Taller Design Of iPhone 5 May Improve Cell Reception

The iPhone 5’s taller design coupled with the device’s dual antenna tech inherited from the iPhone 4S would translate into much better signal reception, according to Spencer Webb, owner of AntennaSys.

Speaking to MacRumors, Webb said that the increased height of the iPhone 5 would mean that it’ll become harder for a normal sized hand to block both the antennas, diminishing the possibility of interference and improving upon the already advanced iPhone 4S antenna technology.

He says:

Ergonomically, the taller phone means the average hand won’t be able to cover both antennas. It’s harder to hold “wrong”. Also, since LTE operates at a lower frequency, 700 MHz, the additional separation is even more valuable.

The aluminum body of the new iPhone 5 will also help the antenna performance, and the hand sensitivity issue will be further diminished. The key word is sensitivity. In other words, changes in performance due to changes in “how you hold it” will be diminished. The antenna will see less change in the “ground mass” of the device.

Additionally, he said that LTE’s higher speeds would lead to cellular networks being less clogged, due to web requests taking a much shorter time than 3G. In his words, “traffic gets out of the way faster.”


An influx of iPhone 5 units into the market would also ease off the load on the current 3G infrastructure, benefiting older smartphone users without 4G LTE chips.

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  • Jared

    I think Apple made a smart decision to go with a larger screen. I know I
    switched to a larger screened android device for the main reason that
    you can get more done. You can use your phone more for emails because
    you can see more of what you type, the keyboard is bigger, so its easier
    to type, you can actually see website text with the larger screen. I
    find myself not using my ipad or notebook, and use my phone more.
    know Steve jobs probably settle on the 3.5″ screen original due to
    wanting it to not be difficult to handle, but as you get used to the
    larger phones, you realize it is more useful. Although it is more
    difficult to use, you just need to put a Flygrip case on your phone, and
    it will make using your phone with one hand a pleasure. Apple should
    put them on as OEM. I think the small tablets are useless, go with a
    bigger iphone and a desktop. Thats all you need

  • switching to gs3

    Once u go big u never go back

    “Thats wat she said”

  • http://galtlinedesign.com/ Joomla Real Estate

    Not impressed with this phone at all. No new features, lame ass charger and the screen isn’t as big as the Samsung Galaxy. Ill stick with my Galaxy S3

    • JAS

      You are lame, really no new features? Maybe you can’t read, Yup please stay with your galaxy, hope you dont have problems, and dont want to be able to upgrade to the next OS.

      • Macman

        Amen right there. how is your phablet going? i get more sh*t done with my iphone cause i have a spare hand to use. a phone is supposed to be something simple and easy to operate, not something you have to stop everything for and focus on soley