Apple Unveils 5th Gen iPod touch With 4″ Screen, Taller Design And A5 Chip

At the iPhone media event this morning, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s VP of marketing, unveiled the latest line of iPods, featuring a whole new 4 inch iPod touch and a redesigned iPod nano.

The fifth gen iPod touch borrows a number of features from the newly announced iPhone 5, namely a 4 inch 1136×640 pixels display, a taller design, thinner form factor and improved battery life.

Here’s a list of new features and improvements:

Taller 4-inch display

The device features a 4 inch 1136×640 pixels Retina display, just like the iPhone 5. The display is powered by the same in-cell technology as the iPhone 5, which binds the touch sensing and the display layers together.

The homescreen now shows 5 rows of icons as opposed to the earlier 4 rows. The 16:9 aspect ratio means that app developers would have to tailor their apps for the taller display, unless they want their apps to run in a letterboxed mode.


Improved physical design

At just 6.1mm the iPod touch is one of the slimmest devices we’ve ever seen. The device weighs 88 grams and has an anodised aluminium body with a brushed finish. For the first time ever, the iPod touch is available in a variety of colours.


A5 Chip

The iPod touch has of late been a generation behind the iPhone when it comes to the CPU, and this year is no exception. While the iPhone 5 is powered by an all new A6 chip, the iPod touch 5G, under the hood, runs on Apple’s relatively older dual core A5 chip. It’s still an upgrade over the earlier generation of iPods though, enabling 2x CPU speed and 7x graphics.


The battery inside the 5th gen iPod touch can power 40 hours of music or 8 hours of video, which is slightly better than the previous generation.

iSight Camera

The iPod touch features an all new 5MP iSight rear camera, which has backside illumination, a 5-element lens and a Sapphire crystal lens cover. The iSight camera supports 1080p HD recording, along with video image stabilisation and face detection.

Even the front camera has been upgraded. Apple calls this the “FaceTime HD” camera, which supports a 720p resolution, backside illumination and face detection. Along with hardware upgrades, iOS 6 also enables a new Panorama mode, letting you shoot 360 degree views of your surrounding by simply swiping the device across horizontally or vertically.



Apple also announced that Siri would be a part of the fifth gen iPod touch, packing in all the improvements it received in the past few months.



The iPod touch 5G would be priced at $299 for the 32GB version and $399 for the 64GB version. It will be available in five colors, with pre-orders starting September 14th.

Apple would also keep the older 4th gen iPod touch around, retaining its $199, $249 pricing for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively.


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  • Alin Voicu

    This place really is a good news source. Thanks dudes :)

  • Apple Sucks

    I didn’t like the iPhone 5, in my opinion, Apple Fails…

    • Jack Minor

      then why are you on this site?

    • Jack Minor

      You obviously aren’t turned on by apple. Why not turn me on?

  • Mitch McCrimmon

    What? No 3G?.?!!

    • Avery

      A 3G iPod is called an iPhone. The whole point of an iPod is to have an iPhone without paying more for that $150 chip/antenna. The iPhone is expensive, because the parts that make it 3G is expensive.

      • Mitch McCrimmon

        I disagree, you can get an iPad with 3G which also isn’t an iPhone. I want a portable internet device that I can use to access the internet anywhere, not just where there is wifi. As it is, you need to buy a separate MIFI device that can connect via 3G if you want to use an iPod everywhere. This is really primitive.

        • Bob Clark

          Then get an iPhone….duh

          • Mitch McCrimmon

            I’ve got an iphone 4s now but don’t use it enough to justify the cost, not as a phone, anyway, mainly for email when I am away from home. I make mainly long distance calls on it and I use the magicjack app for that which I could use on an ipod if it had 3G. I may have to get a mini-ipad when they come out if they have 3G but I would have preferred something a little more portable. Actually, what I might be able to do, once my iphone 4s is paid off, is perhaps just get a pay-as-you-go data sim card and not have a cellphone contract!

        • Zangpakto

          Incorrect… Obviously you missed the revolution in phone software that allows you to wifi tether your 3g connections…

          What have 2 sims with 2 contracts paying for 2 services, when you can pay for one and not worry about anything? In fact it is also cheaper… So what is wrong? If you can afford the new devices, then it stands to reason you either have an iPhone or an Android device, which in turn means you can tether the connections… I’ve never understood the 3g iPads much, if I can share data points, why must I buy a much more expensive device to do something the cheaper one can do already…

  • woe

    Way to dissapoint apple…300$? Ya ill just get a nexus 7 tablet.

  • I like turtles.-.

    What about the price for 16 GB for ipod5?

    • Jesse

      there is no 16GB iPod, unfortunately.

      • brice

        it shows it on the last pic! there is a 16 and 32 gb!

        • Jesse

          that’s for the 4th gen that they’re selling at a reduced price now

    • jayan103

      500 dollars-jayan103

  • Sib Hawm

    what is the price for an ipod touch 5g 8GB?

    • iPhoneHacks

      There is no 8GB iPod Touch.

    • Partyrocker

      no such thing only 32 and 64 gb’s

  • yo


  • Aditya

    What will be iPod touch’s 5g model price in INDIA(32GB version) ??

  • vulpecula

    Still didn’t increase storage capacity. No good reason. *yawn*. Call me when they do.

    • Zangpakto

      For what exactly?

      64gb is more than enough… I’ve got 16.5 days worth of music stored on mine…and have just under 6k songs on the device!

      Movies? Umm mp4 and 3rd party players or different encoding as honestly on that size screen most size videos are going to look HD. I reckon for HD quality? Maybe fit 50 movies or so maybe 60 on the device? Again, more than enough… App wise? Not a whole lot of people can use 10gb worth of just apps… In fact I’m willing to bet unless you use movies that you do not watch or music you do not listen to ever, you will find it extremely hard to fill up a 64gb device…

  • Ayo4

    Why don’t they have it in a more affordable 8 or 16 GB. I don’t want to spend 300 dollars for an iPod.

  • DH™

    That’s my upgrade there..

  • yoyoyo

    the ipod touch 5g was an amazing idea.i really like the new loop!

  • paul

    are you sure that IPOD TOUCH 5th gen are $299…WHEN THAT PRICE

  • tania larios

    i like this ipod

  • deep sangha

    i love this this iPod i am going to get it when it comes out

  • jayan sanchez103

    i love it… i mean i need this thing quik!!!XD

  • june chan

    我喜欢苹果ipod touch系列!

  • Aishita Moh

    How Much?

  • brie

    This bites….. i just bought an otterbox for my ipod 4…… it wont fit the ipod 5 will it??

  • Fed Up

    -.- I have a 4rth gen iPod that I got in November and one- I was made to pay 299$ for it and two- the home button has already stopped working… F*ck Apple.

  • vgvgvhgbv hj

    boring dum stupid prices

  • khyla

    im in love after i read this whole thing i beged and pleaded for my dad to by me the 5th generation waited a hour and he told me yes i went to target and i got a black one with a turqoise back its hella raw i love my dad #mixed #kid #luky #black&white #

  • Ali

    why dont make cheap iphone like this