TopXNotes-Easy, Flexible Note Taking [Deals Hub]

You know by now that I really dig note taking apps. Myself I use Evernote and Drafts (for quick things) on my devices, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have an eye for note-taking apps that show promise.

TopXNotes (which you’re supposed to call Top-Ten-Notes, but I think calling it “TopicsNotes” is almost as apt) has a really interesting trick up its sleeve—looking at multiple notes at once.

Watch the video on the deals page to see what I really mean, but it’s essentially this… When you think of most notes app you can look at the content of one note at a time. Sure, you can look at an index or list of all your other notes, but what if you need to see multiple notes at once? Maybe to merge some notes or looking at a couple status updates from a project at the same time. There are lots of reasons to need to see multiple things at once. Oh sure, Evernote let’s you open multiple note windows, but this is a clever multi-paned view that I haven’t seen in any other note taking app before.

Now for the multi-screen/multi-device crowd (like me), there is an iOS (optimized for iPhone or iPod touch) app ($1.99) that will sync with the desktop version via WiFi. Sure, iCloud or Dropbox or Simperium might be more convenient, but still syncing is syncing and if it works that’s good.

I’d say TopXNotes—new to me at least—is worth a serious look if other note taking apps don’t fit your needs or style. Clever, simple, and, with the multipane view, a few tricks up its sleeve.