New Samsung Galaxy S III Ad Mocks Apple Fans Waiting in Line For iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S III

As expected, Samsung released a new Samsung Galaxy S III ad poking fun at iPhone 5.

In the new ad, Samsung claims that the “The next big thing is already here” and mocks Apple fans lining up outside an Apple store-like location for the new iPhone 5.

Here’re some quotes from the ad made by Apple fans about the new iPhone:

“They’re saying that this phone is going to be like a precious jewel”

“The headphone jack is going to be … on the bottom”

“I’ve heard that the connector is all digital. What does that even mean? Who knows”

“All I’m saying is that they should have a priority line for people who have waited five times”.

“Heard you’ve to use an adapter to use the dock on the new one.”

“Yeah, yeah, but they make one of the coolest adapters.”

“This year, we’re finally getting everything we didn’t get last year, the big screen, true 4G”

The ad then focuses on Samsung Galaxy S III’s features that iPhone doesn’t have, such as the ability to send a playlist wirelessly using the S Beam feature by touching phones, a bigger screen, ability to share videos instantly,  watch a video while sending an email.

The ad ends with the now-familiar “The next big thing is already here” tag line.

What do you think about the new Samsung Galaxy S III ad? Do you think Samsung’s approach of mocking Apple fans work? Please share your views in the comments section below.

Thanks everyone for the tip!

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  • Jorg3

    All i know is that my Iphone 5 is coming

  • ierr0r

    Jajajaja poor samsung

    Android still needs years to become stable

  • Yuse

    Wow gs3 it’s bin in the market so long it belongs in the bin I’ve tried samsungs it is absolutely awful how jealous are they I bet you all the actors have an iPhone Samsung paid them a sh*t load of money to appear on the ad

    • Jorg

      you’ve been watching too much Entourage

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    They make fun, but I’ve never seen ANYBODY line up for ANY Samsung device… Ever!!!

    • Que

      Lol. That’s because we’re not that stupid to stand in line.

      • moe22

        LOL never go to the grocery store ever again. Your mom is probably retarded by the looks of it since she probably waits in a line for her turn at the cashier. LOL ^ android users what will we do with them.

        • Que Swanson

          lol. funny thing is, the people waiting in line aren’t in the store, so technically, there’s no cash register. atleast my mom is checking out 9 hours faster than them :-)

    • GuanGadget

      How can you defend queuing 9 hrs for a phone? Only idiots do that and make the rest of us iPhone owners look like fanatics! Mine is on a 2 week pre-order because I was too lazy to order on the first day! If I really wanted it on the 1st day, I would have ordered it sooner or go to one of the many high street stores that will be receiving it on the 1st day and placed a pre-order with them! Either way I would not have to spend hours in a line!

  • Styr

    Who cares….

  • James

    they did the exact same ad last year. common samsung try to be little more original; i mean you’re already copying iphone UI -_-

    • GuanGadget

      “they did the exact same phone last year. common Apple try to be little more original; i mean you’re already copying Samsung features -_-“

      • moe22

        LOL everyone ignore this person ^ he most likely doesn’t want me people to read his post, because it is apparent he is a retard. Google the lawsuit you uneducated fool.

        • GuanGadget

          The point of my comment was not to say James is wrong, but that the same criticism can be applied to both parties. Guess it was too subtle for your ignorant ass. If you’d bothered to read any of the other comments I’ve made, you may have noticed, I’m a fan and critical of both companies.
          Also, why would I post a comment if I didn’t want anyone to read it?

          As far as the court case is concerned, it’s evident that you share the same technical skill set as the jurors. Clearly, using Google is beyond your abilities so I’ll keep it simple and do the work for you!

        • GuanGadget

          @ the Mods! Why has my reply to this numpty been deleted?

  • iphone 5

    this shows how Samsung so JEALOUS with apple fans.

    • joe

      Yes – Samsung is jealous that Apple has a bunch of sheep for customers who will rave over absolutely anything new as being something great.

      • CutItOut

        Why are you even on this site? Must be iPhone envy

        • steve jobs

          If he had iphone envy why wouldnt he just go buy one for the same price as the sgs3? U just prove what he says is correct when u get all deffensive and blurt out insults rather then make a meaningfull statement to disreguard his comment.

  • stanley

    I feel like the iPhone is equal to the SIII. In some ways it’s past it due to benchmark scores. The iPhone has shared photo stream which is easily the same thing. Digital dock connector is going to make the future dock connecters more versatile I can go on and on about this but I know you guys can catch my drift. I should make my own commercial with Samsung losers showing off there SIII and I could show them where the iPhone does better!

  • jay

    Oh Apple fanboys lol… you defend your “magical” iPhone as if its your first born child lol. Diversity is great, choice is always a benefit to all of us, the consumer.

    • CutItOut

      Diversity is not great, it leads to crappy products and service that we all hate in today’s market. I’m not buying an SG3 and hoping it works for 2 years. How quickly we all forget that Apple started the SmartPhone revolution. Everyone else is just copying.

      • but didn’t invent

        they might have started it will great MARKETING… but they didn’t invent the smartphone. people had them for years before the iphone came out…. Palm, Google Sooner,
        Symbian phones, Nokia 9210, Windows CE Pocket PC OS phones, BlackBerry , Audiovox PPC4100, Hitachi G1000, HP iPaq Pocket PC h6315 (most coming out 2004 or sooner.) and my favorite

        Samsung SPH-i700 (2003)

        This handheld/phone combo device features Microsoft’s Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition OS. Key features include a large color touch-screen, integrated swiveling camera, and speakerphone. Additional features include voice memo,voice dialing, gps, SD slot and infrared.

        So yes Apple made them popular with the average person but they have been around for years before the iphone came out.

        The first few iphones were great but they haven’t done anything revolutionary in awhile. I really wish they would, but they haven’t

        • CutItOut

          I appreciate your reply. I would argue though that the blackberry and others like it were not considered ‘smart phones.” They were cool when they first came out, agreed.

          • how so?

            how is a phone running windows and having a touch screen not a smart phone? It could play videos, had email client, texts, built in cameras, play mp3s, go on the internet… some even were touch screens.

            Not sure if all of them had apps but the iphone didn’t have apps for over a year… unless like me you jail broke your phone.

            There were smartphone and there was for sure tablets before 2007. Even more so on the tablet side. I had a tablet that looks a lot like the ipad way back in 2004 running full windows xp.

          • how so?

            How would a phone running Windows with a touch screen not be a smart phone? These phones played video and mp3s, had email clients, web browsers, cameras, text messages, note makers, calendars and some had touch screens… all before 2004… there are even better ones the closer you get to 2007 that added things like larger HD, video chat and MMS which the first iphone didn’t even have for like 2 years… Some even had app stores… mostly crappy games but they had them… Apple didn’t even have that for the first year unless you did like i did and JB your phone.

            So again apple made them popular but in to way invented anything besides iOS which was the simple OS needed at the time to get the average person to buy a smart phone. They took everything out there and put it in a nice package that people went out and bought. It was a great phone that i bought but feature wise my Sony w810 did more… but didnt look nearly as nice…

            So smartphones arent new and tablets aren’t either… even more so with tablets… check out my old tablet from 2004…

            it ran full version of windows xp.

      • Yourmomhasnicetits

        Yeah apple might have started the “revolution”, but Samsung has perfected it ;)

  • worm

    Bunch of losers waiting in line. HAHa What an idiot

  • don’t be mad

    Switched to a SGS3 a few days ago from an iPhone 4, so far I’m thinking it was a pretty good decision. If you want to be cool and have what everyone else has then get the iPhone 5. If you want to look like you have more than half a brain and don’t buy things solely based on popularity and want something better, go with the SGS3 ;)

    • Eugene Sytnik

      You meet with two girls, one has iPhone 5 and another has Lumia 920, you take out your SGS III, take a great picture and … whoosh! nothing happens and SGS III’s photo sharing is rendered useless. Sammy need tons of Sammy lemmings to make SGS III features any useful. Besides there IS photo sharing in iOS 6

      • wrong

        Not really it will work with pretty much any android phone with NFC… which all current android phones have now. You can also share with iphone the same way iphones share to other iphones.

    • rich

      you item SGS3 well its not original at all actually people are forgetting about the injunction that apple is filing good chance that phone will be banned why because they copied lots of stuff and guess what they lost in court and it wasn’t a little bit of money twas over a billion dollars!!!!! Samsung is a joke at best except the good refrigerators nice fridges

    • moe22

      LOL how dumb can you possibly be? Steve jobs created the iphone im sure he owned one. and he is a lot more rich than you or you ever will be in your whole lifetime. The person defines the intellect not their device. your obviously dumb or poor cuz you switch from iphone to samsung. for some fools like yourself phones are based on appearance and tv ads.

    • Regina Allen

      That is a ridiculous comment. Saying the iPhone 5 to be cool and like everyone else is a joke…..the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4 are ALL GREAT phones by any standards…..comparable at least to ANY android phone to come……multitasking on the iPhone always has been better…..whether you reboot, respring, when you reopen most apps especially preloaded apps you are exactly where you left off…..i.e. Contacts, Settings, Facebook, Music, Pandora, games……etc. if your have ever used an iPhone for any period of time you know. the camera is amazing.

  • ong

    just cant wait for the launch in Singapore tomorrow 8am

  • Brainless

    Why would I want the exact same playlist as my friends, and it’s just a list so if I don’t have those songs it’s useless anyway. And there are already several ways to share photos, but you don’t see everything else involved in setting it up. Doesn’t seem very secure to me.

  • jay

    yes sg3 is better when stock with jailbreak apple kills all phones..

    • GuanGadget

      I have both an SG3 and a jailbroken 4S (for the Mrs) for which I have already agreed a sale price once her iPhone 5 arrives.
      The SG3 running a custom Jelly Bean rom easily beats the jail broken iOS 5.1.1 4S! Though this may change with a untethered Jailbroken iP5 runnig iOS 6.

      This rivalry is actually good for us consumers! Without pressure from Samsung, Apple wouldn’t give us half of what they do now.

  • Brian

    Doesn’t matter what brand it is, you like what you like no matter what brand it is

  • nightedge

    Omg. WHY ARE YOU ALL STILL SUPPORTING THIS COMPANY? Sorry for the caps, but this is something to be said if never said now.

    Apple has been making poor choices. You’re are paying way too much for hardware that is in fact cheap. The software keeps sucking every time. Not to mention in the US we are stuck with messed up corporate practices such carriers like AT&T, and other Top Carriers. Which legally manipulate the word “Unlimited” on their agreement THAT MOST PEOPLE agree to anyways, and allow them to get tricked to pay these high price services and termination fees.

    I Hope you all know this, and not just ignore this problem. Or, remove, or such. I’m just ashamed how everyone is getting tricked… again…

  • Edwin Alcaraz

    Android fans are just mad because nobody takes them seriously. When Samsung has to keep putting out these ads and fandroids keep popping up on iPhonehacks.. you know Apple is winning.. especially when preorders have nearly doubled since last time. Samsung = Hyundai, Apple = Cadillac. Your Hyundai might get better gas mileage than my Cadillac, but it’s still a Hyundai.. lol.

  • Student

    Really? I can’t believe why people would line up for so many hours to get a new phone. lol, I say, get a life, seriously. It doesn’t make you a better person just because you have an iphone 5. Funny commercial. Very true, people should really be educated about phones especially about the features and specs and not just because it looks nice. iphone 5 is like a racing car without a racing engine. My next phone Galaxy S3 – perfectly fits my hands because my fingers are big and I hate my iphone4s screen size. waiting for my s3 to arrive.

    FYI: I own both iphone4s and android phones.

  • matt

    I love my gs 3 and wouldnt trade it for any or all apple products

  • Eric

    I love my s3. It rocks. I don’t see a reason to wait in line when the samsung is slightly superior but you don’t have to wait in no stinkin line