Grab a Great Looking iPod nano Watch Kit From Lunatik [Deals Hub]

Have a touchscreen nano (the previous generation)? Still haven’t tried using it as a watch? If not probably it’s because a lot of the watch kits I’ve seen (and I’ve seen lots), look cheap and flimsy. Let’s fix that right now—The Lynk Watch Kit By LUNATIK (Black): Get an Ultra-Lightweight, Stylish & Comfortable Watch Piece That Will Fit Any Occasion.

The Lynk watch looks solid. It uses metal and screws to keep everything together, something a lot of other kits don’t use.

This high end watch kit is 50% off (only $70) and while it doesn’t include an iPod nano (sorry) it is a great deal. My take on it is now is the time to get a watch kit while good ones are being made.

Solid, great looking, good deal. I don’t see a problem here.

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  • Mixotic

    This isn’t a good deal. You can get this for $25 shipped on ebay. Don’t be fooled by a “DEAL” site.

    • iPhoneHacks

      It’s available for $139.99 on Lunatik’s website:

      The one of eBay may be a used or a fake one.

  • Chris Andes

    old news… Lunatik is out for years.
    i’ve got a white tak tik for my nano. Have itmfor over a year

    • Alan

      This ain’t news, it’s a deal in case you missed it.