Unlocked iPhone 5 Pricing In Various Countries

Factory unlocked iPhone units not only provide flexibility in terms of choosing carriers, but they are also popular among international travelers who may need to frequently switch SIM cards to avoid the exorbitant international roaming charges and residents of countries where the device isn’t yet available.

We took a quick tour of all of Apple’s country specific websites where the iPhone 5 was available and made a chart comparing factory unlocked iPhone 5 prices across these countries.

Apple is currently not offering unlocked iPhone 5s in U.S. and Japan, out of the nine launch countries. Unlocked iPhone 5 should be available in the U.S. sometime over the next several weeks. Last year, unlocked iPhone 4S was available in the U.S. only on November 11th, four weeks after it was launched.

Apple did put up a listing for factory unlocked iPhone 5 on the US Apple Store website, but took it down later on, as TechCrunch notes. TechCrunch did, however, manage to grab a screenshot of the prices, which we’ve added in our chart below.


The prices shown in the chart do not take into account additional taxes, and are for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models respectively:


Before making the purchase, though, make sure your carrier provides Nano-SIM cards, without which you won’t be able to activate your iPhone 5. Also, make sure that amongst the three iPhone 5 variants available, you choose the right one depending on whether your carrier is CDMA or GSM based and which LTE frequencies it supports.

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  • king

    I always get the unlock version & this is why:
    iPhone 5($199+tax) + 24/M plan($85+tax) with AT&T= $2,479
    iPhone 5 unlocked($649+tax) + 24/M ($45) with Straight Talk Wireless= $1,780

    • Fonzie

      How is Straight Talk’s service? I hopped in the forum and there seems to be a lot of complaints of outages and slow downloads. Keep debating this switch.

      • fyta2000

        Doesn’t it use T-mobile network? Which means only 2G connection, since ATT and T-mobile have different frequencies for the newer networks.

        • Chris

          Actually, it uses T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, depending on your phone. They can also use locked phones as well.

          So, bottom line is if you don’t get good reception with Straight Talk, it’s your phone’s fault, as this is the EXACT same network as you would have otherwise.

          In addition, T-Mobile has been rolling out their new standard, which is faster than AT&T and compatible with the iPhones designed for AT&T in many areas.

          Also, it should be noted that your phone does NOT have to be unlocked to go to Straight Talk (but in this case it does have to be a GSM phone), so in some cases, it might be cheaper to buy the phone at another carrier and pay the ETF at these prices.

    • Koomoo

      +1 i also only do this but with T-mobile monthly 4g plan $50 but soon it will be reduce to $40 lifetime (monthly 4g rewards) i was also thinking about swtiching to simple mobile pertty much the same but $40 off the bat and unlimited 3g speeds

    • kareem

      add me on fb kareemkhan444@gmail.com its urgent

  • Imsi

    The price for Singapore iPhone 5 already includes the GST.

    • Eric

      same for France

  • http://twitter.com/unbeliever008 Jae. Just J. ©

    I use Straight Talk on one of my iPhones and have had no issues. Speed pretty much the same as AT&T. But have to have JB phone to use MMS. But it doesn’t have to be unlocked. The iPhone thinks its on AT&T as they are using AT&T for the iPhone.

    • Mohsen

      I want to buy a locked phone. I wanted to see someone who knows how I can get out of France?

      How much does it cost in France?
      Do I have to pay tax when I’d leave France?
      Please giude me about this?
      My e-mail: ahmadi.chem@yahoo.com

  • Jobin

    What are the additional taxes when an unlocked iPhone is purchased from US store. Canada store once charged 100 Canadian dollar as luxury tax any similar on US ?

  • Lesio Pols

    I don’t even think what the price will be in Poland!

  • Eric

    Is the iPhone5 available unlocked in the US (I do not see it in the online store?), at the the Retail Store?
    thank you,

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      No, it will be available in the US after few weeks, most likely in the second half of October.

      • Eric

        thank you,

  • Apel P

    that is so dumb how unlocked you have to wait more.

  • Jugal

    Your post says that choose the right one from LTE/GSM/CDMA

    BUt iPhone 4S/5 are wirld phones rigjt meaning the device has all the options

  • Mohsen

    I want to buy a locked phone. I wanted to see someone who knows how I can get out of France?

    How much does it cost in France?
    Do I have to pay tax when I’d leave France?
    Please giude me about this?

  • Kathy

    Can I buy an iphone5 in the US and then use it with a carrier service in Poland?

  • Chris Anderson

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  • anonymous

    an update of this would be great!

  • amal

    indian price..???