Here’s Why iPhone 5 Didn’t Get Wireless Charging And NFC

iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter, comes with a taller 4-inch screen with 1136×640 resolution, improved front and back facing camera, supports faster 4G LTE networks and lots more.

But if you had features like NFC and wireless charging in your wish list, then you’re probably disappointed with Apple’s new iPhone.

AllThingsD got a chance to speak to Phil Schiller – Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, who explained why Apple’s iPhone does not come with these features. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s not clear that NFC is the solution to any current problem, Schiller said. “Passbook does the kinds of things customers need today.”

As for wireless charging, Schiller notes that the wireless charging systems still have to be plugged into the wall, so it’s not clear how much convenience they add. The widely-adopted USB cord, meanwhile, can charge in wall outlets, computers and even on airplanes, he said.

“Having to create another device you have to plug into the wall is actually, for most situations, more complicated,” Schiller said.

He explained why iPhone 5 comes with a new smaller dock connector:

Schiller said it simply wasn’t possible to build products as thin as the new iPhones and iPods without changing the cord. Hence, the new “Lightning” connector.

That said, Schiller said that Apple doesn’t take changing the connector lightly.

“This is the new connector for many years to come,” he said.

What do you think? Are features like wireless charging and NFC gimmicky in their current form?

[via AllThingsD]


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  • Brian Holley

    I think you wrote “Marketing who explained why Apple’s iPhone does come with these features. Here’s what he had to ” when you meant does not…no harm…no foul…

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    Schiller is a bright guy, and I agree with what he said.

    NFC is COOL, and if it catches on I would want it incorporated into my phone or sure. But NOW, I honestly haven’t even seen an opportunity to use it in my area.

    As for wireless charging, it SEEMS at first though like a cool idea, but you are still tethered to the cord, so it honestly does nothing at all.

    Apple has been known to be a bit cautious, if downright slow, to adapt “gadgety” features, sometimes it pays off, sometimes they miss the boat and are late to the party. I think they have played these correctly so far.

  • Tekchef

    Yes and useless to me. I had a debit card once with a FNC chip on it and it never worked right when I tried to use it. When I got a new cars years later no NFc chip. I guess the bank didn’t like it either. I like the passbook idea better for scanners everyone already has.

  • gj

    NFC probably would allow to copy films and music from other and most importantly non-apple devices without it itunes. This is the main reason I think.

  • Zangpakto

    I agree on his points, and the non directional function of the new docks is a great step forward towards ensuring less damage to units.

    No wireless charging is actually a good move, what purpose does it have when it is still “tethered” to the wireless charging plate? If you take it off to use or talk you lose the charging ability, whilst with a cable you can continue using.

    I understand for syncing perhaps the wireless inductive connections would work, however not for charging a phone.

  • Luciana

    I think he is wrong about NFC. In my humble opinion, passbook is an incomplete and crude feature without it.
    I see no reason to buy tickets on the apple store without an embedded solution to actually use these tickets. Scanning the screen or just printing out tickets seems a “it just doesn’t work” feature, something very “un-apple-ish”.

  • Mark

    NFC is going to be a hit, public transportation payment gate and such. Apple isn’t innovative anyway ,this is just another way of saying just buy the damn phone and be happy!