Breaking News: iTunes 11 delayed to November [Updated]


This might be the first tangible result of yesterday’s shakeup at Apple—word has come down through CNET that iTunes 11 isn’t coming this month. Apple is saying right now “late November”, which could even stretch to December (my guess).

From CNET:

iTunes 11 delayed into November | Apple – CNET News: The new iTunes is taking longer than expected and we wanted to take a little extra time to get it right,’ Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr told CNET. ‘We look forward to releasing this new version of iTunes with its dramatically simpler and cleaner interface, and seamless integration with iCloud before the end of November.

Update 1:

If Apple has been stung by Siri, then Maps, and—if we go back to iTunes 10—Ping. It’s pretty obvious that Cupertino needs to up its game in the delivery department—as far as software goes.

The obvious question is whether the delay is related to the company’s  management changes, including the ouster of top executive Scott Forstall. Neumayr declined to answer that one. But it’s worth pointing out that Forstall wasn’t in charge of iTunes — that one falls under media boss Eddy Cue. Via: Apple Delays iTunes Refresh Until November – Peter Kafka – Media – AllThingsD

Delaying iTunes 11, just under the wire, was probably ready to come out right after yesterday’s announcements. And this will be Eddy Cue’s first real test—can he make iTunes cool again.

Around the (virtual water cooler) Gautam (the big boss) doesn’t use it, Rounak does, I try to avoid running it on my MacBook Pro be cause it’s such a resource hog. I fire iTunes up only to update app (the ones not on my devices), redeem codes, and sync/backup my iPhone (my iPad backs up to iCloud).

Since you don’t really need iTunes much (if at all), how can Apple make it work…or maybe it’s time to scrap iTunes entirely? That might be a touch extreme, but if you want to push boundaries. We all thought getting rid of floppy drives was nuts. We thought getting rid of optical drives was nuts. We’ve been clamoring for more freedom from iTunes…

How about this solution:

1. Combine the Mac App Store and App Store into one app. One place to find, buy, download, and update apps. If that’s what a lot of us do today, it makes sense to combine them.

2. Make a new “Apple Media Player/Center” where all your songs, movies, shows, etc can live. Make the focus on buying/renting content and less about playing it. Then allow other apps (I really like Simplier) to actually play the content or Apple keeps the playing aspect in, make the app less of a resource hog.

It could work.

Also via: Mac Rumors

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