Analyst Predicts That Apple May Discontinue iPad 2 After ‘iPad Mini’ Launch

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Evercore Partners analyst Robert Cihra in a research note predicts that Apple may discontinue the entry-level iPad 2 with the launch of iPad mini or iPad Air.

Apple is widely expected to unveil the smaller and cheaper iPad, unofficially dubbed iPad mini at $249-$299 price point at the media event on October 23.

AppleInsider reports on the research note:

Rob Cihra with Evercore Partners said in a note to investors this week that he sees Apple phasing out the current iPad 2, because Apple’s overall vision calls for “clearer product tiers.” The prediction comes as Apple is expected to lower the barrier to entry of its iPad lineup by unveiling a new, smaller iPad next Tuesday.

Apple started offering iPad 2 for $399 after the launch of the third generation iPad to cater to different user segments, emulating the successful iPhone model where it currently offers iPhone 4 (4th generation iPhone) and iPhone 4S (5th generation iPhone) along with the latest generation iPhone 5 (6th generation iPhone).

If Apple offers the smaller iPad for $249 or $399, we still think it makes sense to continue offering the iPad 2 for $399 as it caters to a different user segment. What do you think?

[via AppleInsider]

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