facebook.com/yohan.irani.3 Yohan Irani


          • CommonSense

            Sorry to blow your bubble but every time a iphone comes out it always say that its faster and reliable with less CPU, RAM. Let the phone do the talking not stupid charts like these always come up when a new phone comes out. What Apple did was raise the market price of all smartphone and that’s all. The Best phone without the lastest data Signal and when they finally got 4G on there phone, they act like its the new thing out. Sad!!!

          • nightedge

            Also. Please use Microsoft Words, or Google to check your spelling, and grammar. I really had a hard time reading what you typed.

          • iPhonerulezz

            Android fanboys just got slapped now they are crying lol go back to your own forums lol save the embarrassment!!!

          • nightedge

            In fact I’m not a fanboy. I’m only pointing out facts. I would love to point more out, but you have none to argue against my points.

            Which my arguments are in favor rather than, “iPhone is just better” , or “your just a fanboy”, or even this one ”
            Android fanboys just got slapped now they are crying lol go back to your own forums lol save the embarrassment!!!”

            What can you provide with actual evidence that you can use against my facts. Once you do that then I’ll change my beliefs of the iPhone and other smart phone devices.

            No embarrassment to myself, rather yourself sounding like a complete dumbass. Really. Just re-read what you just said.

            Guys keep downvoting my arguments when you have none. But, rather on your own opinion which is NOT FACTS!

            Why are you people retarded?! And, I mean this with such emphasis and hoping I get a “logic” answer.

          • Randomguy

            That fact is in fact right in front of you!!!!! This post basically sayin that in a benchmark ran by the AnandTech, the iPhone beats other smartphone. Why are you even bothering to argue about it. Geez just read for yourself and move on solince ur not a fanboy of either side.
            My 1 cent

          • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lars-Pallesen/769137940 Lars Pallesen

            Which part of AnandTech’s BENCHMARK didn’t you understand? Quadcore or not, more megahertz or not, the fact is the iPhone 5 is faster than the Galaxy S3. Just deal with it, okay?

          • Common sense

            Great point. I guess these people are the actual iPhone addicts in that Samsung galaxy 3 commercial. Lol

          • ROB E

            Look at the test results. No insults no opinions just cold hard facts. I’ve seen on the drag strip over and over the big 600hp cars being blown away by those little Hondas with those tiny little engines. Specs mean nothing results rule the day and if you are to thick headed and close minded to see it we will never. E able to help you.

          • ROB E

            And by the way nobody took your post down your shitty phone lags so much that you were in able to see it.

  • nightedge

    1.2 GHz Custom (dual-core) = Only two cores. This is what the iPhone 5 has.

    1.4-1.6 GHz Quad-core = Only has FOUR cores. This is what the Galaxy III has.

    I hope your getting the picture here. Because it seems your trolling yourselves. You guys seem a lot more stupid than I thought. I mean software is one thing. But, ignoring the hardware and seeing those graphs don’t make sense at all.

    • officialgadgets

      Apple advantage is the combination of quality OS & hardware. Not like samsung they cant make they OWN powerful OS. CPU Speed of samsung is best but, the OS not specialized for its Hardware because Android OS came 1st from Google not from Samsung.

      • http://www.facebook.com/QueSwanson Que Swanson

        The code comes from Google, but any company can modify it to best fit their hardware. I said it once and I will say it again. THE ONLY REASON IOS IS FASTER THAN ANDROID IS BECAUSE ANDROID DOES MORE. iphone is like a woman that can cook real good. galaxy s3 is a woman that cooks okay, but also look great, can take care of the kids, make love and hold down a good job.

        I don’t mind sacrificing a little cooking skills for what galaxy is offering.

        • officialgadgets

          Nice to hear from you that “IOS IS FASTER THAN ANDROID” haha. So thats it. Apple wins.

          • http://www.facebook.com/QueSwanson Que Swanson

            Sure, it’s faster. So is the microwave.

          • bcsc

            Yes Apple wins in speed but it’s like having one leg and no arms. Sure is fast but you cant do anything with it.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Flores/100001856171839 Alex Flores

          lmao so true

        • chiefy

          Brilliant. Love this analogy. Samsung has a quality product in the S3 and anyone saying otherwise is absolutely kidding themselves. Enjoy your easily scratched iPhone 5’s that you’ll case up to the extreme to avoid reducing your resale value when you want to sell it in another 11 months.

  • nightedge

    1.2 GHz Custom (dual-core) = Only two cores. This is what the iPhone 5 has.

    1.4-1.6 GHz Quad-core = Only has FOUR cores. This is what the Galaxy III has.

    I hope your getting the picture here. Because it seems your trolling yourselves. You guys seem a lot more stupid than I thought. I mean software is one thing. But, ignoring the hardware and seeing those graphs don’t make sense at all.


    • officialgadgets

      Apple advantage is the combination of quality OS & hardware. Not like samsung they cannot make they own powerful OS.

      • nightedge

        True. I’ll give you the quality of the OS. But, the context of the whole thing is a different meaning now.

    • Mocchasin

      Now tell us why in the world a Galaxy S III needs 4 cores? The things it can do can be done with only two. It’s called overkill because it sells to idiots.

      • Common sense

        That comment is going to bit you in the butt when iPhone 10 comes out with a 4 core while other phones has more cores.

    • Common sense

      Hi nightedge, I suggest you quit giving advance to iPhone addicts. The Samsung galaxy 3 commercial is so true after reading a couple of people comments. It’s crazy how people on this site talk about how fast 4G signals is and I was like huh, am I going crazy or 4G has been out for a year.

    • http://profiles.google.com/pilotavery A J

      And the Core i7 extreme under locked to 1.6 ghz, (quad core) runs faster than the Core 2 Quad at 4.2 ghz? How is that? Numbers aren’t everything.

      Why do tanks with thousand horsepower engines drive slower than a go cart with a 50 HP engine? Because its heavy!!! The phone has more OS TO HAUL! It needs the power. But still, the cach bandwidth and latency is so low on the a6, and it can do 2 floating point operations per cycle. Most others can do one. It’s because of the architecture. It may have less cores, but it is faster, because of less overhead, and a better architecture and algorithm.

  • bcsc

    Only faster until Jelly Bean is released next month for the S3. Hardware does matter by the way. That is the reason that Siri does not work on the iPhone 4. Because Apple cheaps out and past phones cant handle future features. 3D mapping is also not supported on the iphone 4, and that’s not even considering that mapping now doesn’t work on any iPhone on iOS 6. Next year Apple will release some cool features on iOS 7 and the 4S will not have the hardware to support it. With Android at least every phone gets EVERY new feature by way of CyanogenMod

    • http://www.facebook.com/higo.figo Hasan Karkop

      lol. do u know that not every android phone can get the update ? even ur beloved s 3?

      • bcsc

        Look up CyanogenMod 10. Or should I say “Google it”

    • chadman4

      With Android, you’re not even sure if your phone will be updated to the next version or not.

      • bcsc

        All androids are updated to the latest OS. It is called CyanogenMod as I stated above. Even the original Android, the Nexus 1 has FULLY functional Jelly Bean on it. The OEMs can neglect to update, because Android’s Developer base will do it for them.

    • officialgadgets

      Apple advantage is the combination of quality OS & hardware. Not like samsung they cant make they OWN powerful OS. CPU Speed of samsung is best but, the OS not specialized for its Hardware because Android OS came 1st from Google not from Samsung.. .,

  • Ericsson GA 628 :)

    why do you guys alweys eat eachother,and what on earth android user is doing here?
    like galaxy get one, like iphone get it.
    and just to add oil in the fire, chinese company oppo will release find 5 soon and will rape both,apple and samsung torether ,lmao
    now, stoop fighting and enjoy my misspellled writing ;)

  • Hello gs3 second fastest phone

    I just wonder what are androids users doing in an iphone website? Just saying

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      Many Android phones users have an iPad or iPod touch

      • CA

        You are right

      • http://twitter.com/s1vc4n Sivcan Singh

        Right man!

      • laurnzo

        In addition to our Androids, some of us have iPhones, iPads, iPods and apple TV’s too..Thanks Man

    • laurnzo

      Because Nimrods, some of us can afford both worlds. YADIG

  • Guest

    @9f9f642b895da511a964b415af216e96:disqus Yep iphone’s the fastest just sometimes behind the new ipad check out the graphs on anandtech (AnandTech )and thats solid proof,,,

  • Nk

    I love my iPhone
    I upgraded from the iPhone 4
    This iPhone is superior in every way well worth the Upgrade fee
    I’ve never used any other smart phones But the iPhone five does everything I want.
    I can’t believe how much faster 4G network is compared to 3G.
    Luckily, I was able to keep my unlimited data plan.

    • Common sense

      4G has been out for a while. You sound like the Samsung Galaxy 3 commercial. Lol

    • -X-

      I bet the iPhone 5 also gets you lost with its amazing maps too. Because it works so perfect. lol.

  • Ong

    I a apple user i do admit S3 is a nice phone but Samsung as a no.1or 2 smartphone company cantbeven come out with it own OS.i have try using adorid 4 and 4.1 it a big improvement compare to the old android but it still lack of the smoothness that iPhone or iPad have.

    • officialgadgets

      indeed. samsung must learn to have their own OS to make sense of their Processor/multi Core phones.

    • T

      The need better software developers to code efficiently to utilize android os hardware and need more software added to there collection as well.

  • officialgadgets

    Apple advantage is the combination of quality OS & hardware. Not like samsung they cant make they OWN powerful OS. CPU Speed of samsung is best but, the OS not specialized for its Hardware because Android OS came 1st from Google not from Samsung..

  • Tears

    Lol why does android fan boys love to come to an iPhone website. And worst, critising the iPhone?

    • officialgadgets

      Thats the only thing they can do.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Flores/100001856171839 Alex Flores

      Yea because apple fanboys never go on android sites


  • AT&T Rapes Me

    It’s not there fault, there droid users. It messes with their minds

    • http://twitter.com/s1vc4n Sivcan Singh

      Droid got bugs which cause mindf*ck. :P

  • Christian

    The funny thing is I have never gone on a Samsung or android forum. I have all apple products and there so good that why would I go to another site and hate on them? Now Samsung/Android fans are so jealous of apple fans and products that they come here to try and explain there reasons of why there phone is better. Go back to your sh*tsung/shamedroid sites.

    • Gorbush

      Don’t be so full of yourself.

      Above test results aren’t 100% conclusive which phone is the fastest. For example LG Optimus G with Adreno 320 GPU in GLBenchmark 2.5 is outputting more pixels than iP5 (34,56MP/s vs 28,36MP/s) but because of screen resolution difference (27%) there is less FPS (4%).

      As for browser performance test it is like comparing Apple to Orange ;-). Chrome for iOS is few times slower than Safari: goo.gl/BoCVe. Which mean that Safari is quite good optimized for iOS. Chrome browser for Android is relatively a new comer (only from Android 4.0).

      But for me the biggest drawback of iP5 is its sub optimal screen resolution (1136×640). Which mean that every content made for 720p will be downscale to 640p which will degrade picture quality. Beats me why they didn’t use world standard? Sometimes backward compatibility is a drag.

    • Adam Smith

      you are nuts dear friend :). Use a Galaxy and feel the limitless experience. Apple Brainwashed Fan Boy :)!

      • Juan S.

        No thanks, I don’t want to use a stupidly designed phone filled with gigabytes of bloatware, a phone from a company that can’t hop off apple’s di*k.
        Feel free to feel superior with your shi*ty plastic phone that carries an embarrassing performance.

    • http://www.facebook.com/QueSwanson Que Swanson

      With a name like Christian, you should of foreseen this coming :-)

    • laurnzo

      You sound very shallow, I own almost every apple product but i also own a few Android devices. You need to open more open minded

    • http://www.facebook.com/ry.zodie Ryan Richardson

      Lol at you christian – If you want to pay a lot of money for apple products you do that. Just know that Android has now caught up with apple and there are devices out there that wipe the flaw with apple products for a quarter of the price apple charge.

      As for the rest of you – why are you getting offended by this snotty kid? He’s the one shelling out tonnes on a company that no longer has the monopoly on the market and clearly he can afford to continue to do so. It’s not like he’s got a budget or anything like the rest of the world do. I think his narrow minded perspective is something to take pity on =^.^=

      ^^^ All that coming from someone who used to be exactly the same. “I’d never buy android products *tofftoff*… ” …… 1 year later “Oooh a product that does everything the iphone can do, and more, with less hastle, no handset cost and an affordable contract….*buys*”

      • Juan S.

        ugly plastic phones, ugly plastic overrated phones, did i mention…ugly? Oh yeah I did but I can’t stress that enough!

  • DH™

    Sweetness! that’s a +++ for us consumers. Been using iphones since 3Gs but I normally have 3 or 4 devices on me. All this apple sucks, android sucks, windows phone sucks is basically irrelevant to me. My iPod keeps all 40gb of my music & 20gb of games & videos. My 4s(iphone 5 soon) & S3 is the 2 lines I use daily & I’ll bring my Nokia for the nice photos the carl zeiss lens can capture. So, I really don’t care who sucks the most, they all have something unique to offer to an individual’s needs. Just saying.

  • greenshifted

    You people seriously all need to take an English class. And by the way, less hertz while outputting more data is called efficiency. Apple wins that battle hands down. I’ll take a better performing device over a Frankenstein OS that has dynamic backgrounds any day.

  • Chucku

    In the beginning I was very skeptic of the iphone4. Honestly, I never liked Apple products. But one day my buddy sold me his iphone4 becuz he bought a 4S. So I said, “Why not?” Apple made a believer out of me. I love my iphone4!!! Now, I love Apple so much I bought the NEW MacBook Pro with the Retina Display……….and tonite I just bought the iPhone5!!!! YEAH!!!!
    One of the BEST investments of my life. So ALL you Apple haters out there BEWARE! You haven’t seen nothing yet!!! Bigger innovations from APPLE are on their way…….STAY TUNED! Thank you Steve Jobs and Apple.

    • -X-

      More power to ya…good luck when the time comes to upgrade the RAM thought. I have a macpro, thought the same as you until apple dropped support for my Mac because they claim it’s too old…yet it’s minimum requirements blow ML out of the water. They said it does not support wireless mirroring capabilities…and I call BS because my Mac can do wireless mirroring with audio perfectly fine using Air Parrot. It’s a crap excuse for apple to drop support on a $3,200 Mac pro.

    • CommonSense

      I remember that day to in 2008 when I started to be an apple Fanboy. I felt the same way until they keep bringing out a new phone every year with more and more less improvement. I went to intervention and now I’m off an iphone and never thought in a billion year that I would be happy without it.

      • Juan S.

        Yeah, same thing can be said about samsung….same design, less improvements and less quality materials…still!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rw.aldum Ruben Walter Aldum

    This just proves it yet again. It’s not about numbers:
    Processor cores, the speed the cores run at, the size of the screen, the amount
    of RAM in a device…

    It’s about how it all comes together. The architecture of
    the design and how well it interacts with the software that runs on it.

    A very simple comparison would be to look at a dual core PC
    processor from 7 years ago and look at one now. They can run the same speed,
    but the difference is the efficiency at which it does things. This is where
    Apple has always had the upper hand. It designs software to use every bit of
    its hardware, whereas Android is built as a generalised OS and the
    manufacturers need to write their own bits of OS to exploit their unique
    hardware. When HTC, Motorola and Samsung start developing their own software,
    they might get to the efficiency level of iOS, Until such time, iOS will always
    outperform Android.

    Take HTC for example, it is the phone I’ve seen with the
    closest representation of the iOS responsiveness. This is mostly due to HTC
    Sense – a add-on to Android that HTC wrote. This is also one of the reasons the
    HTC requires so much RAM and processing power: it has a gigantic overhead of
    extra OS to run – just to make it fast.

    As for the bigger screens… It’s a god damn PHONE. Mobility,
    ease of use, light, compact, small…. these things come to mind… If you want
    a oversized screen in your pocket, go get a tablet. Seriously. The iPhone 4/4S
    was the perfect size to fit into any of my pants’ pockets with a leather cover
    on. The 4 inch screen provides more real estate, but it comes at a cost. Bigger
    is NOT always better when it comes to mobility…Drive a Lamborghini in heavy
    traffic and see it set on fire… Things you design are for specific purposes. Use a tablet to stream your HD+ content and leave phones a size to be useful.

    As for maps… Its a rival thing, and competition is never a bad thing. Google has no REAL competition when it comes to maps. yes there are things like Tom Tom, but Apple tried (and failed) at a very fast maps implementation. Google is releasing their own iOS app just like YouTube – which in my opinion is better than having Apple write Google’s app for them. Google can introduce updates without the need of a firmware update now, and they can customise the app the way they want to. I’m sure Apple will fix Maps as they go along, but I for one will be using Google Maps for a while to come.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edwin-Alcaraz/100000026485979 Edwin Alcaraz

    Oh android fans.. sad because nobody gives them any relevance. They flock to all iPhone related websites, whether it be iPhonehacks or anything to do with an iPhone in general. They think their cool because they have tablet sized phones that are made of cheap quality materials and boast because they get quad-cores and NFC, etc. Features that they don’t even utilize to the fullest, but they have them and the iPhone doesn’t, even though Apple sits back, year after year, ensuring the product they release to the masses isn’t junk and not only building around it’s hardware components but accommodating the software and the 700,000+ apps that go along with it. Meanwhile the flock of android users attempt to poke fun and think real innovation is about who has the bigger screen, more cores, and technologies that haven’t even gone mainstream yet, while Apple sits back and outdoes them again in the only way that matters.. by giving the masses a phone that simply works and makes life simpler for all its users.

    • CommonSense

      It funny how addicts are, they make no sense on facts. You and every addict on this site talk about the same thing and none of it is Facts. Ohhh andriod user do this and that. Iphone only make you do thing that are cool but are never use. People still like to text and push the button when they talk on the phone I don’t Siri it a innovation that people are not trying to use in this generation but forcing it to the masses

    • http://profiles.google.com/pilotavery A J

      It’s like arguing over who has a bigger tool. If you are a virgin for life because you spend your time bragging about the size of your tool, while the little tooled people get all the fun :) than what is the point of your big tool?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alex-Flores/100001856171839 Alex Flores

    This is the way I see it… It is not really fair to compare the S3 with the i5 considering the S3 came out way before and not to mention the benchmarks on the iPhone 5 are not that much faster than the S3. Also the geek bench score on the S3 is much higher than i5 when it is running JB. I’ve been staying with apple since the 3G all the way to the 4S but honestly iPhone is getting incredibly dull… I’m no fanboy by any means but I’m gonna look else where to see what there is… Possibly getting the Nokia 920

  • Yan

    Fake, the SIII is more powerful than the iSheep 5.

    From my Galaxy note, bitches

    • Solferico

      You’re right, if you mean infringing more damage to someone hitting him with the phone ;-)

  • douglas

    Humbly, please let me point out Samsung Galaxy SIII is using a cpu with an old 45nm A9 architecture, though quad cores, while its competitors in Korea say LG and Pantech are using dual cores cpu with a new 28nm A15 architecture. That is a 50% increase in computation power and almost a half of the power consumption in compare to A9. Super amoled of Samsung is also shadowed by the new super ISP developed by LG which use half the power and at the same 1280 x 720 (or 800) resolution. Looks like Samsung has started paying its price in selling its fellow strategic partner. Cortex has started supplying/licensing 28nm 1.5Ghz quad cores CPUs not to Samsung nor some big guys like HTC but surprisingly to a China based phone manufacturer called Xiaomi. I am still using my reliable Iphone4 and am happy with it.

  • douglas

    Oh, one more, Xiaomi is selling its Qualcomm 28nm 1.5Ghz quad cores CPU, 2G ram, Adreno 320 GPU, 4.3″ super ISP phone at US$300 standalone from any contract plan. Is SIII overpriced? Sadly, I can’t find a dealer anywhere even in Taobao.

  • Solferico

    I’ve discovered the truth behind the reason to eliminate google maps! Apple is the devil and don’t want us to know that god is coming to earth and google pictured him on his way in street view. Check in google maps this coordinates and enter in street view there!

  • matthew read

    A second here or there.. who cares.. one thing that I hate on apple for is complete system lock down.. apps with limited functionality.. html5 is good.. but watching movies on my TVs through my phone from movie sites like letmewatchthis its just impossible with apple. Customization is pretty good.. I’ve moved from iPhone 4s to gs3 and it is much better for me. What apple get right is quality. But I require full functionality and freedom. My guess is apple will be blown over by the next aneroid releases. . ..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588101989 Nicholas Chia

    Compare it with MI2 from XiaoMi then tell the world if iPhone 5 is the world’s fastest smartphone.

  • http://twitter.com/Duandez Tju duandez

    Nice benchmark

  • Nk

    The map feature works smoothly for me. So far it’s been very accurate. Having used the new iPhone five for
    about a week now, it’s faster smoother and has more features than the previous generation of iPhone. Having said that I’m happy I spent $199
    to upgrade but I would not have spent $699 to get an out of contract phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Felix-Davila/1059225273 Felix Davila

    hey come on now you people say that a big screen is not convinient cuz Apple sez so but next year if apple make a the iphone 6 with a 5.3 screen and nfc then you people say the big screen feels so good it cool and the nfc is great cuz apple says so. thats sign of brain wash.

  • Guest

    Why isn’t there samsung galaxy s4 benchmarks in there? am i missing something with that product line that I don’t know about?