iPhone Dev Team Provides Details About Downgrading From iOS 6 to iOS 5.x

iOS 6 Jailbreak

iPhone Dev team has just published a post titled “Blob-o-riffic”, which provides details about downgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 5.x.x.

iPhone Dev team has warned that iPhone 4S, iPad 3 (and some iPad 2) users won’t be able to downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1 once Apple stops signing iOS 5.1.1 and will be stuck until a jailbreak for iOS 6 is released.

Dev team also noted that there are some serious deficiencies in the iOS 5.x.x restore process which are permanently exploitable in the iOS firmware file, which will allow users to re-restore their iOS device to iOS 5.x even after Apple stops signing the iOS 5.1.1 firmware. iPhone Dev team will be releasing a new version of Redsn0w that will include this new re-restore functionality.

The Dev team has listed down the scenarios for different iOS devices.

  1. A4 devices and 3GS will always be downgradable (and jailbreakable) due to limera1n.  The tethered iOS6 jailbreak for those devices (and untethered for old-bootrom 3GS) will be out when Cydia and other important pieces are all working properly
  2. iPad2 owners who have both 4.x blobs and 5.x blobs will always be able to downgrade to those versions, even once you come up to 6.0 and the 5.1.1 window closes (don’t do that yet though!).  You need both 4.x and 5.x blobs to qualify for the downgrade even if you only wish to downgrade to 5.x
  3. iPad3, i4S (and iPad2 owners who don’t satisfy #2) will always be able to RE-restore the current 5.x OS that’s already on their device.  So if you’re at 5.1.1 when the window closes (and you’ve saved your blobs), you’ll always be able to RE-restore to 5.1.1 again.  This makes the 5.1.1 jailbreak a lot less fragile — you don’t have to worry about messing up your install with funky extensions or getting into a boot loop, because you can always RE-restore from 5.1.1 to 5.1.1 again (or from 5.0.1 to 5.0.1 again, etc).  But once you fall off the 5.x train by restoring to 6.x, you’ll be stuck there until the next jailbreak.

It basically means that iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS users will able to downgrade if they have the SHSH blobs using Redsn0w. They will also release a new version of Redsn0w that allows them to jailbreak (tethered) iOS 6 once the issues with Cydia and modules like PreferenceLoader are fixed.

iPad 2 users will be able to downgrade to iOS 5.x only if they have both the iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x blobs.

iPad 3, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (who don’t have iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x blobs) users who do not upgrade to iOS 6 will be able to re-restore to the current iOS 5.x firmware that is installed on their device. The ability to re-restore will make it a little less stressful to stay on jailbroken iOS 5.x.

iPhone Dev team hasn’t provided any further updates on iOS 6 jailbreak, we’ll let you know if we have any further updates.

So without wasting any time take a backup of SHSH blobs before Apple stops signing iOS 5.1.1. You can follow this guide to save the SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella.

[via Dev team blog]

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  • k

    keep getting error ” cannot save shsh blobs as apple has stop signing for 5.1.1″. I’m on 5.1.1 4s please advise what to do

    • Zangpakto

      You used the new TinyUmbrella? I did my SHSH blobs yesterday… However they are stopping the signing process a lot quicker lately with releases…

      It’s only been like 2hrs or so since going live, I would be surprised if they are this quick with blobs now… If not there was a PC tool that was able to IIRC.. can’t remember the name however…

    • Xerra

      I think that you can use iFaith to save the 5.1.1 SHSH that you have on your iDevice (only if you still are in iOS 5.1.1 as you have said)

  • http://twitter.com/TarasObushak Taras Obushak

    Thanks God that I have iPhone 4

  • Angel

    Doesn’t the bloobs are automatically saved in cydia?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Yes, if you have jailbroken your device.

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      And launched the Cydia app, it should take a backup of the blobs

      • Angel

        Ok. Thanks for the clarification.

  • http://www.facebook.com/abozain4 Abo-Zain Zen

    you said :” IPhone Dev team has warned that iPhone 4S, iPad 3 (and some iPad 2) users won’t be able to downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1″
    and then you said:
    “iPad 3, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (who don’t have iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x blobs) users who do not upgrade to iOS 6 will be able to re-restore to the current iOS 5.x firmware that is installed on their device.”

    it doesn’t make any sense to me ?!!!
    what is the problem with Iphone 4s ,?! could we downgrade after or not ?!!!
    note: i didn’t upgrade till now

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      There is a difference between downgrading and re-restoring.

      The first sentence that you’ve quoted refers to downgrading. So you as an iPhone 4S user won’t be able to downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5.x even if you’ve SHSH blobs.

      The second sentence that you’ve quoted refers to re-restoring. For example: you install a jailbreak tweak and it messes things up and the only option you are left with is to restore your iPhone, with the new Redsn0w you will be able to re-restore it to the iOS 5.x that your device is on. Usually restoring your iPhone will update it to the latest iOS software update (iOS 6).

      Hope it clarifies.

      • Arrow3

        ok iPhoneHacks, so the second thing you mentioned happened to me.. that is exactly what happened to me. So, How can i re-restore?

        • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

          At this point there is no way to re-restore. You need to wait for iPhone Dev team to release a new version of Redsn0w that will allow you to re-restore assuming you have the SHSH blobs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000580369009 盧禹同

    can redsn0w 0.9.13dev4 jailbreak ios 6(not GM version)

  • mugabe

    Dev team will not find us the solution for unlocking this baseband in iphone 4,so what is the story of downgrading ,complete rubbish,

    • dze

      Stop being cheap and pay for ur unlock like applenberry or iphoneunlock…..

  • DIP

    I have iPhone 4S with GEVEY sim, I (stupidly) upgraded to IOS6 and do not have blobs, am I out of luck? What are options in the future? Thanks

    • lily

      same question as this..please reply..

      • Jeff Pangilinan

        same problem… please reply

        • Kendra Morris

          please please please reply

    • http://twitter.com/duy817 Duy Nguyen

      You’ll still be able to unlock it by buying the factory unlock on ebay. Just search for “iphone factory unlock” as keywords. Until the ios6 jailbreak comes out, you’ll only be able to use it as a factory unlocked phone.

    • Joakin Abadia

      Dip ur shsh blons are alwats saved in cydia sobif u used cydia while u were on 5.1.1 yes ur shsh blobs are still there i can help u do ur downgrade im not sure about the ipad 3 but in ny iohone 4 i used redsnow with a 5.1.1 ipws and resttored it with that it will give u a option to fetch ur shsh blobs from the ones u have saved on ur pc or the ones stored in cydia

    • Sasan S

      you can buy r-sim 5 !

  • http://www.facebook.com/davaadalaid Davaadalai Darjaa

    How to downgrading Iphone 3gs A3. IOS6 to IOS 5.* Please help me

  • EGY

    Be not the first by which the new is tried…nor yet the last to leave the old beside!

  • John

    I have a 4s on 5.0.1, shsh blobs only saved for 5.1.1.,.is there any way for me to upgrade to 5.1.1 now that apple stopped signing 5.1.1….if so please explain how. Thanks

    • Tim

      same question. is it possible to update from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 on my iphone 4s and jailbreak?

      • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

        No, its not possible to update iPhone 4S from iOS 5.1 to iOS 5.1 as Apple has stopped signing iOS 5.1.1.

        • Tim

          even if i have saved shsh for 5.1.1 on cydia?

          • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks


          • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

            The only thing possible is to be able re-restore your iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1 when Dev team releases the new version of Redsn0w with re-restore functionality.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nauman.superb Nauman Shafique

    i have upgraded to ios 6 on ipod 4, i have all blobs for previous version like 5.x.x and 4.x but still i am not able to downgrade to ios 5.1.1 please help

    • http://www.facebook.com/nauman.superb Nauman Shafique

      finally after so many tries, downgraded to ios 5.1.1 :)

      • Reptor_93

        How did you do it? :o Been trying for a day, no success…

  • cj

    how to downgrade ipod 4g

    • http://www.facebook.com/nauman.superb Nauman Shafique

      stitch you ios 5.1.1 shsh file with ios 5.1.1 restore software. and edit your host file to redirect it to cydia server. put in pwned dfu mode and try restoring

  • http://www.facebook.com/shahzeb.vakani Shahzeb Vakani

    im having iphone 4s can and i have update my iphone to ios6 version.. can i do downgrade my iphone 4s to ios 5.1.1 ???

  • aK

    I have a jailbroken iphone 4 on 4.2.1 lol for past 20month. How can I update to 5.1.1? i have shsh blob saves for 4x and 5x.

  • Harman

    i have iphone 4s nd i have updated it to ios 6…cn i downgrade it to ios 5.1.1 by ny possible way???
    rply asap!!!!

  • Harman

    i have iphone 4s nd i have updated it to ios 6…cn i downgrade it to ios 5.1.1 by ny possible way???
    rply asap!!!! plzzzz!!!!!!

  • Tom

    I’m on 5.0 can I still upgrade to 5.1.1?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      No you can’t as Apple has stopped signing it.

      But if you’ve SHSH blobs for iOS 5.1.1 then you may be able to upgrade to iOS 6 and then downgrade to iOS 5.1.1.

    • Tom

      Can I still do this with the iPhone 4s?

      • Tom

        I have the iPhone 4s on 5.0 with 5.1.1 blobs saved in tiny umbrella & cydia. I want to upgrade to 5.1.1. Cest possible?

  • Jacob132

    Ok with this new red now that be out soon I hope we won’t need blobs one because I got spam in to mc3 hack and bricked ipad 2 before I could save my blobs for 5.11 so all I want is a restore were I don’t need blobs

    • Lucactus

      It’s impossible to brick an iPad 2, have you tried putting it in DFU mode then restoring then downgrading using the blobs for iPS 5.x.x

      • Lucactus

        Sorry autocorrect iOS 5.x.x

  • Jacob132

    So if u guys can do that u be the best hackers I know

  • stepenlu07

    hi. please help i accidentally push the reset all setting option on my ipad 2 while jailbroken on 5.1.1 and now im stuck on reboot loop, i try to restore it using redsnow but it say couldn’t restore i have my shsh blobs but it doesnt work… please im begging you please help.

  • Stepenlu07

    I only have 4.3.5 and 5.1.1 blobs will i be able to downgrade to 5.1.1 because im stuck on ios6.

  • http://www.facebook.com/omakismdei Omakis M. Dei

    i had my ipad3 running on ios5.1.1 jailbroken. accidentally, i upgraded to ios6.
    1. is it possible to downgrade or restore my ipad3 to ios5.1.1?
    2. if yes, do i need to do the downgrading/restoring in the the PC i used in jailbraeking it?
    3. i tried downgrading/restoring it with other PC’s but error 3149 always comes up. i tried the solutions in the internet for this error but they dont work, at least for me. what solution can i do for this?
    4. if i can downgrade/restore to ios5.1.1, is there any proven jailbreak method i can use? i have seen jailbreaks in youtube but im a little skeptic about it because they say its still on a beta version or something.
    i hope someone can answer me.

  • Joseph

    What do I have to do to jailbreak my ipad 2 running on iso 6.0?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Currently there is no way to jailbreak iPad 2 running iOS 6

  • Bob Cross

    what is the path to cydia please

  • rosalinda

    i upgraded to io6 for my new ipad but i didnt save blobs coz its no jailbreak.. how can i downgrade to 5.1.1

  • Jon Mark

    My iPad 2 came with iOS 5.1.1 on it, and has been updated to iOS 6.0. I guess that I’m just out of luck, then?

  • http://www.facebook.com/madi.sahab Madi Sahab

    I have iphone 4 on ios 4.3.3 and saved shsh blobs for all versions from 4.3.3 to 5.1.1. I want to update to 5.1.1 not 6 but I realize that apple stopped signing it now however what if I update my iphone to ios 6 with baseband preservation and then downgrade to ios 5.1.1 with saved blobs by the redsnow stitching process?….Please answer if its possible??

  • Ahmada01

    I have ipad2 updated to ios 6.0.1 i have SHSH blobs of all 5.x firmware but not the 4.x ! is there any way i can downgrade to ios 5.x withoud the 4.x blobs even if i have the 5.x blobs ? Thanks in Advance

  • Grant050505

    I was given a brand new 3GS after a repair and was pre-installed with ios 6 I jailbroke it and noticed that cydia gave shsh blob for ios 4.3 as well as 6 so basically was wondering if cydia gives you a ios 4 blob without being jailbroken to that ios ? As I have I pad 2 that was on 5.11 jailbreak but because the settings app and iTunes AppStore would open then close I restored it in iTunes and it was automatically updated to ios 6 so was also wondering does the same thing apply with cydia that it gives you a ios 4 blob without being jailbroken to that ios ? As then can downgrade my ipad