iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Motorola Droid RAZR HD vs. Nokia Lumia 920: Specs Shootout

Apple unveiled the hotly anticipated iPhone 5 at yesterday’s media event.

iPhone 5 is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the previous generation and comes packed with new features and improvements such as a taller 4-inch display, faster A6 chip, support for faster 4G LTE networks, improved battery life, FaceTime HD camera and more.

So how does Apple’s new iPhone stack up against the competition from Samsung’s Galaxy S III, Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Motorola’s Droid RAZR HD.

Mashable has created a nice comparison table that compares the tech specs of the four smartphones:

Let’s forget about the operating system, ecosystem and user experience that these smartphones offer. Based on the just the tech specs, which one will you buy?

[via Mashable]

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  • http://twitter.com/db_DESIGN dbDESIGN

    That Lumina phone is beautiful. Must say the Apple slate body is very slick though, despite my previous comments.

  • Iphone forever

    Iphone 5 is not just a phone its an iphone by apple if you don’t like the iphone then maybe your on the wrong website…

    • Robert Carroll

      This is an example of an Apple fanboy right here.
      I thought it was clear that I have an iPhone and it has been my preference to date but it doesn’t mean that if something better comes along I won’t switch. I hope Apple is as comitted to you as you are to them. Oh and here is a little secret, Apple and Microsoft are seriously in bed together, Apple pays MS to use IOS… why is that?

  • AT&T Rapes Me

    The windows phone looks very nice but will have to wait to see how it works with the rest of the windows echo system, not a fan of android use it as a business phone and don’t care for it. It does have a good battery life

  • andi26

    One thing that’s not included when comparing phones are the details of each device such as apple five lens camera with a sapphire lens cover with 1080 HD etc. details like that should be added. Just saying

  • Robert Carroll

    Its hard to dismiss the OS and eco system when making the choice since the OS is acctually what a user interacts with not the processor. In reality these phones are virtually identical with little variations here and there which don’t really make one stand out from the others. Its the OS and how it functions on that hardware that makes one phone good and another bad.
    With that said I have had an iphone for several years but I am not an Apple fanboy. The iPhone was a revolution and I got one before there was an Android then Android came out and it was an iOS clone but glitchy and slow even though the equipmnet spec was better on most Android phones (java will always run slower its javas nature to be slow) and oh yeah it had Flash. Who cares about that now?
    With all that said I am waiting until that Nokia is released and true comparisons can be made between it and the iPhone 5. If it does well I will go put my hands on them and see if I can deal with the gigantic Nokia over the tiny iPhone.
    Another thing that most people aren’t addressing is that Nokia phones historically have had superior call quality while iPhones have not been that great at call quality.

    • Alan

      I completely agree. It’s not just the hardware. In case of the iPhone, it’s the iOS, the apps available in the App Store and other supporting services like iCloud, iTunes (iTunes U) that makes it a compelling solution for me. It just works. I haven’t been frustrated about something that has ever made me think of switching.

      I really don’t want to comment on Android and Windows Phone 8 based smartphones as I haven’t spent enough time playing around with them, but some of my friends have switched to Android and one to Windows Phone 8, and all of them miss the iPhone experience and are waiting to buy the iPhone 5. Obviously, to each his own, but the fact that all of them want to switch back says a lot about the experience that the iPhone has to offer.

  • Robert Carroll

    In addition to my other commnts I will add this one to show that I am objective in my observations. While I admitt that for he first time my loyalty to Apple may be put to the test with the Nokia and WP8. I will go on record that people who post comments that the iPhone is just a tall iPhone 4s and so the phone is garbage are rediculous. First off the iPhone 4 – 4s and 5 all look great there is nothing wrong or ugly about the design. I can’t for the life of me figure out what these people expect from Apple a Triangle phone. I mean look at all the phones they are rectangular screens with speakers and microphones etc… Yes Apple goes a bit over the top whith their marketing but people with half a brain know the score. Yes the camera in the 4s and 5 produce roughly the same quality image but it does so with less room, to the user its old hat to the engineers its huge. So Apple didn’t include NFC, who cares, can anyone with an NFC capable Phone actually post a comment that they use NFC all the time, that it is invaluable?

    • Luciana

      As with every single technology, its utility will be measured by the applications that use it. When bluetooth came out, it was a useless piece of hardware and now, you use it to connect your cellphone to your car, your speakers, headphones, to exchange all types of data, such as photos and documents. Any smartphone without it would be less smart.
      NFC is now where bluetooth were then. Just a piece of tech with a HUGE potential.
      I use NFC everyday, with my bus/metro card and my toll fee tag. It would be wonderful to have this same feature on my phone, something that would allow me to pay for my bus/metro tickets right from my paypal/google wallet/apple account. I would never have to face long lines to recharge my card, having instead an experience like the one I have with my toll fee tag.

  • Sassigal11

    iPhone of course. These other phones have tons of gmics that work a tenth of the time. The iPhone ” just works ” .

    • mr mister

      i count you when i have trouble sleeping =)

  • Pirre

    The iPhone simply because I think a screen over 4″ is too big

    • Jb

      And you might as well have a mini tablet. How the hell would you get that in your pocket comfortably?

    • eslink

      Do you only belive that becsuse apple said so….

    • give me 4.7in

      it’s really not… go to the store and pickup a 4.8 or 4.7 Samsung G3 or a Htc one x…. they feels great and light. I wear tight jeans and they fit just fine. Apple should’ve at least gone up to 4.3… but I believe with the materials they use it would’ve made it feel too heavy. So they went with this lame version of 4″ screen. Really wish apple would’ve gone bigger… but i guess they can’t when they tell everyone how bigger screens are dumb and not needed… Now that people know that bigger screens are better they should just admit they were wrong and give people what they want.

  • jebanec

    Out of the four….. the Galaxy Note II!

  • eazi25

    Actually android os has surpassed apples ios. It’s now smoother thanks to google continuous effort. And ice cream and jellybean brings better features and buttery smooth experience. I battle the iphone 4s everyday with my razr. My cousin hates me, he can’t wait to switch to android. Windows 8 is nice also. Right now android brings more features to the user and that’s what it’s about.

    • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

      How exactly do you “Battle” phones?! LOL

      And also how have you “battled” against an iPhone 5? Seeing as how that is the FOCUS of this article, after all: the iPhone 5 vs the world debate.

  • Kin

    quite disappointed with the iphone5 launched. I don’t see any a ha at all. i do expect more but all the features have been leaked hence no surprise at least to me. the screen size still too small. the hardware spec just keep it competitive with samsung and nokia. I always like the IOS and it proven very stable and perform well. lack of NFC will put iphone user in disadvantage if NFC software and service heat up in next 12 months. i tried the S3, it is the decent phone and run very smoothly. however i don’t like samsung, i believe they will drop their firmware upgrade and support for S3 8 months later in favor to introduce S4. i like the screen size of Lumia and will keep an eyes how it perform before determine to pick it up or upgrade my iphone.

  • Eddaddy

    Samsung. Im done with apple and the nickel nd dime bs. Plus the galaxy s 33 is better.

  • http://twitter.com/H8tFranKie JF Ramos

    This is the most civil list of comments in the last couple articles on iPhone 5. At first I really wanted a bigger screen on the iphone and it was almost a deal breaker for me. Still after knowing the lack of, I real really still want the new iPhone, idk if Apples marketing is getting the best of me, but its a REALLY sexy phone and everything is improved. I mean how else can you be innovated? I feel smart phones are reaching their peak and there wont be major changes every year like it used to be, not because we can’t , its because its unnecessary, I don’t need my phone to turn to a transformer I would just buy a real transformer lol. For example the sales from 3GS to 4 are under 200 million first week while the jump from 4 to 4S reached 400 million first week regardless of the many many people’s disappointment to the lack of progress. Who knows what will come out next year it all depends on Tim Cook, yes Steve Jobs has a plan rest his soul but Tim might just scrap the whole thing and do his own. We will see ..

    As for the iphone, the sole reason I would get it is because how effing sexy it looks that saying if the iphone had all the improvements but same 4S look, I wouldn’t its like dating someone that looks like your ex. Also i just use my phone for twitter and face book, media things.. and sometimes games, you cant lie IOS is the most efficient way to use media and play games its just so fast and simple. Iphone all day.

  • Toby777

    If you could put Windows Phone 8 in to the body of iPhone 5, I would probably buy that.
    Only because I do really like the candy bar shape and design of the 5, just not the boring OS.

  • Apel P

    iPhone 5 has quad-core, might want to fix that. Sorry if im wrong.

  • IphoneFan

    A real disappointment with apple iphone 5….wish that steve jobs still alive man …. anway nokia lumia and samsung note 2 is nice

  • defmad

    The reason I choose Apple products is because they build thier products to a high standard of quality. I like how thier products feel a lot more substantial, regardless that there are other products out there with better specs. It’s the reason I spent $2k on an iMac rather than build a super Windows PC. There are many other reasons I choose Apple products; thier excellent sales support (had an iPad replaced that had one dead pixel, and thier reps had applied AppleCare to my iMac three weeks after its standard warranty), also, for as long as I’ve followed Apple thier philosophy of software working with hardware has remained the same.

  • Appdroid

    Boring apple interface…yet again. New charger adapter for old charger to be use with new products? Really? Trying to make a quick buck on fools eh? At least the other devices have a universal charger that works pretty much with most of the latest android devices.

    • chknise

      Apple does nickle and dime its customers. Add a card slot for goodness sakes like a normal smartphone instead of making people pay hundreds of unnecessary dollars for extra cheap memory!!

  • IH4CK

    I am a firm Apple junkie, however It was a disappointing launch for me. I just feel they are always holding back and applying the bare minimum of upgrades. I will be happy to jailbreak it and change everything about it :) Cant beat a jailbroken iphone when in the right hands.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Diamond/37604921 John Diamond

    the iphone 5 is quad core…..not dual core with 1gb of ram (they all have 1gb unless you have the korean s3….it has 2). you might wanna include the pixel density of the screens when talking resolution, since thats what really matters. surprisingly, the lumia 920 is ahead of the pack with a 332 ppi (i guess they have the real retina display now, lol), the iphone 5 is next with 326 ppi, followed by the droid razr hd with 312 ppi, and then the galaxy s3 with 306 ppi.

  • eslink

    I belive that apple played it safe and gave the public what they alredy had and did not want to adventure them self for that reason i feel desapointed i jump abord with galaxy s3 this summer and to be honest its diferent and it takes time getting used too the software but this galaxy phone flys that i am glad i left iphone … i wait intill the next generation of iphone comes out

    • jjkk

      except for the fact that literally everything in the iphone 5 got upgraded

  • Dzeffarski

    After having an iPhone on T-mobile for almost 5 years I happily bought a Galaxy SIII 2 months ago. I have all the apps I had on my iPhones and then some. The ‘ecosystem’ is easy to look beyond because with the exception of music, the integration was seamless… until I found Winamp and the wireless sync of my iTunes playlist, problem meet solution.

    Looking at the iPhone 5 release, I am VERY glad that I did not wait for it. It is not only a disappointment but also shows how Apple has stagnated. They cannot compare with the rich feature set of the Android phones and having played with Android OS 4.1, it is even better than 4.0 and supposed to increase my phone’s battery life… Again, VERY HAPPY with my Galaxy S3

    • Gordon

      couldn’t agree more.

  • hmmm

    ios is good android os is good windows 8 dont know about that one

  • Reni

    The Samsung S3 is a Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9!! More performer than the dual core Apple

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Diamond/37604921 John Diamond

      the samsung s3 is not quadcore in america. its dual core. the iphone 5 is quad core. this is a typo.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sofi.michaelidou Sofi Michaelidou

    IPHONE 1,2,3,4,5 has lock Bluetooth,no cart slot for extra mbites, no fm radio with rds,only shining body and locket software, their is no ,on and off WiFi and Bluetooth switch , you have to jailbreak to work with standards for every day needs ..so if you by it, is just for today’s fashion only…and finally apple depends from Samsung for the most iphone parts so half money we spend go to Samsung….

    • jjki

      iphone 5 has half those things now

    • themanwhosays

      I am confused. I have an iphone and its not jail broken and I use it everyday. So can I have examples of what I need a jail broke phone for every day use? I am not trying to be rude just want to know. Thanks. What do you mean locked bluetooth? You can turn off wifi and bluetooth in settings. Also all the companies work together to make electronics to over the best possible products to consumers.

    • G

      Your grammar sucks and I swear to god 3/4 of iOS users will never use those “legacy features”

  • coolbikesh

    definitely iphone5.. apple rules

  • jjkk

    people have yet to realize the fact that apple dosent need as powerful specs as other phones because of the technology integrated into their phones. anyways who need features like smart stay on the s3, they are useless and even if they had a use no one would use them. and apple didnt incorporate nfc because only 2% of the US could use it and it would just be wasted.

  • mike

    I had a iPhone 4s went to Samsung note than to Samsung s3 and will go back to the iPhone leaving in new York 1) the s3 on the Verizon network gets disconnected non stop the I phone never did it
    2) times when you have no service the s3 will show you full bars
    3) you can’t compare notification on phone like the iPhone does
    4) if you a’re connected to enterprise server if you look at email in your office it still shows on phone as a unread email , or if you enter a new contact on computer it doesn’t sync with s3 iPhone does do all of that
    5) phone freezes allot
    The bottom line if you use a phone more than 3000 minutes a month and more than 60 emails a phone you will not be happy with a Samsung like a iph one

    • http://www.facebook.com/devastator69 Con Doupis

      change ur service provider, it has nothing to do with the phone.. Galaxy 3 works like a dream even when multi tasking..

  • http://www.facebook.com/devastator69 Con Doupis

    Galaxy 3 is Quad core not dual core… And kicks ass!!

    • Guest

      Dual-core for the Americans, quad for the rest of the world.

      Gotta feel sorry for those Americans. Thank god I’m not one of them.

  • Uzial667

    Hi guys feel I need to post here, I have had every generation of iPhone, if that makes me a fanboy so be it. I have had several android phones including galaxy s2 galaxy s3 Optimus 3D, atrix etc.. The problem with android is the fragmentation of the OS my atrix a 2 year old top of the line phone is stuck on 2.3 gingerbread as is my Optimus 3D, s3 is on ics but when will it see 4.1? Apple update at least one or two generations back and every phone gets updated at the same time. My S3 has NFC had the phone for 4-5 months and never used it also never used a lot of its feature and I have to say I love new toys but just find a lot of the new tech useless. I think the one big thing google had with android is out of the box turn by turn navigation (and I think this is a huge boost for os6) although I liked my S3 for turn by turn I still keep going back to my iPhone 4s.

    • mwooden77

      you spend way too much money on phones bro

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelFarrell6 Michael Farrell

    Loving the Lumia. As long as it gets good reviews when its out that will be my next phone :-)

  • Vara

    upgraded to ios6 now auto-lock is not working..please help.. i check all setting and i am using iphone4s past 8months…

  • lolololol

    iphone is the same thing as s3, except taht its lighter. so iphone wins! :D

  • droid!!

    no phone can be the S3. The s3 can have get up to 128gb of space (64gb internal +64gb sd) there is more customization before its even jailbroken. The iphone 5 has the same features my old atrix 2 has from a year ago


    who cares about all that storage really 64GB is definitely enough is a phone not a computer and iphone is a really good phone im not saying the other phones aren’t but honestly it really depends on the person in the end they all get the job done


    everyone who comments always wants there phone to be the best and talk trash on the other phones you all just have to have the best even that is not haha DONT HATE


    i think theres a reason why iphone 5 is so hard to get even when you preorder you have to wait a few weeks cuz of all the people who wants to have it is a really good and nice phone while in the other hand most of the other phones they even give you coupons and sell really cheap theres just no way to compare iphone will always win the numbers say it all

  • EL

    Look closely on its individual specs. S3 got the upper hand in terms of resolution as per the screen size. Obviously on the battery performance. All others are of slight, if not, at same features. Recent test of Iphone 5 to survive falls at different height makes humiliation to S3 (and others). That is disappointing. People decides to buy smartphone as a necessity for use (life style) and will not test for its fall. Trust they are careful. Expect competition will go on, models and capabilities (OS, Apps, connectivity, etc.) to be upgraded within a short period of time. Prices varies, and a war on advertisement. We consumers love to see these.

  • sards

    the most reliable people OS is microsoft(but management is bad=deaf company).

    the most reliable management is apple, but OS is bad due to very proprietary ).

    android OS based on linux/unix is new. so=too much flaws to fix by the trying to be good people.

    so, if you want compatibility=go for slow windows(sluggish very big OS). if you want to hope bigs will hear you= go for android(no mission critical). if yours is mission critical and lots money throwing=go for apple(the fruit that curse the world ? what happens to HP41 used in the moon..).

    so many people are getting richer i think as iphone sales sky rockets, or we are so much blinded .

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.jewels.7 David Jewels

    regardless of the OS, user experience AND ALSO REGARDLESS OF THE TECH SPECS I will still get the iPhone 5 because the RESALE VALUE is still much higher than any of the other phones. PERIOD
    Besides all of this, NYPD crime stats show that crime (grand larcenies) are way up exclusively because of the iPhone, making it the most desirable ‘must-have’ phone.
    Now if you look at the post below mine by Robert Carroll you will see that what he says makes a lot of sense. The point he makes just cannot be ignored when it comes to choosing from the above three.
    I for one am heavily invested in iTunes and all my music, videos, apps….they are all there. I’m not about to start switching to another OS just because another phone comes along that’s ‘better’.

  • Tassadar


  • ronjon400

    android to apple here.

    i came from a droid razr maxx to iPhone it seemed to me that on android there was 5 different ways to do one thing, where now with apple its one way to do one thing. a little less confusing i will admit. better photos without question. better sounding music thru 30 pin to USB in my vehicle sounds like i installed a BOSE* stereo. please correct me if i am wrong. and when i upgrade to the new iPhone in the coming years iCloud has my back and will transfer everything 100%. Lookout for android works, but its touch and go on some things.

  • AnDroidUser

    I like walking by Apple users who are hanging out by the wall, charging their iPhone5’s, while I’m talking on my overclocked Android going on 14 hours with 61 percent battery left. =)