Rumor: Apple to Launch New iMacs Soon

As Apple’s focus shifted to mobile in the past few years, its desktop line of products have been sidelined, receiving no update for as much as 685 days.

According to Clayton Morris of, Apple would be refreshing the iMac desktop lineup with technologies that have sprung up in the past 493 days that the iMac hasn’t been updated.

From Morris’ report:

A few things we can count on in the new iMacs are new Ivy Bridge processors, improved graphics chips, USB 3.0, and expanded SSD capacities. Also look for a new slimmer design with Apple finally removing the optical drive from the side.

Retina iMacs still remain uncertain, with Instapaper developer Marco Arment writing that it would take Apple more than just one update to add high pixel density displays to iMacs.


Morris doesn’t give out a specific timeframe for the update, but he did indicate that the announcement could be made either at Apple’s rumored October iPad mini event, or even just on Apple’s website.

MacRumors notes that Morris’ track record on Apple rumors is mixed. He correctly predicted Apple’s education focused event in New York earlier this year, but delivered incorrect reports regarding iOS 4 being introduced alongside the original iPad.

Have you been waiting to upgrade your iMac?

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