Apple Likely to Unveil iPad Mini On October 23

Last week, a report claimed that Apple will send out invites for a media event to unveil the smaller and cheaper iPad, unofficially dubbed iPad mini on October 10th.

It’s October 12th, and there is no sign of an invite from Apple. AllThingsD now reports that Apple is going to have the iPad mini event on October 23, which means the invite will be sent out next week.

John Paczkowski of AllThingsD reports:

Apple will hold a special event this month, at which it will showcase a new, smaller iPad. People familiar with Apple’s plans tell us that the company will unveil the so-called “iPad mini” on Oct. 23 at an invitation-only event.

That’s a Tuesday, not a Wednesday, so this is a bit of a break with recent tradition. It also happens to be just three days prior to the street date for Microsoft’s new Surface tablet.

Sources declined to specify where the event is to be held, and I’ve not been able to confirm a location. [..]

[..] Well, details are slim. Sources say the iPad’s diminutive sibling will feature a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display and a Lightning connector. It will also probably be thinner. And that’s about it. 

The iPad mini is expected to come with a 7.85-inch display, a narrower side bezel and 1024×768 resolution (same as the iPad 2 and the original iPad), it’s also supposed to be a lot thinner and lighter than full-sized iPad and could be priced at $249 – $299.

Earlier in the week, a report also claimed that iPad mini could be slicker than the new iPad.

[via AllThingsD]