Realmac Shows Off Clear For Mac, Coming Out On November 8

clear-for-macRealmac Software, the developers of Clear for iOS, are bringing their innovative gesture based user interface to the Mac, when they debut Clear for Mac in November.

Clear for iOS debuted to a lot of appreciation owing to its innovative user interface, which had no buttons or UI chrome and relied, instead, on multitouch gestures for all its interactions.

To complement the Mac release, Clear for iOS will be updated to version 1.2 to add iCloud syncing, making the duo a compelling alternative to the variety of to-do apps present on the Mac and the iOS App Store, including Apple’s own Reminders app.

Since multitouch gestures are just one of the ways of input on a Mac, Clear will also support keyboard based navigation. Additionally, you could simply start typing to create to-dos, without the requirement of any taps or gestures.

The v1.2 update for iOS adds the ability to navigate between different lists by simply swiping from either edge, create multiple to-do items by pasting multi-line text and support comma separated list creation form LaunchCenter Pro.

Clear for Mac will go live on November 8th at a steep price of $14.99. You can buy Clear for iOS v1.1 from the App Store for $1.99. The version v1.2 update will go live along with Clear for Mac, and will be a free upgrade to existing owners of Clear for iOS.

You can know more about Clear by heading over to Realmac’s website.

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