Here’s Why Apple Ditched Google Maps

Google Maps

We continue to receive information about the discussions between Apple and Google that ultimately resulted in Apple ditching the Google powered Maps app and launching its in-house developed Maps app, even though there was over a year to go for Google Maps contract.

AllThingsD reports that “according to multiple sources familiar with Apple’s thinking”, one of the key reasons Apple decided to launch its own Map app was disagreement over the voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation feature in Google powered Maps app.

AllThingsD reports:

multiple sources familiar with Apple’s thinking say the company felt it had no choice but to replace Google Maps with its own, because of a disagreement over a key feature: Voice-guided turn-by-turn driving directions.

Spoken turn-by-turn navigation has been a free service offered through Google’s Android mobile OS for a few years now. But it was never part of the deal that brought Google’s Maps to iOS. And sources say Apple very much wanted it to be. Requiring iPhone users to look directly at handsets for directions and manually move through each step — while Android users enjoyed native voice-guided instructions — put Apple at a clear disadvantage in the mobile space. And having chosen Google as its original mapping partner, the iPhone maker was now in a position where an archrival was calling the shots on functionality important to the iOS maps feature set.

Apple apparently pushed Google to provide the data needed to bring voice-guided turn-by-turn application to iOS, but Google was willing to provide the data only if it got greater control over the mapping experience. The search giant asked for in-app branding and suggested adding Google Latitude, but Apple declined these requests as it likes to keep very tight control over its products.

The report also confirms that Google is working on a standalone native Maps app for iOS app, which may take  “another couple months or so” to be released.

[via AllThingsD]

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  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    This is sooooo not a surprise.

    The maps app will come along just fine. I bet it progresses to near-Google quality within 6 months as long as iUsers continue to find and report the errors.

    Apple doesn’t make many mistakes, and when they do, they ALWAYS fix them.

    • Stupidlawsuithater

      Really? I hope you’re right. But sorry, I don’t think so. Google took years and years to develop their maps. As for apple, lol. The map view might advance in terms of correction but as for the sat view, probably not. Because google took pictures of the actual place. So, overall, it will take years for Apple to get a really good map database and I don’t think tomtom have all the pictures yet. It’s stupid as is it is that apple is relying on its customers to report errors.

      Wait, I forgot, apple will patent the mapping system and will sue google. hahahhaa.

      • Bryan Chang

        Think you missed the point where google maps still has plenty of mistakes, plenty of things it can’t find. It took google years, but apple has the power and the money to drive this forward. They won’t commit mobile device suicide, they have a plan. Give it some time. They really should’ve left the mapping alone and added their own map for navigation and milked it for another year. As for Google: This is YOUR loss. Millions of devices just stopped using your maps… That’s HUGE revune loss. This is just as much fault of google as it is apples.

        • Steve Nguyen

          I’m glad they replaced google if it means we now have turn by turn. It’s been working great for me.

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        You’re right, Google did take years to REFINE their Maps. However, it didn’t take all that long to get them to “good”. They have been refining and adding features and street-view locations for years, but the general basic mapping info didn’t take all that long. Plus, much like G+ followed Facebook’s roadmap, so will Apple follow Googles. They’ll not make the mistakes Google made, and they know what is most important and what can wait and be implemented at a later time.

  • STFU Fanboy

    Apple dropped the ball. The device isn’t special. It’s a taller 4S. That isn’t innovation. Its just awkward form factor. The maps app is a flop. a BIG flop.

    • you are an idiot

      It isn’t special? …How is the Galaxy S3 special compared to the S2? You can’t expect a brand new never before seen device every single year. No company is capable of doing that, hence the new upgraded versions of all the biggest phones out there. If the 5 is a taller 4S, then why is it not also a taller iPhone 1? You people complaining about the lack of innovation in the 5 are looking at the aesthetics and nothing else. It is the thinnest and lightest phone on the market, with the most improved upon OS. Who cares if the screen is 4 inches instead of 6? I don’t want to be carrying around a damn tablet in my pocket, I want a phone.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson


      CONFIRMED: Fastest Smartphone on the PLANET

      CONFIRMED: Best (largest does not mean best) display available on ANY device (including monitors and TV’s) except the new iPad.

      Get real, man. Go swing on Samsung’s nuts somewhere else.

      • colin

        i have nothing against the iphone 5 or samsung, im personally still debating which phone to upgrade to. what i would like to know is where are you getting your so called “confirmed” information from? cause last i read the iphone 5 isnt the fastest smartphone on the planet, though it is like 4th or 5th currently. yes iphonehacks did release an article showing the iphone 5 beating the gs3 with geekbench, but if you look around, the benchmark they show the gs3 having gotten is significantly lower than it recieved on other geekbench tests, while the iphone 5’s is the same. as for the best display, thats debatable. as for the display, while the retina display on the iphone 5 is nice, it wasnt improved from the 4s display, just made half an inch larger and the super amoled hd screen is just as nice, basically leaving down to personal opinion. please actually do some reading next time before you start a fanboy rant.

        • Jeremy Taco Patterson

          LOL, get real man. I don’t MAKE unverifiable “fanboy” rants.

          Just go to (a COMPLETELY independent and unbiased site), click “Smartphones” and click “iPhone 5 performance review”.

          And as far as display/resolution, pixels-per-inch is pixels-per-inch. However, another INDEPENDENT site ( I THINK) also declared the iPhone 5’s display (with BETTER color saturation that the 4S which you claim it is the “same” as) the BEST display available today.

          Now, YOU go find some independent, unbiased, impartial resources to quote, or you have no grounds to call me a fanboy.

          • Zangpakto

            No, they wouldn’t find anything because the droid boys are getting on the defensive trying to defend samsucks to the death as they always will.

            I can use Android as an actual android OS on iPhone 2G, which Android device runs iOS fine if I may ask? As cannot remember any in my research into duel booting the systems, however iPhone can.

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson

            Of COURSE they won’t find anything. Facts is facts, and there aren’t any claiming for Android what I have claimed, and provided independent, neutral testing-based sites as PROOF.

  • true

    “STFU Fanboy”: stfu idiot.

  • K!llerCheeze

    I don’t know how to submit a news article to you so I made a post on your forums… There’s a big issue with the Lightning cables getting locked into USB ports and many have destroyed their cables trying to get the out. There is a technique to it if it happens. I posted under the name K!llerCheeze. If you have any apple product that has a lightning connection then you should definitely check if out. Could be an antennagate brewing here.

  • AT&T Rapes Me

    I use maps all day 5 days a week, still no problems. It does take a little getting use to, but it works and it gets me to the address I need. And Samsung sux d*ck, stop talking sh*t ur phone is garbage

  • MuscleMass

    As an apple fanboy, I don’t need detailed maps. I just blindly follow other fanboys. Apple is our pied-piper.

  • Ross Rosen

    I love the appel map when it is accurate.

  • iPhoneDroid

    I highly doubt Jobs would have released the iPhone 5 with “Maps”. It’s clearly a product that diverges significantly with Apple’s norm of releasing highly polished products.

    Having said that, I’m fortunate enough to live near Apple headquarters and, not surprisingly, “Maps” works fine for me.