WS Wallpaper: Jailbreak Tweak Brings Android-like Scrollable Wallpapers to iPhone

One of the cool features of Android is the scrollable wallpaper.

iOS jailbreak developer – Cuinacal has recently released a new jailbreak tweak called WS Wallpaper that brings this feature to iOS.

By default, the jailbreak tweak sets a scrollable wallpaper on your iPhone’s Home screen when you install it from Cydia. The scrollable effect is a lot more prominent if you’ve less number of Home screens pages.

You can set your own wallpaper by launching the WS Wallpaper app from the Home screen. It allows you to select any photo from the Camera roll or Photo stream as the wallpaper.

It opens the image in a split view (which serves as a reference) and gives you the option to customize it. For example: you can make it bigger, smaller or select just a portion of the image as your scrollable wallpaper by simply dragging the outer frame.

Once you’ve selected it, click on the “Done” button. It will process the image and set the image as a scrollable wallpaper.

Check out the jailbreak tweak in action below:

If you’re bored of the static wallpaper then you should install WS Wallpaper. It’s pretty cool and the best part is that, it’s available for free on Cydia.

As always, don’t forget to tell us what you think of the jailbreak tweak in the comments.

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