iPhone 5 Unboxing Photos And First Impressions

Apple’s new iPhone got the unboxing treatment from one of our readers in Singapore who received his pre-ordered iPhone 5 a short while back.

While we’ve already seen unboxing photos and videos of Apple’s new iPhone 5, the unboxing photos that Lee has sent, which he says were taken using his iPhone 4S, is one of the best and most comprehensive iPhone 5 unboxing photos we’ve seen so far, so we thought of sharing with you.

Lee’s unboxing photos confirms that the first iPhone 5 unboxing photos were indeed the real deal and the weird looking logo at the back was due to plastic cover.

Lee also shared with us his first impressions. He said that the iPhone 5 was incredibly thin and light. He also found the 4-inch iPhone to fit quite well in his hand and expects the longer and lighter iPhone to be a lot more comfortable while speaking on the phone. He also said the the Lightning jack (as he calls it) is also incredibly small (you have to see to believe it). And as one would expect, the fit and finish is top-notch. He couldn’t tell us how well it worked as he is yet to activate it, but he was heading over to his carrier’s retail store to get a nano-SIM.

So without wasting much time check out these iPhone 5 unboxing photos. Click on the image below to see all the photos:

Thanks a ton Lee for the photos and your first impressions!

We would love to hear your first impressions of your shiny new iPhone 5, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments.