Amazon Pulls Kindle Fire Ad—The iPad mini Moves in Stereo

Now that Phil Schiller confirmed that the iPad mini does have stereo speakers, Amazon has pulled its now controversial ad for the Kindle Fire that openly mocked the iPad mini.

Soon after the iPad mini was announced, Amazon went on the offensive. They wanted to show that the Kindle fire was a better device for less money. And Amazon could very well be right, but they are going to have to retool their ad now that both Apple and reviewers have confirmed—yes, the iPad mini has stereo speakers:

But with iPad mini units now in the hands of reviewers, it has been discovered that the iPad mini does in fact have stereo speakers. That’s an upgrade from all previous iPad models, and even the new full-size fourth-generation iPad, all of which have a single mono speaker.Via: Amazon pulls anti-iPad mini ad with incorrect claim about stereo speakers (The Verge)




I wonder if this was just sloppy work by Amazon’s agency. Though the iPad mini specs page doesn’t say stereo speakers, there are clearly two speakers in the pictures. Generally if you have two speakers, you get stereo.

Specs buttons

This, in my mind, also confirms what I had expected—the iPad mini is going to be a media consumption device. Stereo speakers make sense. Yes, the lower-quality screen does make the amazing movie experience…less…but I do remember the first generation and second generation screens still playing movies that looked great.

This also isn’t to say that Amazon isn’t correct to say that you get more device for less money when you buy a Fire over a mini. I don’t know if we’ll really know that answer until we get a few more head-to-head comparisons between the two devices. Until then, back to the drawing board Amazon.

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  • Eugene Sytnik

    technically it shows 2 grills. an iPhone has 2 grills but mono speaker, so you can’t judge by the picture.

    • Tris Hussey

      Good point!

    • barondebxl

      Thats because on the iphone, the other grill is the phone”s microphone. No need for that in the ipad mini.

      • Noneya

        Voice Recorder. That would require a microphone.

        • Noneya

          Face Time

      • Drei

        Microphone is clearly labeled at the top of the iPad mini

        • barondebxl

          You clearly don’t understand. The iPad mini doesn’t have a primary mic for phone calls like an iphone does, but yes all iPads have a mini mic next to the headphone jack.

  • rp

    agreed. possibly one speaker and one microphone as same as the iphone

  • WTF?

    So does Apple mock their competitors when they compare their products? And what was controversial about the ad?

  • Zhen Wan

    Samsung and Amazon are only mocking Apple, because they can’t compete, so they turn to immature ‘childish’ actions. I want to see Android as mature not immature

    • Hmmm?

      Guess you have not seen some of Apple’s product announcements or read some of their earnings call