Apple Begins Shipping iPhone 5 To Customers

Yesterday, we had heard scattered reports that the iPhone 5 pre-order status for some users had changed to “Prepared for Shipment” on Apple’s website.

iClarified now reports that Apple has started shipping iPhone 5 to customers from China via UPS.

iClarified reports that while Apple has not yet sent email confirmations to inform users that their iPhone 5 has been shipped or updated the status of the order to “Shipped”, it is possible to find out using a simple trick on UPS’ website.

Simply fill out the track by reference form on UPS, and use your phone number associated with your Apple ID for the reference number. If that phone number does not work, keep trying any phone number that could be associated with your wireless account or the number you used to upgrade.

Don’t panic if UPS could not find your tracking, Apple is still sending these out!

We’re also hearing reports that some users are getting an email from Apple giving them the good news that their iPhone 5 will arrive sooner than expected. AppleInsider reports of one such case:

When the order was originally placed Friday morning, this person was quoted an arrival date of two weeks.

“We have some good news concerning your recent iPhone 5 purchase,” the e-mail from the Apple Store reads. We expect it to be delivered to you on the first day of iPhone 5 availability — Friday, September 21. The delivery date we previously sent you was not accurate.”

It is not clear if the iPhone 5s that are being shipped are the ones pre-ordered on Apple’s website or one of its carrier partner’s website.

Apple and its carrier partners started accepting iPhone 5 pre-orders on Friday. Apple sold out its stock for launch day delivery in just one hour and currently quotes shipping estimates of 2-3 weeks.

Has the status of your iPhone 5 order changed? Or have you received the shipment notification or been able to track it on UPS? Tell us in the comments.

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