Apple To Launch Personal Pickup For iPhone 5 In The U.S. Tonight

iPhone 5

9to5Mac reports that according to their sources, Apple will launch its in-store product reservation system – Personal Pickup for the new iPhone 5 tonight at 10:00pm ET.

The in-store product reservation system will allow customers to pre-purchase an iPhone 5 and pick it up from an Apple retail store the next day.

Customers will be able to reserve an iPhone 5 through the Personal Pickup program on Apple’s website or using the Apple Store app.

9to5Mac reports:

Customers can use the Apple Store App or website between 10PM-4AM nightly to pre-purchase available iPhone 5 inventory for the next day.

Because customers are actually purchasing the iPhone, they will have upwards of two weeks to pick up the phone (when it becomes available).

Apple retail stores across the U.S have apparently received shipments of the new iPhone 5 units on Monday that will be held for customers who reserve through Personal Pickup program.

The stock will be limited, but it seems to be best way to get your hands on the new iPhone 5 as the shipping estimates have already slipped to 3-4 weeks on Apple’s website.

[via 9to5Mac]

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  • kc978

    so if i order it tonight after 10pm i should be able to pick it up tomorrow?

    • gmar0312

      the question is do they mean 10PM est, pst etc… Or does it depend on your store location

      • Kwopau

        Probably your local time as you are going to reserve it via your nearest apple store. They did that last year with the 4S, but at 9:01 PM and was local time.

        • Blue

          Does anyone know if u purchase will u b able to pick up the phone

    • Kwopau

      Yes if you order it tonight, and you get an e-mail then you can pick it up tomorrow. If no e-mail then no iphone tomorrow.

  • b

    just wasted 30 minutes trying… site doesn’t work -or is poorly designed because i had no idea where the ‘instore option was': nowhere did it ask me for my location/store preference and at checkout there was no option (greyed out) to pick up in store with no explanation. REALLY getting annoyed with this phone rollout… really.

  • Nick

    I just tried and as B stated, the site doesn’t work and I could not get this to work.

  • S

    Same…doesn’t work. :(

  • chinito187

    i also try and it doesnt work

  • Kc978

    Not workin for me either. Weirdest part is that when I check the avail for my local stores on the app. It does say some have it in stock. But I just can’t select a pickup. Just shipping.

  • cheppy

    agree tried for 45 min and the pick up option is not available

  • chinito187

    same here i just try and it doesnt work

  • Ry

    Worked on my phone app not on site unfortunately every store around me is sold out

    • Ry

      Update to my previous comment found a 32gig in my area but when I select the store that has it in stock and it still keeps the Instore pick up greyed out

      • Kc978

        Same here

  • Chinito187

    Did it work for anyone?

  • Adam

    Nope not yet! :(

  • Mike

    Yes, about an hour ago I used the App to locate and purchase a 16gig blk in St. Paul

  • Kc978

    So it starts at 10pm pacific time. 1am eastern time.

  • Shem

    I kept refreshing page until about 10:45 p.m. PST and availability started showing up at my local apple stores. I live in S.F. and 5 stores within 30 mile radius had availability. Still waiting for an email for confirmation that the phone is ready for pick up.

  • cheppy

    i tried all night and nothing only gave me shipping option figured id go to the apple store and try my luck and sure enough walked right in got a 64 gb black so glad i didnt order and wait the 3-4 weeks

  • RC

    It starts 10PM EST . Yes, worked for me! Just waiting for confirmation email that it is ready for pickup. Hopefully in the morning. So glad don’t have to wait 3-4 weeks!

  • Timmyyyyyyy

    Hell yes. Been waiting and waiting and finally some appeared in my Apple store. Reserved a white one and picked it up today.

  • Faizan Amjad

    I’m just waiting for mine to come in the mail