Steve Wozniak Loving The iPhone 5, But Little Disappointed With iOS 6 Maps App

Steve Wozniak – Apple’s co-founder has revealed that he is ‘a little disappointed’ with iOS 6 Maps app, but feels that the severity of the flaws may have been exaggerated.

Apple has been heavily criticized for replacing the Maps app that used Google’s data with its own in-house developed Maps app.

Steve Wozniak, Chief scientist at IT storage company Fusion-io, speaking at a company event in Sydney, said that he is loving his iPhone 5, but was little disappointed with Apple’s Maps app. Here’s what he had to say:

“I tried to navigate somewhere, and I couldn’t get to where I wanted to by voice. So, I was a little disappointed, because I love navigation by voice with my Google [Android] phones, actually, since they always get it and are based on a better database. [..]

[..] I have been reading about the problems, and I don’t know if they are that severe. [..]

[..] Sometimes, there are a lot of complaints about one little thing people spot, but it’s not that hard to deal with in life. I don’t know yet about Maps — I’m a little worried about the navigation, but I’ve still got it covered with a bunch of other navigation apps.”

Apple has responded to the criticism over lack of features and glaring mistakes in the iOS 6 Maps app and has said that it is working hard to improve it.

Reports also claim that the team assigned to the Maps app is under lockdown right now working to fix it.

What about you? Are you also disappointed with the iOS 6 Maps app?

[via ZDNet]

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  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    Good to see the Woz is trying to remain in some way relevant to Apple.

    I HATE the black-eye Apple has gotten over the Maps app. I TRULY believe that Apple and its community of loyal fans will get all the errors reported and straightened out in very timely fashion.

    I’m more than happy with the speed, feel, and overall experience of my 5. I am handling it carefully though, until there are some ultra-thin cases available for it.

  • katsuboi

    I checked one out at an AT&T store, other than a longer screen, a bit lighter, the smaller dock, and a few iOS goodies, it was boring.

    I’m a long time iphone owner, but am I the only one who is a bit jaded with the incremental behind-the-times upgrades that Apple rolls out?

    The first one was revolutionary in every way, but now that the market has caught up and in many areas has surpassed iPhone in other features, it’s lost the magic. I really wouldn’t even wait in line half an hour for the iPhone 5.

    • Dave Paterson

      If you were a long time iPhone owner you would have noticed the major performance upgrade on everything and I wouldn’t call that boring. But each to their own.

      • Ducker

        Yup, I went from the 4 to the 5 and this thing screams!
        It’s the fastest phone on the market with UNarguably the best multi-touch display and a rock-solid OS and the best apps. I personally am looking forward to jailbreaking again, but even without all the customizations, I would not trade it…even for the Galaxy s3.

        • Jeremy Taco Patterson

          AnandTech has verified the iPhone 5 to be the fastest phone available at the moment.

          Of course, technology advances and it WILL be passed. We can’t really judge it by future phones, IMO.

          For NOW, I’ll take the fastest phone, especially given its amazing feel and light weight.

          • WaitAndSee

            And by Christmas (3 months), you’ll have what used to be the fastest phone. If lucky, it’ll still be third fastest.

          • John Diamond

            exactly, thats why the software and ecosystem gives them an edge…8 months from people will still buy this phone so who cares.

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson

            Right. That’s EXACTLY what I said. Almost word for word, only I didn’t put a “target” on the time it would take.

            Thanks, though. I was NOT sure it would happen. I’m glad you verified.

            And whatever plastic fantastic android POS passes it, I will buy one for $99 and get one free in 3 more months because it’s not selling worth a crap because Androiders are NOTORIOUSLY cheap, from phones to Apps to accessories. Meanwhile, Apple will still be selling PILES of iPhone 5’s at $200/300/400 each.

  • Zachary

    ios6 has taken the YouTube off everything it was good b4

    • mun

      Just becos of YouTube? Geez…

    • perry

      you can get it in the app store its better there anyways

      • Bandrax

        Agreed! Much better app than the ios5 generic YouTube app

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        This is true. The native YouTube app was awful. The “new” YouTube app is much more intuitive and easier to navigate.

  • Kkk007

    I’m very disappointed with new maps. I’m always was big fan of apple iOS, but now thinging to switching to android like htc

    • Hovabyte

      Because of the maps errors that will soon be corrected? It will take a lot longer to correct everything android. But it sounds like you just use your phone as a satnav.

    • thatguy63085

      How many times you look at it in satelite mode like come on stop following everyone

    • solferico

      Well, taking into account that, besides Maps, iPhone5 is faster, lighter, more stable, more durable, and with more apps than any other phone out there, I would not take your choice because:
      – If you are a heavy navigation user and big fan of iOS (assume you have/had a previous iPhone) you already own a navigation solution like TomTom. So in iPhone5 you can use it again. If you don’t have one, you can use Waze, similar to Google Navigation, but, IMO, better. And of course free.
      – If you’re not such a heavy navigation user, maps is not big deal for you. Ocassional map checks can be done in web version of google maps. And surely Apple maps quality will be better month after month,
      – If you’ve used an iPhone before, switching to any Android, and specially HTC will make you feel you have a crappy piece of cheap plastic (and it will not be far from truth). The only solid-building androids I’ve seen so far are from Sony and Moto.

      • Kkk007

        I agree that the apple quality is the best, nothing can compare with it. Do to my work I use my map alot, and what I find out in short of period time that a lot of places is missing on new iOS map, but not just that, on old ios maps there was a really helpful tool like “street view” where I can look around and read the signs like bridge heights and overpasses…

  • AT&T Rapes Me

    I use maps daily and so far have had no issues. And by the way f*ck some android it’s sh*t. This iPhone 5 is so damn sexy!

  • Bandrax

    Really apple will fix this? Question is how and how fast? Google took decades to build their database. Street view is undeniably the best feature. I use it all the time. Apple can no way have this in next few months. Btw, I have not updated to iOS6 just for this reason. I use Maps all the time. Let me remind Apple was the one who said we need Maps on our cell phone for daily use when Steve Jobs announced iPhone 5years ago!! It is true. Now they just decided not to give the best experience to the user.

    iPhonehacks has always admired Apple for its detail in small things. Apparently they just ignored to perfect the biggest thing in their product – user experience and choice.

    If was

    • Bandrax

      If I was In the shoes of Apple Management. I would have brought Google maps on AppStore like YouTube and then introduced Apple Maps. They have done this in the past with Search Engine – they offered Google and Bing. User just picked their choice.

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        The thing about maps is, it can be updated “on the fly” so to speak, not requiring an OS update or even an App update. The more it is used, and the more the errors are reported, it WILL get better. It will take times, as Google did, but it WILL get better.

        And FWIW, I do agree that there should have been a way to include the original “Maps” app until iMaps was polished and really ready to go public.

        • Bandrax

          I do not want to be a part of a beta testing product when there is ‘real’ product out there.

          Isn’t what we said 5years ago to Andriod? When they were struggling to build their OS and getting more Apps. We then said who needs Andriod when we have a full cooked product iOS.

          Apple is awesome but just didn’t live up to its mark. Huge disappointment.

    • solferico

      I agree with you that streetview is cool and useful. But I’ve used 3D View for the same purpose (recognizing the exact place of something by looking the surroundings) and it makes the work quite well (even better in some cases). Obviously the 3D view coverage right now is quite limited.

      I also agree that from my POV this Apple Maps move has been done before time, they should have waited until they had a more mature solution. And that, right now, I prefer Google Maps to Apple maps. Even if I prefer google maps now, for me that’s peanuts when thinking about which will be my next phone. Because I already own TomTom app for iOS. And the web is full of resources for that, like google maps itself. And despite Maps, iPhone5 with iOS6 is the best smartphone out there right now.

      • marketingHype

        iPhone5 with iOS6 is the best smartphone out there right now.” #suckingthekoolaiddown

  • Derek Brown

    i see they have moved Blackpool down south, bout time too. think it should have been poole

  • Jerry

    I’m not sure what many of the complaints are with the new iPhone 5.
    1. In what way did it fall short?
    2. What kind of errors are you seeing with the new Maps?
    3. What other phones on the market are superior and how?

    Shortcomings of Apple.
    1. I have been fully aware of iPhones shortcomings in past phones.
    Not until iOS 3 did Apple include MMS. Many other cheaper phones did. This was likely a condition of AT&T. Clearly other Cydia apts took advantage of the phones technology to send MMS through the same carrier.
    2. Not until the iPhone 3G did it have a video camera. Many other cheaper phones did. I have no idea why this couldn’t be incorporated in the 3G version. Cydia had one that worked just fine.
    3. Not until now do we have Facetime. 3G data speeds clearly are able to handle the calls with no issues as we have seen Jailbreak apts that allowed this to work.

    There is a magic hand at work which is the carriers that can call some of the shots.
    They clearly know that the iPhone is the most popular smartphone out there, they do not want to allow all of these data intensive features to hit their networks all at once. They ask for concessions from Apple and they probably agree that a slow network will not only make the carriers look bad, but the iPhone in the process since the user experience goes hand in hand. iPhone and Carriers must coexist. This is probably why Steve Jobs wanted to build his own Cellular Network.

  • Dramatises

    The maps app is such a disappointment! Blurry satellite pictures where we live in England and no flyover, would rarther have google maps that work and not be treated like a beta tester on a new £500 piece of hardware, it’s just like Siri epic fail, and yes from the market leader we should expect more! The downfall of apple!

  • iphoneuser888

    I think US and Canada look ok in the new maps app, but I spend a lot of time in China, and before google maps really helped me to get around here. With the new maps app China is literally empty, no POI’s, wouldn’t even search for a street name. Same thing happens in Eastern Europe.

    • WitteWel

      Thx a lot for that info.
      This is my biggest concern too as i live in China, and use the maps app multiple times a day.
      The Google data base for China is at least good enough to get around.
      Will stick to IOS5 till improvements are been made.

      • JackappJ

        You can still use google maps is safari. Not AS useful granted but will get you by until google release a standalone app

  • Ashton Mitchell

    From my own experience of the new maps app it’s great in the uk and Europe, I’ve used it in places in Europe this week and its had locations and roads that google was useless for, ok a few poi’s are out of place but considering this is the first maps app done by apple and already it’s nearly as good as google, shows just what the potential will be in a few months, I sell phones for a living and we sell a handful of android phones in comparison to hundreds of iPhones a week. The first iPhone is still better than the rest purely because of its amazing operating system