Apple Wins Major ITC Ruling Over Samsung

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Bloomberg has just reported that Apple has scored a major victory over Samsung.

US International Trade Commission (ITC) Judge Thomas Pender  has ruled that Samsung infringes on four Apple patents including one for the design of the iPhone and one related to touch-screen technology co-invented by Steve Jobs.

Bloomberg reports:

Samsung Electronics Co. infringes four Apple Inc. (AAPL) patents, including one for the design of the iPhone and one for touch-screen technology co-invented by Steve Jobs, a U.S. trade judge said in a decision that gives Apple another legal victory over its biggest smartphone competitor.

Two other patents, including one for the exterior shape of the iPhone, weren’t infringed, U.S. International Trade Commission Judge Thomas Pender said in a notice on the agency’s website.

The report notes that the decision of the U.S trade judge needs to be reviewed by a full commission. If the commission agrees with the judge’s findings then they have power to ban the sales of Samsung products infringing Apple’s patents from being imported into the US.

It wasn’t clear which Samsung products would be impacted by the ruling.

[via Bloomberg]

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  • dutch.

    How come u don’t report on the losses apple has faced against Samsung this week?

    • Po Wah

      cuz mods a fanboi

    • iPhoneHacks

      It’s on our to-do list.

    • grim reefa

      I was wondering same thing. I own both Apple and Android devices so am unbiased which is more then I can say for majority of people on here.

      • Thomas Kostis

        People are such fanboys of every single stupid thing they buy

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        I can’t freaking imagine WHY there would be APPLE FANS on a site called IPHONE HACKS?!?!!!

        It just does NOT make any sense at all.

        Go to CNET if you want an Apple-bashing crowd. Jeeeez…

        • grim reefa

          I dont want “Apple Bashing” I want unbiased news on Apple products which you simply do not get here.

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson

            Then you probably don’t want a site named for and completely focused on Apple products.

            Seems pretty simple. If I wanted unbiased news about cars, I wouldn’t go to If I wanted unbiased reviews about home appliances, I wouldn’t go to

            Get real.

  • Algorithm

    no one cares about what samsungs doing face it if apple didn’t make a phone the galaxy s wouldn’t exist no one really cares if Samsung wins anything they’ve took so much from so many everyone in the Far East hates them and they snitch on everyone over there when they are doing the same thing … they are getting it back although the new Samsung fridge is awesome but maybe they stole that too from kitchen aid or something ……cheers

    • grim reefa

      Another very uninformed fanboy. Everybody cares who has common sense and who isn’t an ignorant child. What Apple and Samsung Win/Lose affects all of us DIRECTLY as consumers. I love both Apple and Samsung products but I very much hope Apple loses these ridiculous patents which it is now looking extremely like going that way judging from all the news going on (That isn’t been shown on this site).