Apple Announces Fourth Generation iPad With An All-New A6X Chip, FaceTime HD Camera, Lightning Connector, Global LTE Support

iPad 4

As rumored, Apple released a tweaked version of the third generation iPad at its media event in San Jose, California. Contrary to expectations though, Apple chose to term this the fourth generation iPad, rather than calling it an incremental upgrade

The 4th gen iPad comes with an all new A6X chip, a lightning connector, an improved FaceTime camera, and expanded 4G LTE support.

Here’s a list of all the improvements:

A6X Chip

The 4th gen iPad comes with an all new A6X chip which boasts double the performance as compared to the previous generation, when it comes to CPU based tasks. It also doubles the graphics performance as compared to the previous A5X chip.



Lightning Connector

In line with its recent strategy of moving all iOS devices to the improved Lightning connector, the tweaked iPad comes with the updated connector, and also brings with it Lightning to USB and Lightning to SD Card reader adapters. Apple also made available Lightning adapters to send video via HDMI or VGA.

Improved FaceTime Camera

The front-facing FaceTime Camera has been upgraded to support 720p video recording.

Improved Wi-Fi

The 4th gen iPad supports dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n Wi-Fi along with channel bonding, enabling twice as much faster download speeds. The download speeds can reach up to 150Mbps, depending on your service provider.

New Signal Processor

The 4th gen iPad comes with the same signal processor found on the iPhone 5, enabling faster and better image and video stabilisation resulting in much better captures. The facial detection is also said to be much faster due to the new signal processor.

Expanded 4G LTE Support


When Apple launched the third generation iPad in March this year, it supported 4G LTE on only certain networks in the US and Canada, and left a major chunk of global carriers unsupported. (This even got Apple into some trouble for advertising a 4G iPad in countries where the 4G network wasn’t supported.) The 4th gen iPad supports a wider range of LTE bands, enabling the 4th gen iPad to run on various 4G LTE networks all around the world including EE in the UK, Sprint in the US, and SoftBank in Japan.

The device comes with the same Retina display found in the 3rd generation iPad, and supports the same 10 hour batter life.

Pricing and Availability

Pre-orders for the 4th gen iPad start from October 26th. The Wi-Fi model of the device will be available in stores starting November 2nd, while the cellular model will be available from mid November. The 4th gen iPad retains the same configuration and pricing as the 3rd gen iPad, with the 16GB Wi-Fi model selling for $499, $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB. The 4G LTE models are available for a $130 premium.

The initial rollout of the 4th gen iPad will be in the following countries:

US, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

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  • Rounak Jain

    $499 purchase outdated within 5 months

    • TBone

      not a big deal bro. :) its good for some of us who can get a warranty claim.
      the most common issue “overheating”

      • simon

        wat u mean warranty claim?

    • Que

      Actually, a product is only “new” for 6 months. After that, a company can release something else and call it new.

  • Hmmm?

    Was it impossible to release this version in March? Seems like they really want to push their new lightning connector. And I have to say, it is really annoying to hear Ive speak. Can’t stand his voice.

    • barondebxl

      it would have been disappointing in march. the specs would have been outdated already.

  • Hovabyte

    So with the upgrades that have gone into this Ipad 4 including the A6X processor which no-one predicted, how is this an incremental upgrade. Does it have to be a new form factor to be considered real next-gen?
    I can’t understand how the Ipad basic is getting all the attention when Apple have released the superfast Ipad 4 which i would be much more likely to upgrade to from my Ipad 2 if I didn’t sense an Ipad 5 coming in March.

  • JimJamUrFace

    Yea i think that apple is going to have a lot of angry customers coming after them for free upgrades. Thankfully I didnt purchase the over priced “New iPad” when it came out. And i really think they are way over priced with the iPad Mini as well. Come on $329!?!?!?!

    • CDizzle

      How exactly would you go after apple for a free upgrade?

      • JCT

        within 30 day return policy

        • a_usman

          I purchased new iPad about 2 months ago. Now i am thinking my decision was right or wrong.

  • Cody

    This is why the public musn’t want the diminishing of competition.

  • Felix Davila

    the lightning connector is the same thing as micro usb they are implementing it now because they are seeing the advantage of it every other phone has it and it’s already used for the same reason apple is going to use it ex.hdmi connection, usb keyboard, fast charging, micro sd adapter and pendrives so they are not bringing nothing new just copying what’s already in use. now they will start suing every phone manufacturer for using micro usb ports.

    • Shrivatsa Somany

      It is nothing like MicroUSB…I mean it completely different, and only about matches it in size. And unlike MicroUSB, it is also reversible.

      Fast charging – False

      HDMI – The 30-pin already had that
      USB Keyboard – Pointless even if it were true. Bluetooth already works
      MicroSD Adapter – Camera connection kit for normal SD etc. Pointless for mass storage as Apple has chosen to abstract file structure
      There goes every single point you just made.

      • JCT

        pretty sure lightning has faster charge time than 30 pin and fater transfer rate which is why they made it for the charging as complains with ipad 3rd gen that took to long to charge o they had to change bigger battery on ipad caused the problem and battery on phone is about the same so they new they would need it

        • Shrivatsa Somany

          No, my point was that fast charging was already there, Felix up there suggested that they switched to Lightning for faster charge time.

  • defmad

    And how long ago was the last iPad released? Do they plan on releasing a new iPad every seven months now? This would really piss off iPad 3 owners.

  • Po Wah

    Oh yay!! iPad 4 and I here I am thinking “the new ipad” is already perfected ^_^ You apple fan bois should just wait for the iPhone 10 or the iPad 10 its worth the wait lol spending 500+ every 3-6 months on the same product is just plain stupid

    • Eric

      Finally someone talking with some sense!

    • JCT

      its normally once a year first time its 6 months and never seen a 3 month i dont own a current i phone and never ipad so not fan boy defending just fact checking

  • gummykage

    I’m beyond angry right now… I bought the iPad 2 3G model in Feburary because I needed it badly and gave my iPad 2 wifi to my sister. I bought the iPad 3 in April because it was “Retina screened” and supposedly a A5X processor an A5 on crack as they say (but iPad2 was faster in some tests), and NOW IN OCTOBER a FULLY new iPad with a processor twice as fast, a better camera?????? WTF?????? For the first time FAWK YOU Apple. WHY PISS ON YOUR OWN CUSTOMERS?

    • Eric

      I couldn’t agree more. you buy this now and few months later there will be a ‘fourth generation new ipad’ or whatever they gonna call it. Damn the apple is rotten!!! I’m pissed as well.

    • greenshifted

      gotta be honest, what a bunch of self-important first-world problem cry babies you are. IT DOESN’T MATTER…nobody owes you a better iPad just because there is one. GET OVER IT!!!

    • Busa Busa

      GET OVER IT!
      I purchased an iPad 3rd gen in August, would I have liked and waited for the 4th gen, YES but it is what it is. Apple owes me nothing. Everyone already knows how secret Apple is about up-coming products and I’m glad they kept this one underwraps just to sock it to those other tablet makers…IN YOUR FACE SAMSUNG! LOL

  • p4png

    I liked apple because of their yearly update. Made me feel like I had the latest thing for longer and no need to keep up every month.

  • mkimid

    Some questionable with LTE support. Actually, there are two version same as before, but band is very limited

  • johnny r

    After this, I’M no longer an apple fan…will sell my Ipad 3 and never look back…Samsung Galaxy Note 2…ohhh yeahh

  • MuscleMass

    Join the short-lived “I-got-the-newest-apple-product” club. I’m stuck with the OLD “the NEW iPad” too. Can’t get excited about using my “was-NEW” iPad anymore.

  • jeff

    im so sad about the ipad 4

  • Sick

    Damn If you people nag .. Laptops are updated quicker and yet no one complains .. I don’t mind this since my iPad STILL WORKS VERY WELL .. Stop NAGGING

    • JCT

      people gonna nag about everything different just point at windows situation lol but they expect it with computer so not different

    • Busa Busa

      Yea people are pissed because they don’t have the fastest 10 quadrillion petaflop super computer tablet!
      People it’s a freakin tablet for crying out loud!
      99% of the public doesn’t really care!
      95% of the public doesn’t jailbreak or have even heard of it…
      Once again it’s a freakin tablet!

  • Rahid Uddin

    w/o steve jobs they’re losing it

  • Heat issue

    Does anybody know if they fix the heat issue??