Siri Co-Founder Adam Cheyer Left Apple in June


Last year, Siri co-founder Dag Kittlaus left Apple just after iPhone 4S launch, which features the intelligent personal assistant feature.

As Apple gears up to launch the next generation iPhone in the next few hours, AllThingsD briefly reports that another Siri co-founder Adam Cheyer has left Apple.

According to AllThingsD, Cheyer left the company in June:

Another former Siri executive has left Apple. Adam Cheyer, who co-founded the voice recognition software company prior to its acquisition by Apple in 2008, has left the iPhone maker. Sources in position to know tell AllThingsD that Cheyer resigned back in June to pursue other projects. Cheyer is the second Siri executive to leave Apple in the past year, following CEO Dag Kittlaus, who left in October of 2011.

Apple had acquired Siri back in April 2010. Siri had initially launched an app in the App Store, which was removed after the launch of iPhone 4S.

Apple has announced a number of new features and improvements for Siri in iOS 6, which is expected to be released later this month.

[via AllThingsD]

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