How To Adjust Siri’s Volume Independently Of Your iPhone’s Volume

In case you use Siri – Apple’s intelligent personal assistant feature, then here’s a neat little trick (in case you didn’t know already.)

If you find Siri’s volume is too loud, then you can turn her down independently of your iPhone’s ringer & alerts volume and media volume.

It’s very simple (and actually very obvious). There is a separate volume control for Siri, just the way there is a separate volume control for media, and for the ringer & alerts.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, then here’s how to adjust Siri’s volume:

  • Press the Home button until Siri launches
  • Now use the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone and iPad to adjust Siri’s volume. [Interestingly, you can't turn the volume down completely, just to the last notch]

This will change the volume of Siri when it responds to a query as well as the volume of the two beeps when you launch Siri or the single beep when you invoke the Dictation feature from the keyboard.

[reddit via LifeHacker]

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  • Tim

    Damn, I feel stupid, I didn’t know there were different volume controls.

    When I read the title of the article, I was like WTF. Glad I read it.

  • Alan

    Perfect, I got mine to go fully silent so that Siri just shows the answers with no sound. It used to get annoying when I accidentally hit the small mic button on the keyboard.

  • KR

    Tip helped me out ,couldn’t figure why so quiet

  • macdaddy916

    wow i cant believe so many people didnt know that!! lol nice post tho haha

  • MuscleMass

    @f8d2eba91c9ed3080d36b13c56f682ef:disqus – Count me in as one of those that didn’t know this fact either. Can always count on iPhoneHacks to educate us on all that is Apple.

  • Zack Flayme

    Brilliant tip. I like others did not know about the independent volume controls – thanks so much! The super-loud confirmation beeps when using the dictation microphone were driving me out of my mind! I could not figure it out. Thanks!