Apple Reportedly Exchanging 3rd Gen iPad Bought Within Past Month For 4th Gen iPad


A lot of 3rd gen iPad buyers are up in arms against Apple’s decision to release the new 4th gen iPad within a period of 6 months.

Apple anticipated such a backlash, and is apparently exchanging 3rd gen iPads bought within the past 30 days for the newest model.

This was pointed out by a Twitter user, and was subsequently verified by CNET:

The manager at the Stockton Street store in San Francisco explained that “this specific store” would allow purchasers of the third-generation iPad to exchange their device for the fourth-generation iPad if purchased within the last 30 days. She emphasized that, unless the recently-purchased iPad showed serious signs of wear-and-tear, the usual 14-day return policy would be waived.

“And what about other stores?” You’ll have to call and find out. She explained, “We can’t speak to other stores’ policies — this is something our store has decided to do.”

There wasn’t any mention of this arrangement during the keynote, nor is there any official announcement on Apple’s site, but it seems that Store personnel are aware of this policy.

So in case you’re one of the people who bought a 3rd gen iPad within the past 30 days, head over to your nearest Apple Store or call up Apple to know about this.

The 4th gen iPad has a new A6X chip as compared to the A5X found in the 3rd gen iPad, which boasts of a 2x speedup in CPU and GPU based tasks. For a complete list of improvements, head over to this link describing the new 4th gen iPad.

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