New iPhone 5 Photos Compare Thickness To iPhone 4S

Yesterday, iResQ had posted photos of the leaked iPhone 5 battery installed in the rear panel and compared it with iPhone 4S’ battery.

The repair firm has now posted published photos of the fully assembled iPhone 5. The photos of the fully assembled iPhone 5 lying next to the iPhone 4S shows the difference in thickness between Apple’s 5th and 6th generation iPhones.

iResQ reports:

The most interesting thing we see here is the fact that the iPhone 4 and 4S are thicker than the iPhone 5 by the thickness of the back glass. So here is an easy way to imagine the thickness of the iPhone 5: remove the glass backplate from your iPhone 4/4S and there you go! That’s the approximate thickness of the iPhone 5.

According to rumors, iPhone 5 is going to be 7.6mm thick, which would make it 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S at 9.3mm.

Apple is widely expected to use in-cell display technology in the next generation iPhone, which would have contributed in reducing the thickness of the next iPhone. The in-cell display technology integrates touch sensors into the LCD, which eliminates the need of a separate touch screen layer. The absence of a separate touch screen layer will not only help make the screen thinner, but should also improve the quality of displayed images.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the hotly anticipated 6th generation iPhone at a special event on September 12,  which was officially announced earlier in the week.

[via iResQ]

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    The more I see it the more
    I like it .. I think in person .. It would look exquisite

  • Deelan Vanmali

    Cannot wait to get my hands on one of these marvels of hardware.

  • Ian Scofield

    Stop making it thinner and give us more battery life. They could have used the gained space and made the battery bigger. When you tether, use 4G, or use this bigger screen, you’re going to draw more power. It’s not all about size…

    • Alan

      Exactly, we need improved battery life.

    • User

      They decided to upgrade the screen (the main drainer of battery life) and this should be a little bit more energy efficient making it last longer.

  • Gguy

    i guess that i love it the way it is, but i cant agree more regarding the batter life time, it sucks, everyday i charge my phone twice. Better battery life time will be good Apple

  • dbDESIGN

    I think that this phone is a big disappointment. iPhone needs to stray away from the expected and start thinking outside of the box if they want to compete with these other smartphones. The design of this phone is so wimpy. It looks like it went back to the curvy cartoonish vibe that the iphone 1 and 3g gave off. I was expecting something much more sleek and hard this release…and wider. That was a big thing, I hate the width of the iphone. I have to buy thick cases just do it fits comfortably in my hand.

  • RandomGamer342

    Why is the “silence” switch upside down on the 5?

    I’m still calling fake on the “taller” iphone5

    • Waiting for the real secret

      It’s not, it’s just face down

    • cesar

      what a DUMB!

  • MY

    I’m just pretty sure that these pictures of the upcoming iPhone5 that we’ve been seeing around lately will have NOTHING to do with the real deal. My thought

  • ios=android=w8

    if this comes…. iphone will b no longer in the market….

  • Bigmike

    I think this dummy phone is fake, not iPhone 5, because one time they show the phone mute button does not have the red, now this one have the red. Just wait for the announce on the 12th instead.

  • Faizan Amjad

    Its thinner, but I still don’t understand the 4″ tall screen.

  • yay

    gosh golly, that is one thin ass iPhone.

  • Eric Mar (Macdaddy93)

    Wow all this is fake!!!!! These people wait til the end to put more fake rumors to make people like this just wait 6 more days!!!! Apple isn’t stupid and retarded they know what people want they know what’s in the market they know what to compete

  • Bope360

    btw that’s the 4 not the 4s… just saying lol

  • FreeThinkerFreeSpeech

    Why is there no mention anywhere on the tech specs of the A6 process like speed etc? Honestly, the phone looks dull and boring like the previous phones.