Apple’s Executives Talk About iPhone 5, Its New Design And Features

As with every new Apple product release, the company has released a video of its executives talking about the iPhone 5’s new design and its features.

The video shows Jonny Ive, Bob Mansfield, and Scott Forstall talking about the iPhone 5, specifically about their areas of expertise, namely industrial design, hardware and software.

The video starts with Jonny Ive explaining why Apple didn’t choose to go for a complete redesign of the iPhone 5 and instead iterated on the iPhone 4’s industrial design.

Bob Mansfield then takes over, talking about the efforts that went into making the iPhone 5 so thin (7.6mm), explaining their choice of have a single chip for both LTE and voice and, of course, talking about Apple’s new A6 chip.

Scott Forstall follows, talking about iOS 6 features including the new Maps app, Facebook integration, FaceTime over cellular, and Siri.


Jonny Ive also gives us a peek into the manufacturing precision of the iPhone 5:

During manufacturing, each iPhone 5 aluminum housing is photographed by two high-powered 29MP cameras. A machine then examines the images and compares them against 725 unique inlays to find the most precise match for every single iPhone.

Here’s the video:

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