Verizon: You Can Keep Unlimited Data Plan With iPhone 5 By Paying Full Price

Verizon iPhone 5

Unlike AT&T, Verizon’s taking a much harsher approach towards unlimited data subscribers. The carrier’s reps told 9to5Mac that existing customers, except those who are on unlimited data, can continue to use their older data plans and avail the subsidised iPhone 5 price.

Existing unlimited data customers have two choices, either purchase the device subsidised and lose the unlimited plan or continue to use unlimited data and pay full price for the iPhone 5.

Here’s Verizon’s statement, as given to 9to5Mac:

If you are an existing customer and want to keep your Nationwide Usage Based plan, you can keep your plan, purchase the iPhone at the discounted price with a 2 yr customer agreement. If you have a Verizon Wireless unlimited data plan, you can pay full price for your iPhone 5 and keep your unlimited data plan.

Only customers who are new to Verizon Wireless will select from Share Everything Plans.

As the statement says, new buyers would be forced to choose one of Verizon’s shared data plans.

There is a brighter side though. Unlike AT&T, Verizon isn’t regulating or limiting the use of FaceTime over cellular on its data plans. This means that users subscribed to any of Verizon’s data plans, including the unlimited one, can use FaceTime over cellular at no extra cost.

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  • Wala Magic

    go f yourself verizon

    • ankush_del

      You my friend, are absolutely right. Verizon here I come with my unlimited plan. They lost a court battle for charging extra for tethering. Guess what I am gonna do with my unlimited plan with free tethering!

  • Fonzie

    I’m out of contract on the old unlimited 3G plan. If I buy an iPhone5 at full price to avoid a contract change, will I get the 4G LTE network? Or will I somehow be limited to only 3G service?

    • s0ulo

      You still get full lte coverage. And if u do buy the 5 without contract make sure it’s factory unlocked. Get your money’s worth.

      • zenjo

        What is factory unlocked mean? I like the sound of it

        • s0ulo

          Factory unlocked means the phone was unlocked by the manufacturerso if u update os your iPhone will still be unlocked

          • Fonzie

            I think he’s asking what you can do with an unlocked phone that a normal one won’t allow. I only say that because that’s what I’m wondering.

          • s0ulo

            Got it. And good question. For one thing, you can use your iPhone with any carrier that uses sim cards as long as they provide nano sim. If u decide u wanna try out TMO or net10 pay as you go or going abroad. Also adds value to your phone specially if its a factory unlocked.

          • Fonzie

            Cool! Thanks for the helpful info. Still undecided on which way I’m going, but I appreciate the advice.

          • Rounak Jain

            Don’t think that the Factory unlocked iPhones are up for pre-order on Apple’s online store

  • carlos

    What you can do to save ur unlimited is to do an alternate upgrade which means u upgrade Another line in ur account that doesnt have unlimited internet and after u upgrade just exchange the phone to the line u have unlimited

    • ankush_del


    • Andy Seavers

      Logically makes sense, but do you know that this will work for sure? Am I able to buy my Iphone through the apple site for the discounted rate and make it work with my unlimited plan?

      • Carlos

        as long as you don’t upgrade ur line or line that has the unlimited……for example I only have 1 with unlimitedand the other line has the 2GB/$30 so what im going to do is just use my upgrade to upgrade the line that I dont have unlimited and after I do that ill just exchange the phones….will work I have tried it before with my lines and with my friends lines

        • bleeew

          Line Unlimited:
          Line Capped:
          So you upgraded capped data line using your upgrade?(alternate upgrade). Later you swapped phones
          Did it work in the end?

          • carlos

            Yes it works i do it all the time

    • michell

      I was told by one of Verizon’s call centers today that this is the way to go so that you DO NOT lose your UNLIMITED but Verizon tech and sales people try to tell yo it will not work. But the gentleman inthe call center told me yes it would that they just tell you that.

      • carlos

        It does work i work for Verizin i do this all the time

  • JC

    Buy your iPhone at full price and walk it over to a Walmart to signup for Straight-Talk. $5 per month, unlimited everything and it will run on the Verizon network. You will save $2k over the two year contract period doing this.

    • JC

      meant $45 per month.

      • Fonzie

        It can’t be that easy, can it? Full 4G LTE network and unlimited phone/data/web all on Verizon’s network? I looked into this before but never really followed through with it. It’s a business phone, so I need coverage which is why I stick with Verizon. If this is that easy and reliable, I’m doing it. Tired of paying Big Red a boatload of cash every month.

    • kraken

      Straight Talk uses GSM networks (AT&T and T-mobile) not CDMA like Verizon and Sprint. If you are planning to buy the phone outright, and don’t mind AT&T’s network, you would be far better off paying $45 a month for unlimited everything on straight talk. I don’t know if they offer Nano SIMs yet though.

      With that said there are other pre-paid options that do use the Verizon network. Verizon offers one themselves,and PagePlus offers unlimited vocie+text+2GB of data for $55 a month.

    • Richard Parker

      i totally afree, i am paying full price for a 64 gig model, pay 185.00 a month for my droid bionic and a flip phone, so if you pay full price, you will save hundreds after the 2 year contract, just do the math, i do alot of streaming and i never have to worry about running out of data, it would only be 4 to 5 months and the phones paid. you would spend around 1800 to 2000 a year for a tiered contract of a 8 gig data plan, subtracting your monthly bill against the total year cost and you will see you will save hundreds over a 2 year period if you paid retail and maybe with the 50 dollar discount you get for upgrading current customers. now this is the way i see it, please tell me if you think i am wrong?

  • andi26

    Wow that sucks u might as well buy a new computer lol

  • Karri Gheen

    If i buy the Iphone 5s and my plan is unlimited text and call with like 3,000 data can I get that plan transferred from my old phone to my Iphone 5s and get my old phone disconnected? How much would all this be all together?