Few Users Reporting Problems With iPhone 5 Screen


iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is 18% thinner than iPhone 4S, which is quite incredible when you consider iPhone 4S was only 9.3mm thick. To reduce the thickness of the device, Apple has used in-cell display technology in iPhone 5.

The technology integrates touch sensors into the LCD, which eliminates the need of a separate touch screen layer. 

The absence of a separate touch screen layer not only helps to make the screen thinner, but it also improves the quality of displayed images. Colors get a boost, too, with color saturation that’s 44 percent greater than before. iPhone 5 teardown revealed that this has also helped in improving the repairability of the new iPhone.

But unfortunately some users are reporting weird screen related problems with their shiny new iPhone 5. The first video embedded below shows a bubbling or ghosting effect when the user touches the screen.

MacRumors forum member who reported the issue writes:

Just opened my new iPhone 5 and the screen is ghosting, or similar to when you touch an LCD screen. Just curious if anyone else is having this problem. It’s definitely apparent when I touch hard, but even soft touches still have the screen problem when I touch.

Another forum member reports a similar issue with his new iPhone 5.

Another forum member reports that his iPhone 5 screen keeps flashing.

We haven’t received any complaints from our readers nor have we observed this issue on our iPhone 5 unit. We’ll let you know if we get any further details.

Have you noticed any of these issues? We hope not.

[MacRumors Forum via Arnold Kim]

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