Apple’s September 12 Event Invite Points to ‘iPhone 5′ Moniker

Apple just sent out invites for its September 12th iPhone event to the press and other media outlets.

In typical Apple fashion, the invite includes a cryptic reference, in this case to the number 5, as can be seen in the shadow at the bottom.

The most obvious conclusion here would be that the next iPhone is indeed going to be called the “iPhone 5,” which most of us didn’t quite expect. More so, after Apple chose to entirely drop the numbering nomenclature when the third gen iPad released, which was simply named “the new iPad.”

For the average consumer, though, the iPhone 5 makes perfect sense because its a logical progression from the 4 in the iPhone 4S. If Apple does go with iPhone 5, this could be a reasonable explanation of why it chose to do so.

Unless, of course, the five is a reference to something entirely new or unknown that Apple has in store for us.

Here’s the invite:

iphone 5 media invite

We’d love to hear your theories about the reference to the “5” in the invite, and how confident are you about the “iPhone 5″ monicker now that Apple itself has dropped a hint.

For comparison, last year’s iPhone invite included a reference to iPhone 4S’ world phone capabilities.

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  • Alan

    Probably a 5-inch screen .. Yikes!

    • Sebastian Rasch

      5 hours standby!
      5 Terabytes of memory!
      5 months delivery time!
      5 times more patent infringements by Samsung!
      5 L cubic capacity!
      5 HP! WROOOM!

      Ok sry I’m getting nuts here.


    ya i don’t think it actually confirms that it will be called the iPhone 5, we won’t know until next tuesday. i think it means they will be releasing 5 new products….but that’s just me

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Wednesday, isn’t it? Not Tuesday.


        ahh ur right sorry lol Wednesday, Sept 12.

  • Nazz

    I think there’ll be Five Golden Rings next Christmas

  • brenteesha

    I agree, it seems that the ‘iPhone 5′ moniker seems to be the obvious conclusion… but that just doesn’t sit right with me. Sure, Apple went from 3GS to 4… but the 4 was indeed actually the 4th generation. It doesn’t seem logical to me that they would name it iPhone 5 when it’s actually 6th generation… it’s almost like intentionally taking a step backwards. The ‘new iPhone’ seems most plausible to me… although we won’t really know until the launch event!

    • Kao Saephan

      Their naming scheme isn’t in line with the generation number. Just because it’s the 6th generation iphone does not mean that they can’t name it iphone 5. Once people stop thinking that the iphone name implies its generation, then the name makes perfect sense.

  • il Santi

    Maybe 5 more stupid patent trials coming. Or maybe using Android 5 (iPhone fans believe everything)

  • Mitt Romney

    I think it means there going to give us 5 reasons to switch to android based phones. Or the names of 5 more stupid patent suites there going to file. Or posably five refers to the amount of buggs you’ll find in the new iPhone or it could be that they just forgot how to count and really believe this is the fifth generation iPhone, what ever the case one things for sure it’s something stupid.


    Perhaps 5 new products .. iPhone iPod iPad mini MacBook 13″ and something else

  • Andrew MacDonald

    It’s a red herring….. My bet is this will be one event to rule them all. Apple will launch FIVE new products. iPhone, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and new iMacs.

  • justsayin

    one product as it says it’s not They’re, I’m sure apple knows correct grammar.


      The “it’s” is meant for the date and not the product

  • Nazz

    5 could also means 50 cent who will be performing during the event. or could be The Jacksons 5.

  • Macdaddy93


  • Sebastian Rasch

    Hm interesting. Should Apple have given in and is now actually calling it iPhone 5? I can’t really believe that but let’s wait another week, shall we? ;)

    Btw, on this cover leak it just says “The new iPhone”:

    Bottom side says iOS 6.

  • Zura Chachanidze

    1. New iPhone; 2. iPad 7.8 inches; 3. new MacBook Air with retina display; 4. New iPod; 5. Apple TV

  • Jiten

    Combine the videos on youtube related to holographic projection, the tagline “it’s almost here” and the “5” shadow, seems Apple is going to launch some kinda holographic projection with Iphone 5…
    falls in line with introduction of Siri with an invite saying “Let’s talk iphone.”

  • Phillip Pellegrini

    I’m pumped for the iPhone 5, because it will make the 4 and 4s cheaper on the used market.